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Thumb throttles are the least obtrusive of the three types of ebike throttles. One thing we at the Electric Bike Company love about the thumb throttle is that it never interferes with brake levers. Thumb throttles allow the greatest freedom of handlebar accessories, like our bell and rear view mirrors, since they take up so little room.
We believe the main advantage of thumb throttles is the increase in safety. The thumb throttle does a better job of isolating your arm movements, then a twist throttle. We prefer thumb throttles over twist throttles especially when lifting your bike over curbs and obstacles. Operators often twist the throttle in error which can cause your Electric Bike Company cruiser to shoot forward and out of control.

The full twist throttle takes up the entire end of the handlebar, completely replacing whatever grip would originally be on the end of handlebar. To operate it, the rider simply grabs a handful of the throttle and twists it back towards himself. This causes the twist throttle to be accidentally engaged. Because the throttle continues all the way to the end of the handlebar, bumping into walls, doorways and even handlebars of other bikes in close proximity can send the bike accidentally accelerating off into the distance with the unprepared rider trying to hang on.


Safety is at the forefront of the design of our electric cruisers. We understand our Electric Bike Company cruisers are a powerful, motorized mode of transportation and want our riders to feel safe and comfortable while accelerating. The only way to accomplish this is by incorporating a thumb throttle in our design.

Happy and Safe riding from our EBC Family!!!

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