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I just received my Model R and although I've only had a chance to ride about 20 miles, it has been a blast. I really appreciate the front fork suspension and wider trail type tires. California trails and roads seem to have a lot of bumps 🙁 I've ridden other electrics with road tires and they can slip pretty badly when peddle assist is applied. I was not familiar in using a a throttle button until this bike. When in a lower peddle assist mode and suddenly faced with a steep climb, you just hit the throttle button without having to reduce gears or adjust PAS level. Since this is a heavy bike, the throttle button comes in handy when starting off--especially on an incline. Hop on and give the button a little press.
Robert Alvin
Robert A.
16:47 27 Oct 20
Received my model Y electric bike today! Love it! It was easy to unpack and get ready to ride. I can’t wait to take it for longer rides when the weather gets warm again. And best of all the seat is the most comfortable bike seat I have ever set on.
Melissa Franko
Melissa F.
23:54 14 Oct 20
Order date 8-18-2020. Delivery date 9/22/2020. From the West coast to the East coast. I wanted to buy as close to American as I could get. Seeing most e-bikes are completely made in mostly China I opted to go with Electric Bike Company / EBC as they made and customized the frames and assembled their product in California with out sourced parts and materials from all over the world. I don't understand the pricing on E-bikes so I won't go there. Excellent quality product made with pride and craftsmanship. Prompt response and action even on a Saturday night. Looking forward to providing more input as I have the ability to get out and check things out ! Thanks Sean & Team ! Well done !David R. Ayers / Brookfield, MA 01506
David Ayers
David A.
00:58 11 Oct 20
I researched extensively before I purchased my first E-bike. Based mostly on the fact that this bike is built in the USA and with as many US parts as well as great reviews I purchased the Model R. The support staff helped me on 3 different phone calls to decide on options. They were fun and easy to deal with and super helpful. The bike arrived much earlier than promised and it is a QUALITY piece of equipment. I had a minor issue which Lorraine in customer service took care of immediately! This company has been a dream to deal with. WONDERFUL and thank you EBC!!
Jill Kuksa
Jill K.
18:54 30 Sep 20
Awesome design, works really well. Great value - I tried other bikes but this one is the best!
Tom Beams
Tom B.
22:57 25 Sep 20
Went to an open house I like what they had to show me and I ordered me a model R
Charles Robinson
Charles R.
22:58 15 Sep 20
Bill Buttlicker
Bill B.
16:24 06 Sep 20
ElectricBikeCompany Model R! OMG!!! What an amazing eBike. And...the company is so great to work with! Just ordered our second model R. Our friends are so impressed, they may buy them too!
Tom Morrison
Tom M.
23:59 31 Aug 20
Didn't know exactly what to expect since I never had a electric bike. Bike is extremely well made & arrived in perfect condition. Purchased the Model S. The box it came in was huge & was very well padded. There was virtually nothing to do on setup. On my first ride, I was amazed how easy it went up the steep hills we have in Pittsburgh. Smooth ride, but it does take some time to get used of it being much heavier than my 21 speed bike. Would just like the instruction book to have instructions about how the optional features work or can be set-up. Blake did an excellent job in getting back to me with all my questions. Would highly recommend EBC. If this is the first electric bike, definitely follow the manual instructions & use the first level throttle until you feel confident riding the bike.
John Celender
John C.
01:01 31 Aug 20
I was lucky enough to attend the open factory on Saturday 8/22/2020. I would like to thank the whole crew for their curtesy and professional presentation. The factory was spotless and functioning during this open house. I was interested in your "C" model and went to your store on Brookhurst to trial ride one. Thank you very much!
Ken Hanson
Ken H.
