Made in USA (see how we do it) . Bikes Ship Fully Built

Made in USA (see how we do it) . Bikes Ship Fully Built

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Tips for Wet Weather Warriors

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Are you a winter warrior? Water, puddles, mud, cold temps, rain, hail, sleet, snow – none of this bothers you… Or maybe you’re a sometime winter warrior who ventures out every now and then in the cold just to make sure you get some exercise, and your trusty E-Bike gets some use.

Whoever you are, you know that winter weather conditions can be tough on your bike. Here are some tips to help keep your E-Bike in great condition and make sure that, when the first blooms of spring appear, you’re still ready to go.


Fenders and Chain Guard

Protect your bike components, clothing, and hair(!) from annoying mud splatter with our wooden fenders and chainguard.  Making sure the wet, gritty winter mud doesn’t penetrate your motor, and other important components is a must for ensuring you get years of riding pleasure.

Consider adding our EBC Mud Flaps for Fenders to further protect your bike.

When you come home, it’s important to wipe down your bike (including the fenders and chain guard) to remove mud and water.

Our charming signature genuine polished wooden fenders and chain guard will give your E-Bike the ultimate beach-cruiser feel. Made with a combination of cherry wood and walnut, both of these items have upgraded sealant with no yellowing over time. There’s also protective rubber sealant on the underside.


Clean Up Your Act

To prevent rust and corrosion, you need to take the time to clean your bike more regularly during the winter months. Start from the top of your E-Bike and work downwards using a soft cloth and specific products for the job. Remove stubborn dirt with a good quality brush.

Dirt mixed with your chain lubricant can become an abrasive paste that will wear down your components more quickly. You might need to carefully use a degreaser to remove road mess and grease from your chain and drivetrain. Once you’ve degreased, you’ll need to relubricate your chain and drivetrain.

Get into the habit of inspecting your brake pads every time you clean your E-Bike and be sure to replace them before they become too worn.


More Wet Weather Accessories

ABus Pedalec Helmet – in black and silver features an integrated rain hood which can be quickly pulled over at the first sign of rain. It also has a bright, rechargeable light which is particularly useful for making sure you’re visible to surrounding traffic on gloomy winter days.

Basil Sport Design Trunk Bag – in gray is a practical bag that clicks onto your luggage rack with the MIK Click System. Made from water repellent polyester, this bag will take all your must-haves with you (capacity  of more than 10 lbs.) on wet days.

Lights – for a premium LED front light that delivers hi-lumen performance with a longer run time, check out our LED Front Light with Bell in silver or black, or our fork-mounted front light or basket mounted front light.

EBC Tool Kit – keep our handy tool kit with you in case you need to make on on-the-road repair quickly


“I am done with cars! This is my new mode of transportation for the new year!”

Check out what Liberte Chan from KTLA thought when she rode one of our awesome beach cruisers in Newport Beach recently… 

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