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Love my EBC model Y! This was my first experience with an electric bike and it has become a game changer for me. My ride to work is a steady uphill grade so the pedal assist is perfect addition to my daily routine. Additionally, I arrive to work in style without breaking a sweat.On the weekends, this bike has been great for exercise and long rides. You can leave the pedal assist off and get a really great workout!The charge lasts for quite some time and the bike rides smooth and the seat is very comfortable.This is the best bike I’ve ever owned. Worth the money and I will never buy another kind of bike again. EBC for me!!
Sue Harbour
Sue H.
20:43 21 Jan 22
Excellent customer service and a well made E-bike
Robert Miller (Bob in Murrieta,Ca.)
Robert Miller (Bob in M.
23:09 19 Jan 22
Oh my goodness, this company! I received outstanding service when I had a last minute change to my order. My custom bike shipped well within the promised time and arrived perfect due the above and beyond packaging. My model R is amazing, strong and impeccably built, it’s clear it will last for years.I have not been on a bike for 30 years and having an ebike has allowed me to get back outside. And knowing I have a quality bike backed by a group of people who clearly care about my experience and their product has made this experience beyond my expectations.
Anna-Elizabeth M
Anna-Elizabeth M
19:40 19 Jan 22
Sharing why the Electric Bike Company has the best built bikes anywhere. I can no longer ride my basic mountain bike anymore. Due too a car accident ‘where I was rear ended 2 years ago. Can’t lean forward with neck up “too much soreness and tension. That’s where these great bikes come in! Ergonomic is the word I’m going to use ‘my spine is vertical (comfortable seats). And the handlebars wrap around so I’m perfectly upright. If your looking for electric bikes this is the company you want too go to. The owners are fabulous ‘all the employees are so helpful. Customer service is top notch!!! Have referred my friends and clients ‘who have bought bikes here. Have a great day and enjoy your bikes! Thank You Sincerely Michael Black
Michael Black
Michael B.
15:33 18 Jan 22
I was first introduced to the Electric Bike Company when my brother bought one of the bikes for my sister. She rode it everywhere and only occasionally let us ride it too! 😉 My dad then bought me my own and I ride it everywhere I go - back and forth to work, to my friends' houses and more! I love the fact that I can get exercise and feel healthy without getting worn out! Their customer service is phenomenal and we get quick responses every time we have a question.
Shahar Yarden
Shahar Y.
23:18 14 Jan 22
I love Electric Bike! I live in Westchester County which is very hilly, making the bike a wonder. It is the best bike ever! Plus, it is Made In America!
Marianne Shoecraft
Marianne S.
22:15 13 Jan 22
This bike is great fun to ride and built solid! I have friends asking where I got it. Having the pedal assistance makes your route flat and enjoyable. I am surprised at the calories I still burn.
Michael Knight
Michael K.
01:32 12 Jan 22
My wife and I picked up a couple of new Electric Bike Company® bikes this past Christmas (2021) and we're having nothing but fun riding all over Huntington Beach! My wife has the Model Y and I grabbed a Model X. Love these bikes! The accessories are pretty rad as well. We added the phone holder, a little yoo-hoo bell, and a side leather basket pouch for my wife's bike. These bikes not only look awesome but function amazingly as well. We love everything about them. We ride pretty much every day unless it's raining. I did a lot of research before buying these bikes. Hands down these are the best. The alarm is one of my favorite things about the bike! Lock it up and set the alarm and walk away. Zero worries about someone squeaking off with the bikes. I admit it was a little pricey, getting all of the parts painted on the Model Y to match her frame color, but in the end, it looks killer. No regrets. Worth every penny. We highly recommend these bikes if you're considering to purchase an electric bike. Best looking beach-cruiser type E-bike on the market. The comfort shocks and seats make the long rides very comfortable. Absolutely nothing we'd do differently about the bikes, love them just the way they are. You can find us riding around HB every week. Lots of compliments on the bikes too. Love this company - great friendly staff and great products! Fan for life. Cheers!
Sean Roy
Sean R.
23:14 10 Jan 22
Took a test ride of the model R today. Excellent ride and plenty of power. Am considering purchasing one.
Spencer Jack
Spencer J.
21:45 10 Jan 22
Best bike ever!!! Ideal for transporting flowers 🌺
Wendy Burke
Wendy B.
15:56 10 Jan 22
Every step of buying my Model R from Electric Bike Company was perfect. They took the time to explain all of my questions and got the bike made before the time they gave. I picked it up from the showroom. I've commuted on it 3 days a week to work and I am so happy with the purchase. I have compared the Model R with other e-bikes that cost the same and you get so much more with the Model R. I would highly recommend buying a bike from Electric Bike Company, they are solid bikes that are built in California!
