Made in USA (see how we do it) . Bikes Ship Fully Built

Made in USA (see how we do it) . Bikes Ship Fully Built

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Electric Bike Company

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Velofix to the Rescue

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If you need maintenance on your bike, but are unable to take it to a bike shop, then we have the solution. We work with Velofix that has a nationwide fleet of mobile bike mechanics that will come to your home or place of business. 

Check out this post from Eric Kuyper who needed some maintenance done and had Velofix come to his home.

“I had mentioned previously that I would need some work done on the bike before I left, with Covid effecting many bike shops, I decided to try Velofix as recommend by EBC. I have to say I was extremely pleased with the service I received. The tech (Garrett) was on-time, knowledgeable, and had no problems handling the EBC (as you can see). To me, the price felt about $35 above a shop visit, which (coupled with the rain) made it reasonable.

Once he was done, I set to work rebuilding a front basket bracket I had put together a while back. As robust as the original is, I took it up just a notch (and made it easier for myself to mount attachments for gear to balance out the load). We ever have a few sunny days and I’ll get the painting done.” 

We are happy to hear that Velofix met and exceeded the expectations of Eric and was able to get his bike serviced in time with a great technician. If you need service done on your E-bike, but are unable to take it to your local bike shop, please make sure to contact Velofix for a home repair.  

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