16:08 24 Aug 20
I love my new Electric Bike!!! It’s best thing that I’ve purchased in a VERY LONG TIME. I don’t know how you all have been feeling during this pandemic, but I was feeling anxious and trapped indoors. Not anymore!! I ride my bike everywhere!! I don’t even need my car. My bike takes me everywhere my car would and then some! It’s soo pretty too!! All Ebikes I’ve seen out there are pretty ugly looking. Thank gawd I found you Electric Bike Company!! I was able to pick any color in the rainbow. So many color options!! A bit overwhelming because there are so many choices.... But you’ll find your perfect color. I found mine!! My bike is gorgeous!! My fenders and chain guard are hand crafted out of real wood. Just like the old Woody cars. So cool!! It’s seriously so pretty. I love it so much. I highly recommend them!!!
Jeanne Hendley
Jeanne H.
12:30 21 Aug 20
Looks like a really great exciting company hope to be biking everywhere soon
catherine alexander
catherine A.
20:15 18 Aug 20
This is our second electric bike and so far, we love it. EBC far exceeded their delivery estimate and the bike was in perfect condition when it arrived. My wife and I have enjoyed every minute we've spent riding together. EBC was great to work with and you can tell after riding their bike that it is a quality product!
David Cowley
David C.
20:45 17 Aug 20
Miriam Defreitas
Miriam D.
10:01 10 Aug 20
On Memorial Day weekend, my husband decided that he wanted to order an electric bike. We had talked about getting bikes, but nothing specific had come up. I wasn’t sure about spending so much on an ebike, but after looking at the reviews and customization features of the EBC bikes, I was sold. I ordered a Model Y at first, but then changed my order to a Model S. There was a bit of a mix up with the order change and I ended up with the Model Y, but EBC staff made it right, providing great customer service, and I am happy. Although I am on the short side (5’ 2”), the Model Y with its multiple adjustment points makes for a comfortable ride, and I can still reach the ground from the seat when I stop, just leaning over a tad to one side. The bike arrived while I was traveling, so my husband got it ready and “tested” it for me. He received some great comments from others in the neighborhood who really liked the look. I’ve now been riding it for almost two weeks and it has been problem free. I really appreciate the throttle and pedal assist when coming back from a long ride in the country! I’m glad to be another happy EBC customer and look forward to more rides on my Model Y!
Myra Fernatt
Myra F.
01:57 04 Aug 20
I have been an electric vehicle and solar energy owner/enthusiast for several years and am the proud owner of a Model 3 and rooftop solar array that offsets all of my energy needs for the house and car. Even my lawn equipment is all electric! So, when I started to think about a bike during the pandemic, I really wanted to go electric as well. After reading a lot of reviews and thinking of my needs (big guy wanting a more comfortable ride), I decided on EBC. Now, I’ve been enjoying my new Model S for nearly three weeks. The bike arrived in great condition with excellent packing and except for one minor rear fender adjustment (rubbing against tire), it has been problem free. I’ve really enjoyed the throttle on demand when needed and the pedal assist function. Everything on the bike works great, but I haven’t been on a bike in 20 plus years, so there is a bit of calibration on my part! I haven’t had a need to contact EBC for support, but I did make a small change to my order (added suspension seat) and that was taken care of promptly. Although I’m sure they are slammed right now with high demand for bikes during the pandemic, the EBC staff seem genuinely interested in making sure their customers have a great experience. I look forward to many more years of enjoyment from my new Model S!
Robert Fernatt
Robert F.
01:45 04 Aug 20
Just got 2 model R bikes, love them, so much fun!
Tim G.
Tim G.
19:12 31 Jul 20
More customizable. Great/fun color choices. Bigger motor. Better design. Hydraulic disc brakes. Just a few of the many reasons I went with EBC over many other brands. Customer support💕A++Did my research!
Valinda Turner
Valinda T.
