Made in USA (see how we do it) . Bikes Ship Fully Built

Made in USA (see how we do it) . Bikes Ship Fully Built

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The Name Game

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Customizing your E-bike however you want means bringing your personal style to life; it reflects who you are. Bikers have recognized this, and it is now a trend to name your cruiser as a new form of self-expression. We have listed some customizations to make your E-bike special and a few of our favorite name ideas.

From Your Head to Your Front Door

If you can think it, we can deliver it. Our COLOR CUSTOMIZER gives you the freedom to create the bike that has been living in your head. We believe that your bike should match you, which is why we offer a full spectrum of colors that you can mix and match. 

You can also choose from other accessories to give your E-bike personality. Give your cruiser a classic look with Wooden Fenders. Made of cherry wood and walnut, you can enjoy this vintage look for years. If you need more on-bike storage, the Basil Boheme Double Bag offers a fashionable solution with two sides, water-repellent material, and a capacity of 35 liters. 

All our customization options are made for style and durability. Once you have an E-bike that reflects your personality, you can give it a name as the cherry on top. 

EBC Favorite Name Ideas

There are so many names to choose from that it can feel a little overwhelming. Here are a few of our favorite ideas to get you started. 

E-Bike Color

Sometimes the simple option is the best. Consider a few of these options:

  • Green: Hunter, Jade, Olive, Forest
  • Black: Black Jack, Ebony, Midnight
  • Pink: Rosie, Peaches, Bubblegum

Your Favorite Character

If the color of your E-bike reminds you of the big screen, you may have a name already prepared for you. Some ideas include:

  • Nemo, Smaug, Tinkerbell, or Thor.


Like many animals, EBC cruisers are fast and strong. Consider some of these animal names:

  • Blue Jay, Hawk, Fox, or Foxie.

Your E-bike reflects who you are. Join hundreds of other bikers by giving it a personality of its own. 

Main Photo: Black Beauty

All of the above photos are courtesy of our EBC Bike Owners Facebook Group members.

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