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The Sea Otter Classic: The biggest E-Bike event of the year!

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Hey, rider!

We just wanted to pop into your inbox to let you know, you’re invited to The Sea Otter Classic, the biggest bike event of the year.



Despite its name, this exciting occasion has little to do with coastal water mammals and a lot to do with enthusiastic bike riders. The Sea Otter Classic is the world’s premium bike festival. The largest gathering of bike companies and cyclists promises to be a day full of fun. This year, the EBC team will be there, so you can test ride, talk to our experts, enter our giveaway, and even gain an insight into what’s coming up in the business. Want to know EBC’s newest secret? Then The Sea Otter Classic is where you need to be!



The Sea Otter Classic takes place April, 6th to 10th, 2022 in Monterey, CA specifically at the Laguna Seca Raceway.


Bring your family, friends & biking buddies. It’s guaranteed fun for everyone!


Click here to plan your Sea Otter Classic visit  + here to upgrade your EBC model for the big day.

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