12:50 03 Jul 20
I did a lot of research into e-bikes prior to purchasing, and I'm so glad I discovered Electric Bike Company. I was originally planning to buy one from a big-name company, at about twice the price of an equivalent bike at EBC. But the reasonable price is not even the best part of my EBC Model M. I am so impressed by how solid and well-built my bike is. Plus it is beautiful! I've had my bike for about 5 days now, and I feel like a kid who got a new bike for Christmas! I can't stop smiling when I ride it. With just a little bit of pedal assistance, I feel like I can go anywhere! EBC's customer service is excellent; my bike was delivered to me (sooner than expected!) fully assembled and ready to ride. Supporting an American company, and knowing my bike was assembled in the USA feels good, too. I cannot recommend Electric Bike Company highly enough!
Kathleen Andrew
Kathleen A.
18:11 30 Jun 20
I am very lucky to have found and purchase two bikes from the Electric Bike Company. They are one of the rare companies that do things right, are true craftsmen at what they do, don’t cut corners, stand behind their products and believe ‘good isn’t good enough’. Seeing the high quality parts they use and watching how they hand build each bike is very special. If you are looking for an electric bike, they are the only people to see!
Rick McCormack
Rick M.
00:08 30 Jun 20
I was so excited to receive a custom electric bike from this amazing company! It took 7 weeks (quality takes time), but it was totally worth the wait. The attention to details, the smooth braking and suspension, all top notch. I received multiple return emails when I made inquiries before delivery. They care about the product and it shows.
Nicole Walsh
Nicole W.
18:56 26 Jun 20
Excellent service..excellent product...special thanks to Ms. L. Ruiz. (I changed my bike twice)...so friendly, actually remember me from previouse week..makes you feel appreciated and valued....wish i could share your grand opening....but im in Georgia...✌
Mike Zimmerman
Mike Z.
17:30 23 Jun 20
Josie B
Josie B
20:09 22 Jun 20
Jefferey Aezer
Jefferey A.
11:16 20 Jun 20
WOW! The entire team nocked it out of the park!!! After MANY hours of research on the BEST built bikes in the world - I ordered 2 bikes for my wife and I. I could not pass up the value. I was spending a lot of money and I wanted to make sure that I was investing it in bikes that are not only COOL but would last. I am going to be 50 this year and I need all of the help that I can get.... I was sad to notice that the lead-times were running 8-10 weeks and this was just outside of a planned vacation that I wanted the bikes for. I explained this to the Rockstars (Brook, Lorraine, Jeanne, Blake, Sherry and Sean +++) and they made no promises but said that they would try... Boy!! Did they ever... Bikes Shipped yesterday and I am SO excited to get them and experience the freedom that they will bring that I can hardly stand it... Thank You Thank You Thank You and Thank You Some More!!!! These guys care, they are responsive and they go above and beyond to take care of their customers. (Smiles ear to ear)
Mark Bennett
Mark B.
22:09 17 Jun 20
Patrick Mash
Patrick M.
01:52 01 Jun 20
My wife and I ("senior citizens") purchased two Model Y's and are very happy with them. Enjoy the pedal assist in the hills. Love the fact that they are produced in the USA and come assembled, just have to adjust the handle bars to suit your ride.
Jim & Jana Gleim
Jim & Jana G.
22:42 24 May 20
This company and the bikes they produce are as good as it gets. So good that it motivated me to write this - my first ever - google review.I recently had the Model R delivered and it was way beyond my expectations - even beyond my hopes. Everything is seemless - the gears, the assist levels, the breaking, the throttle, the integrated lights. It came fully assembled, with only some very minor adjustments needed on my end.This particular model feels so solid, and it makes me feel all the more safe when I'm cruising at top speeds. It looks great, and if it weren't for the display (and my speed going uphill) you might not even realize it was an electric bike. I've ridden a couple of Trek's and an Electra previously. This one is so much better, and much less expensive than Trek.Everyone I interacted with at the company was very helpful. The whole process - deciding on the model, communicating about it before it arrived, and speaking with Blake to help customize some things afterwards were all very personalized experiences where I felt like my desires mattered to them.I can't think of any product I've ever purchased that I would recommend as highly as this.