Joanna Voinov
Joanna V.
15:32 09 Jan 22
Ed Attala
Ed A.
03:49 07 Jan 22
I love my ebike from Electric Bike Co. I have the model M. It’s so easy and fun to ride.
Kim Ernst
Kim E.
21:49 03 Jan 22
Proud owners of two beautifully crafted electric bikes made right here in the USA! Not only are their bikes superior, Customer Service is by far the best I've ever encountered! You want answers, you will get an actual person immediately , whether it is via phone, mail, or a pop up while browsing their site. One evening I was reading some reviews about people that were having delivery damage issues, which was unusual because I hadnt read that before. While reading, the Co founder, Sean Lupton-Smith, pops up in a customer service bubble asking how he can assist. I expressed my concern about the deliveries and he explained they were having some problems and were looking in to different shippers. Right there and then, he pulled up my order and made the changes at 8pm EST! There's so much to love about this company, what they stand for, their transparency, how they started and where they are going . Thank you @Electric Bike Company @Sean Lupton-Smith
David Gentile
David G.
14:58 03 Jan 22
Very friendly and fast customer service. 100 % pleased with my experience !
Nicole Sturm
Nicole S.
18:45 01 Jan 22
They have been very responsive and accommodating regarding a missing component on my brand-new model C bike. I’m enjoying my new and powerful bicycle here in central Florida
Mackin Commerce Center, warehouse leasing
Mackin Commerce Center, warehouse L.
22:49 31 Dec 21
USA made product. Very well made
Marty Moore
Marty M.
02:57 31 Dec 21
I was so excited to get my new EBC bike for Christmas! After a year of researching and test riding other brands, I selected EBC for it’s customized options, solid design and classic good looks. I absolutely love it!
Cindy Mescher
Cindy M.
13:18 30 Dec 21
EBC has a most enticing website! They really seem to have the most solid bikes, warranty and service. Of course I am writing this before buying a bike or experiencing their customer service. I don't live too close to Newport so I will have to ship my purchase ($200- ouch). But the bike will come ready to ride and double checked by QC. The bike options are designed with sensibility and an eye for safety. Not to mention the choice of beautiful colors! Wow!
Mooms F
Mooms F
17:55 28 Dec 21
Excellent customer service and a well made E-bike. The website is super easy to navigate and there is always live help standing by on the chat box for any questions. Don't hesitate to purchase your new bike from this company as they have the best built bikes. It's hard to cruise town without someone stopping me and asking me where did I get my awesome looking E- bike. We compared specks of several different brands and Electric Bike Co hands down wins in all catogories. I am 5-1 and do want to let the vertically challenged that yes get the 24" tires! They weren't an option when I purchased, but I still love the bike!! My husband is 6-2 and he has no problems. They come fully assembled, just turn and tighten the handle bars and your off!
DeAnn Law
DeAnn L.
19:43 27 Dec 21
Totally impressed with the rita experience from the excellent customer service to the product itself as we went in with a lot of questions walked out with a R actually rode it home, not within two weeks we ordered the second one! Thanks to the E Bike team
Calvin Yetter
Calvin Y.
02:22 27 Dec 21
Wow! So impressed with my Model S from Electric Bike Company. Fast shipping here to Texas and incredible workmanship. The bike is gorgeous! My brother-in-law who owns an electric bike from another company and has ridden bikes from several other brands, said my bike was the nicest he had ever ridden. Super smooth and comfortable ride. I love it and cannot say enough good things about it!
18:57 26 Dec 21
After considerable research I decided on Electric Bike Company’s Model S. Being a taller and heavier rider the construction features of the bike were a plus. I did test ride several bikes and the Electric Bike Company bike was my favorite. I really enjoy the beach cruiser style, it is comfortable and relaxing. The bike arrived in November and I have been riding as the weather allows. Couldn’t by happier with my choice of electric bikes. I would encourage anyone seeking a quality electric bike to consider Electric Bike Company.
Mike Henningson
Mike H.
16:45 24 Dec 21
Loving my new bike! Staff was extremely friendly and supportive. Fully custom bike was completed within reasonable time frame. The bike is extremely comfortable and easy to ride. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a great ebike that fits your style!
Crystal Mattox
Crystal M.
