Tip #1:
Keep an eye out for dry grass while riding trails during the dryer summer months! Bull thorns, also referred to as Puncture Vines and Devil’s Thorns, come out to play when it gets warmer. Unfortunately, these pesky thorns can pop your standard e-bike tires and keep you from enjoying your ride. If you’re riding in an urban area, you may encounter some broken glass or pieces of scrap metal on the street. These heavy-duty, sharper materials can do some serious damage to your e-bike tires. While no tire is completely invincible, our Electric Bike Company Cruisers come standard with MAXXIS EU E-Bike Puncture Resistant Tires that are some of the most sturdy and reliable tires on the market. We stand behind their high quality and make sure only the best is built into your bike.

Each tire is individually enhanced with puncture resistant sealant to protect against holes up to 3mm!

Here are some features of our tires:
Maxxis Gypsy 26×2.10
● Gypsy uses a 60tpi casing and our Silkworm breaker puncture protection beneath the tread. The Gypsy offers durable yet comfortable ride with low rolling resistance and excellent traction.
● Each tire is individually enhanced with the puncture resistant sealant to protect tire against holes of up to 3mm.







Tip #2:

Try to avoid skidding on your bike or abruptly stopping while riding. By consistently stopping quickly, you will wear down your tires quickly than necessary. It is also proven that by abruptly stopping, you do not stop any faster than normal. It is important to keep in mind that the quality of your brakes also play a large role in the aging of your tires. For this reason, we only use hydraulic disc brakes on our Electric Bike Company bikes.

Tip #3:

Our final tip to keeping your tires in great ship is to carefully monitor your tires “psi” (tire pressure). It is important to keep a minimum of 40psi and a maximum of 60psi The lower end of 40-45psi is ideal for comfort and speed. If you prefer a more firm ride, we recommend to have the 55-60psi on your tires.

Each feature of our bike was carefully designed to deliver the best riding experience for our riders. We believe that you should never overlook the quality of your tires when it comes to safety and performance. Here at Electric Bike Company the durability and longevity of your bike is very important to us. So, if you keep these 3 tips in mind you can enjoy riding an Electric Bike Company Bike for many years to come!

Cheers to your next adventure!
The EBC customer experience Team!