16:51 21 May 20
We’ve had our bikes a little over a month now and couldn’t be happier! We’ve put just over 500 miles on them. These bikes are so well made and very comfortable. I can’t say enough good things! If you’re on the fence about getting one...just do it! You will be so glad you did!
Valerie Christy
Valerie C.
20:39 13 May 20
After researching many e-bike companies I decided to order the R model. EBC ratings and reviews convinced me this was the company to deal with even though they are located 2000 miles away. Two important factors were the bikes are built in the USA and also offer a good warranty. Unfortunately when I received my bike there was a problem with the hub motor. I was very disappointed at the time, but fortunately Blake immediately came to the rescue. A new wheel was sent and delivered within a week. Our weather has not been that great for riding yet, but I am looking forward to enjoying my R model. I highly recommend this company.
Jim Knecht
Jim K.
19:56 08 May 20
can you do a quick 1 min video of the testers testing the built bikes
Marc Reimann
Marc R.
01:54 05 May 20
I am so pleased with this bike. I love the look of the classic style of the Model C. It's so much fun to ride. It's really cool that it comes fully assembled. That was huge for me. Plus it's put together in the USA. I can't wait for the weather to break in the northeast so I can really explore my area with this bike.
Dawn Schlimm
Dawn S.
18:18 30 Apr 20
We ordered 2 Y bikes for our home in New Port Beach. The bike performs well and is easy to learn and use. The entire bike is very well build built, down to the details of fully polished stainless steel hardware. I will add photos to this post later,i opted for the lazy mans bike with the low cross bar so it is easy to board. white with red rims and blacked out on everything else. Bottom line is: we have done our research, and for the price, you won't find a better bike for the money. dollar for dollar, this is the best electric cruiser out there.
eddie rowland
eddie R.
22:20 27 Apr 20
Fabulous company with fabulous products. Love my Model X. Looks great, good craftsmanship, excellent quality and ride.
Adventures of Livybug
Adventures of L.
19:43 26 Apr 20
Just got our second E bike from companyGreat bike ,clean lines, and very easy people to deal with with .Love the bikes . Got my model R shipped to me , never saw it live, better than I could have expected!
Randall Counter
Randall C.
02:26 18 Apr 20
After reseaching many bikes online and at local stores (and there are many), EBC stood out with the best build, components and price. Very happy with our decision to buy from EBC!
Demetrios Syrpes
Demetrios S.
23:56 14 Apr 20
I am an avid cyclist and own a dozen different bicycles; touring, mountain, cruising, folding, hybrid & fat bikes. Last month, after tons of due diligence, I finally purchased my first electric bicycle from the Electric Bike Company, the Model C. ...and I am beyond impressed! The bike was delivered within 2 weeks, fully assembled. It took me about 10 minutes to unwrap the packaging and adjust the handlebars, and off I went. The experience was surreal! I felt like I was an Olympian pedaling downhill, even when I was pedaling uphill (on level 5). I now typically keep the power on Level 1 or 2 just so I can feel like I'm getting a little workout. Level 5 is way too fast! ....unless your goal is to get from place to place as fast as humanly possible (...which is never my goal when riding this bike). whenever I have a question about the battery or LED display functionality, the customer service team at the EBC is absolutely phenomenal! Sean & Blake & Jeanne are extremely knowledgeable, helpful & super responsive to all of my phone calls & emails. They also provided me with links to dozens of 2 minute YouTube videos showing more advanced functionality & features, which was also extremely helpful. I already have 500 miles on my bike and I cannot wait to take it out again later today! ...and I plan on buying 3 more ebikes from the EBC (for my wife & kids) as soon as I can get back to work! This bicycle is making me feel like a big kid again! Thank you EBC! -Steven Irgang. New York.
steven irgang
steven I.