05:28 21 Dec 21
What an easy bike to ride. I haven’t ridden a bike in 15 years, I wasn’t sure how it would go. This bike was so smooth. I only used the power to get started, then peddled the rest of the way. I had to look several times to make sure I wasn’t in pas. This bike is beautiful, so we’ll made. It feels so solid. Very easy to unpack and get riding right away. I read a lot of reviews and I know I made the right choice on the model E. Thanks EBC for making such a great product.
Robert Prinzing
Robert P.
02:35 21 Dec 21
I heard this place from a friend so I ordered the themodel E, it came super fast! I got it a week later thepeople at the store were super nice showed me howto work it and even put a few extra accessories on(like a phone mount) the bike for free. The bike isAMAZING and it looks so good in the all black. Reallynice build quality! My family has already ordered asecond bike from you guys. KEEP IT UP!
Gavin Moatazedi
Gavin M.
19:09 18 Dec 21
I recently received my purchase... Model S  (standard battery).  I'm absolutely in love with it!! The quality of this bike exceeded my expectation.  It's so much fun, very sturdy with a solid feel. It's powerful and FAST!I rode this bike on a steep hill that has always been a problem for me on the traditional bike and a previous  e- bike that simply  struggled.This bad boy had to be held back... definitely packs a punch.. I weight 160 lbs ...Model S zipped up the hill as if I were on flat surface... I was blown away!Customer service interactions have been positive. Any questions /concerns that I had were clearly answered/resolved  in a very timely manner and very professional I appreciate you Blake. The videos available are a big help.I'm very satisfied with my purchase. I definitely recommend Electric Bike Company  to purchase the Model  S or to check out other models built by them.
C McCollum
C M.
00:42 18 Dec 21
Love my new bike! Took a bit to get it because they are custom made for you but came exactly when my estimate said, I was just so excited! Rides great and can’t wait for warmer weather so we can ride everyday!
Jessica Viers
Jessica V.
19:29 17 Dec 21
E-bikes are so common these days they rarely draw attention to themselves anymore. However, my wife and I were having lunch in San Clemente one day when two people rode up on EBC bikes. The bikes were so stylish and unique that I went up to the couple to see where they bought them. A month later we were at EBC customizing our own bikes. They are beautiful and well-built locally with high quality parts. We get complements on them every time we take them out. And working with the people at EBC was easy and pleasant. We even had some miscommunication during the build and their customer service was top notch, fixing the problem immediate. I highly recommend this company their bikes.
Brian Ponikvar
Brian P.
17:44 15 Dec 21
Super comfortable and fun to ride. Just got mine a few days ago and am very happy with the look and finish of my bike. 👍🏻👍🏻
Ed Craig
Ed C.
20:34 13 Dec 21
Great company, solid bike.One happy family!
Patrick Koenigsdorf
Patrick K.
17:05 10 Dec 21
Thanks for letting us use the ’fat tire’ size. I have a good mountain bike but can’t ride on local trails since they are completely sandy and make the bike unsteady. The tree inch tiire may work.
Gerald Capodieci
Gerald C.
18:23 03 Dec 21
I wasn't shopping for another ebike when I came across this beauty. I have an ebike that I am very happy with but,,,, this Electric Bike Company model E is awesome! At first I passed it up because it didn't have gears, its just a direct drive, I thought No way am I going to have a bike with no gears, most of my riding involves many hills.. the sales person assured me that I could always add gears, so I took it for a second test ride and easily glided up the hills with no problem and plenty of power to spare.This bike is light weight, super easy to handle, accommodates a variety of sizes of people even my friend who is under 5 ft tall and 81 years old loves this bike and just ordered one for herselfLeslie
Jazzyy Catt
Jazzyy C.
17:45 03 Dec 21
My wife and I had been looking for e-bikes for a couple of months. Test drove many of the popular brands. EBC was the last ones we test drove and after our test drive we were hooked! Within a week, the new Model E came out and we jumped on it and bought them. Love the ride and have received many complements when out riding. EBC one of the easiest companies to work with.
Kirk McCauley
Kirk M.
17:07 01 Dec 21
I recently received an Model S from EBC and have been very impressed with the quality of this bike. All the components are first rate and function as designed. The Model S is a large bike and is not a light weight but this heft illustrates the overall build quality. The ability to customize (fine tune) the bike's performance through the KT-LCD8H display is one of my favorite features. I can "dial-in" my bike to maximize my own riding style. This is my third e-bike and by far the most enjoyable to ride. There are certainly less expensive e-bikes out there but for the money I can't think of a better made bike than the Electric Bike Company Model S.
Kerry Green
Kerry G.
