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The Time to Retire Your Tires

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When do you need new tires?

At EBC, we have created highly elastic tires that are extremely puncture and cut-resistant to ensure your safety and long-term enjoyment. Until we can invent a tire that lasts forever, your tires will still need to be replaced over time and with use. How soon you need new ones, really depends on how often you ride your E-bike, and the conditions in which you ride it.

Signs that it’s Time

Here are three signs that it is time to get some new tires.

1. Repeated Flats

If your tires are repeatedly going flat, this is a likely sign that you have a puncture. To avoid this, remain vigilant of sharp debris on the road. 

2. Visible Wear

If the tread is missing or there are flat spots along the center of the tire, this is another sign it’s time for a replacement. Worn tires, much like a car, will reduce your top speed, decrease your battery to mileage output, and perform poorly on the road with less traction.

3. Deformities in the Rubber

Cracks often happen after long periods of disuse. This makes your tires brittle and unsafe to ride. On the opposite end of the spectrum, if you take your bike out regularly in extreme conditions, we recommend you check periodically for melting rubber or bubbles.

To check out our tire options, check out our Product Demonstration video on YouTube. 

For more information, call (949)264-4080.

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