17:25 13 Apr 20
Love this ebike. Company has been easy to work with and responsive to some minor issues. First of all bike is well packed for shipping. But even so the shipping company managed to put fork of pallet jack through box and hit spokes. Only cosmetic damage thank God. Bike arrived without rear basket and mirrors as ordered but EBC promptly shipped. Then received package and no mounting hardware for basket. Notified EBC requesting info on bolt size and photo so I could locate for assembly but they wanted to send them to me since they are specific for their bikes. This is great except having to wait again. I also requested some touch up paint so I can touch up any scratches that it has Paul offered to send it at no charge...Big Thanks Paul! Hopefully hardware will arrive shortly so I can start riding regularly....I have two small chihuahuas that want to go and cry when they get left at home so until hardware arrives no long trips out for me! But over all very glad I made the decision to purchase my bike at EBC!
Brenda Miller Haynes
Brenda Miller H.
10:14 13 Apr 20
1.) Easy/Clear Website!2.) Answered my Call on a Sunday.3.) Excellent Product! Sturdy. Beautiful. Details are Amazing.4.) OMU - Why didn't I buy this years ago?SO. MUCH. FUN.Thank you. I feel like a kid again.Angela L CochranGig Harbor, WA
Angela L Cochran
Angela L C.
15:38 08 Apr 20
Great bike. 5 speeds with peddle assist, very powerful and easy to ride. Very sturdy and well built. Comfortable
John Blom
John B.
22:05 02 Apr 20
I received my bike a week ago and am in love with it so far! The Electric Bike Company support has been excellent when we asked a couple of questions regarding the bike and how everything worked !
Bethany Wigdahl
Bethany W.
20:08 30 Mar 20
I researched e bikes for almost a year before purchasing my Model C from EBC. I could not be happier with my purchase. I am 6’4” and the bike fits me just fine. It’s so sturdy and well built that I have no doubt it will last a lifetime. The Staff at EBC is great to work with and the Customer Service they provide is exemplary.
Steve Kotulak
Steve K.
16:02 17 Mar 20
What a great company! The ordering process was easy and EBC answered all my questions and explained the options. We ordered two S Models and they were completed and ready for pickup earlier than planned. We have been using the bikes for a week now and we are extremely happy with them. These bikes are built very well and look great too!
Mick Meldrum
Mick M.
16:50 09 Mar 20
Vance Raine
Vance R.
19:01 06 Mar 20
Ordered a custom bike, got it in about two weeks. I have only been on a few rides but the bikes power is amazing. It is also the most comfortable ride I've ever experienced on a bike.The only slight complaint is it came with wrong color wheels and fenders. The electric bike company promptly sent me the correct ones once I notified them.I highly recommend the model c.
Jon Yarger
Jon Y.
02:00 05 Mar 20
william delano
william D.
23:25 02 Mar 20
I LOVE my electric bike its so much fun to ride! I love the fact that it doesn't even look like an electric bike, it looks like a beach cruiser. The charge lasts so long too! I def recommend going with this company, we looked at a lot of different ones and love our bike!
Nicole Hanriot
Nicole H.
19:32 02 Mar 20
Myriad beautiful colors and customizable touches; customer service is outstanding: the online chat feature answered all my questions and lots of videos are very hepful. The shipping experience was also 4-star: you just can't get better than a "ready-to-ride" bike (just tighten a few screws, charge the battery, and you're on your way). I had to take off a star because the bike is fun to ride, but it's *extremely heavy* and the turning radius is very large: it does NOT turn sharp corners without incident. A couple of bad spills on the bike path's hair pin turns and our enthusiasm for the bike has lessened considerably. There are other e-bikes out there that are a lot lighter and easier to manage. It's a beautiful, powerful, zippy bike that just weighs a ton. As I tell people: "She's beautiful, but she's a heavy, cumbersome beast. I still love her."
Lynn Casmier-Paz
Lynn C.
19:55 01 Mar 20
The bikes are amazing, the best price and quality. Whether you want to pedal ride or add a boost using the electric feature this is a bike for all to enjoy!!!Bonus made in the USA🚲🇺🇸
Rosalyn Wan
Rosalyn W.
18:39 28 Feb 20




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