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Look Ma, No Hands!

Take your phone with you securely and easily with our cool new EBC Smart Phone X-Grip Holder! Designed to provide you with the most secure, functionally accessible place to keep your smartphone when riding your favorite set of wheels, this phone holder is guaranteed to do the job.  Whether you’re cruising the boardwalk on your E-Bike … Read more

Your Bike Your Way

You might have heard us talk about how EBC encourages you to design your bike, your way. But what does this really mean? Well, we think you deserve an electric cruiser that’s as unique as you are! That’s what separates us from other electric bike manufacturers – we know that one size doesn’t fit all, … Read more

The Stupendous Model S

“The ultimate step-thru beach cruiser that’s built from the ground up in the United States with premium components and has an approachable, easy to ride frame,”  enthused Electrified Reviews when they took the EBC Model S for a spin. The top-rated E-Cruiser in the USA by Electric Bike Review three years running from 2018-2020, the … Read more

Feeling Flat?

“A bad attitude is like a flat tire. If you don’t change it, you won’t go anywhere.” Joyce Meyer. If you ride a bike, you should know how to change a tire… just in case. It’s important to be prepared for all possibilities – particularly if you’re a rider who likes to push boundaries and … Read more

Tips for Wet Weather Warriors

Take a look at what Liberte Chan from KTLA thought when she rode one of our awesome beach cruisers this week in Newport Beach.  She talks to EBC founder Sean Lupton-Smith about all the things that make shopping with EBC such a unique experience including how we make your bike, your way with a multitude … Read more

Please Remain Seated…

All EBC electric bikes come with a standard seat post that’s designed for riders up to 7 feet tall and 350 lbs… But one of the options we offer when you’re designing your bike is a Satori or Suntour Suspension seat post. Both available in black and silver, the suspension posts have been engineered to provide more comfort … Read more

Riding into 2021

OK… so we might have had a rough start to 2021 with the events of last week. But we wanted to remind you that although many of us are still locked down, we need to focus on all the things we do have control over. One of those is our leisure time – and while … Read more

Video Evidence

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a video is worth even more! That’s why we’d like to make sure you regularly visit our YouTube channel.  There’s a wealth of instructional and informational videos to help you find answers to all your questions and to make sure you get the most out of … Read more

X Marks the Spot

The Model X is one of our most affordable E-Bikes with a starting price of $1,699 or as low as $78.39/month. This awesome E-Bike is a classic style electric cruiser, built to order like all our EBC bikes and delivered fully assembled. The Model X was awarded the top-rated E-Cruiser in the USA by Electric … Read more