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Which Frame Model Is Right For Me? Model C or Model S?
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Which Frame Model Is Right For Me? Model C or Model S?

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Why Electric Bike Company chose the Cruiser Style
Sean Lupton-Smith, the owner of Electric Bike Company wanted to create an American Made product and felt that the classic cruiser style embodied the American lifestyle. He chose to move to Newport Beach in Southern California to make his vision come to fruition. From there, Electric Bike Company was born and with hard work and great staff, EBC has created the Top Rated Electric Cruiser in the U.S.

EBC: Electric Cruiser Models● The Model C – Classic: The classic electric beach cruiser that embodies the California lifestyle.

Which Frame Model Is Right For Me? Model C or Model S?
Which Frame Model Is Right For Me? Model C or Model S?

● The Model S – Step Through: Don’t worry about hoisting yourself over the seat. Rather, comfortably step through the center of the bike and simply take a seat.

Which Frame Model Is Right For Me? Model C or Model S?
Which Frame Model Is Right For Me? Model C or Model S?

Frame Features
In order to better understand the difference between the Model C and Model S, it is important that you know both of our frames have the same high level of quality, performance and durability.

Features of BOTH frame models: Model C and Model S
Our top grade, hydro-formed frames are constructed with Aluminum 6061. They complete a 7 step process including painting, cleaning, base primer, 3 coats of paint, and 2 coats of clear sealant. A heat treatment gives extra strength and durability. Both frame models can also be custom painted to any color desired.
The frames are constructed to ensure neat, hidden wiring while still looking classic. Strong, patent-pending, front bracket allows for cargo adaption and basket assembly, while ensuring secure handlebar functions. A sturdy back rack supports the battery and cargo loads.
While most frames are 1.5 mm thick, we double that in most areas to 3 mm for sturdiness, with an industry-leading 10 year full warranty.

Common Misconceptions
The popular misconception of our two frame models is that our Model C (classic) is primarily for male riders and the Model S (step-through) is for female riders, however, this is false. Both the Model C and Model S are suitable for both men and women.

Things to Consider when choosing your frame
There is no right or wrong answer on choosing a frame, but there are a few factors that we believe you should consider before selecting which frame is right for you.
1. Age
Age is something to consider because our frames are built to last. That being said, if you are currently middle aged and want to plan ahead, maybe a Model S is a better option. A younger rider may want to choose the Model C while they are still young and limber.
2. Mobility
Mobility is a more obvious factor to consider. The Model C does come with a top tube and if you have trouble swinging your leg over that tube, the Model S might be a great option for you for the simple fact that the Model S comes with the ease of just stepping in and out to ride.
3. Riding Style
Being that both of our frame models are cruiser styles, it is important to understand that cruiser bikes are built for leisurely rides around town. Our electric cruisers can help you climb hills easily or make your commute less strenuous, but if you are looking to race bikes or ride down mountains and hillsides, our frames are not the best option.

So whether you chose a Model C or Model S frame, we are confident our top rates electric cruisers will not disappoint!
Happy Riding,
The EBC Customer Experience Team

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