20:20 30 Nov 21
Great bikes, great buying experience. We purchased a “C” and “y” model. We’ve made time to ride everyday. We researched different e-bikes, but nothing compared in style and durability. And the warranty put them above the rest.
Erica Brown
Erica B.
22:02 29 Nov 21
My wife and I just purchased a Model R and a Model Y. Trailering them down to our condo in Florida and can’t wait to use them to bike over to the beach and miss the traffic. Definitely one of our best purchases we have made.
Steve Graham
Steve G.
03:05 29 Nov 21
I received my Model R last month a few weeks earlier than promised. Possibly because of the expansion of facilities. My bike is way above my expectations. So far I have not been able to ride to work as scheduling has not allowed the main reason for the purchase, but the riding I have done is fantastic. Have added mirrors, cell phone holder and cup holder for my coffee for early morning ride to work. Living in the desert which is predominantly flat, should be an easy cruise for my R. Love the quality. Thanks EBC.
Richard Emerton
Richard E.
00:00 27 Nov 21
Very happy with our bikes. We got a Model Y for me and a Model X for my husband. Couldn’t be happier with our bikes. They are comfortable, stylish and a lot of fun to ride.
Katya Rennert
Katya R.
22:46 26 Nov 21
My Mom bought a bike about two years ago and absolutely loves it. So much so that when someone rides by us she yells out “EBC!!”. She looked at ever electric bike on the market and ultimately chose EBC due to its superiority. She can’t say enough great things.
Courtney Buck
Courtney B.
01:23 24 Nov 21
I custom built my Y Model from the ground up. As a designer, I'm blown away by the options for customization, the quality of the craftsmanship and the overall result. My bike turns heads wherever we go and the riding experience is amazing. The interface of changing manual gears, toggling between pedal assist levels, and throttle is so seamless you can utilize all options at the same time. This bike is a game changer.
Sheri Koetting
Sheri K.
23:25 22 Nov 21
I purchased a model Y for my wife. She loves it. We got the 24" wheels to accommodate her height (or lack of...) The service is extremely good. All the people are very helpful. It is nice to work with a company that actually has people answer the phone, and even call you back when they say they will. They were very understanding and kept me informed of the progress of my bike as it was in production. It arrived in a custom built box on a pallet. The carrier they used delivered it on time and with no damage. I would highly recommend the Electric Bike Company to anyone who is in the market for a high end, American built bike.
Louis Daviau
Louis D.
16:10 20 Nov 21
Update: Not "Y", Model S for Supahhhh!
Lynette T
Lynette T
02:05 20 Nov 21
Great service and a great product! Very efficient and knowledgeable about their product too! These are the bikes that catch everyone's eye!
Dena Calabro
Dena C.
18:21 19 Nov 21
I have put over 500 miles on my bike in the last 2 months. I ride it more than my custom motorcycle.
mark s.
mark S.
23:25 17 Nov 21
My experience with electric bike company was absolutely amazing. Blake and Bella were very helpful while I was ordering my model R. I ordered it fully customized completely black with dual electric motors. I test rode it before ordering and had a complete satisfaction with quality power and overall experience riding his bicycle. I can’t wait to get my model R. So far, this is the best bicycle company I’ve ever dealt with. I would highly recommend electric bike company to anyone if you are looking to purchase the best electric bike.
11:50 16 Nov 21
I purchased a Model S ebike from Electric Bike Company and am very happy with my choice. I sold my other ebike because it just wasn't powerful enough to get me up my hilly terrain. That is no longer a problem, zooms right up. The bike is sturdy, well built and very stylish(must keep up apperances :). The EBC team as been very responsive to all my questions. Overall very satisfying experiance.
Vanessa Younger
Vanessa Y.
20:39 15 Nov 21
Just got our bikes today. We love them!!! Service was great, the staff was awesome and so helpful. We loved the whole experience in buying our bikes.
Scott Hodge
Scott H.
05:09 15 Nov 21
Picked up our bikes today at the Newport Beach showroom and had the best day riding around Newport and down to Huntington Beach. The whole experience, from coming in a few months back to test ride, down to the final pick up was smooth and pleasant. The staff was helpful and informative and answered all our questions. We can’t wait to start adding more miles to our rides.
Robyn Hodge
Robyn H.
04:56 15 Nov 21
I have already ridden my EBC bike more than my old bike that was in the garage for 10+ years. I get compliments everywhere I go and am rediscovering my town. I can’t say enough about EBC.
Lynn Kornmann
Lynn K.
02:33 15 Nov 21