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Trading Sand for Cycling

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Jake Gibb: Olympic Athlete & EBC Ambassador


“It’s one of the dopest-looking bikes I’ve ever seen!”

Like many modern love stories, Jake Gibb fell in love with Electric Bike Company after stumbling across an Instagram picture. The American pro-volleyball player happened across a photograph capturing a bright red e-bike with yellow rims beside the beach. Gibb enthusiastically recalls his first impressions of this show-stopping model: “it was like a killer picture. I saw it, and I thought word haha, who makes this bike?!” It wasn’t long until Jake got in touch with us to express his admiration and order his first e-bike.

From Sand To Cycling

When we met up with Gibb, he was keen to tell us about his excitement regarding the Tokyo Olympics: “Um, I leave Friday [July 16th]! Yeah! It’s starting to feel real. I’m super stoked, super excited.”

The upcoming Olympic games will be the last for the forty-five-year-old, who is already one year behind on his scheduled retirement due to the Coronavirus pandemic. He expresses equal delight talking about his upcoming retirement as he does his final competition. It’s clear this pro-athlete has no reservations when it comes to trading the sand for cycling. Discussing his newfound love for e-biking, Gibb informs us, “Yeah, I think it’ll be a daily use for me. Like, I’ll use it just to go down to the beach” (clearly not 100% ready to say goodbye to the feeling of sand between his toes!) The addition of a burley bike carriage

on his, Model C means he can take a bag of balls and other beach activities down to the shore with him.


Adding His Signature Style

Being a pro-athlete requires a stand-out personality. To be memorable and make it big, you need to be known. Jake Gibb has had no problem with standing out from the crowd (or the team) during his impressive sporting career. The team USA pro took to the platform he discovered EBC to have his fans help him customize his new wheels, “I put together two bikes that I liked. One was a purple, one was emerald green.” From his two choices, followers picked the green: “it was pretty overwhelming that people liked the green one”. Once the color was chosen, Gibb added a few more accessories to his Model C to develop the appearance and experience of his electric bike. The athlete opted for the Suntour seat, so he can cycle into his retirement in ultimate comfort. He also added a wooden fender and chain guard and shock absorbers to further enhance its style. Gibb passionately expresses, “I think it’s one of the dopest looking bikes I’ve ever seen. I’m so fired up on it”, before quickly mentioning he added the same customizations to his wife’s Model S.

Once the Tokyo Olympics are over, Jake Gibb is set to settle into retirement. Overjoyed with the appearance and abilities of his new e-bike, Gibb and his wife will be spending their days cruising along the beach and making the most out of their opportunity for new adventures.


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