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E-Bikes Make Bicycling for Everyone

If you have yet to read the latest E-Biking article on, you are in for a treat. guides you through all the different kinds of E-Bikes and literally tours the country by bicycle in their E-Bike coverage. Read the article for the details behind the following summary. E-Bikes Made for Me & You … Read more

Our Model History

We started concepting, designing, and building our first two model E-Bikes, the Model C and the Model S. We then added “light” versions, slightly more simple, the Model X and the Model Y, and by request from our more petite customers, the Model M, known as the mini – With 24” wheels, It’s so cute! … Read more

Regenerative Braking

You may have heard a term called regenerative braking passed around by various bike brands, Youtube videos, or by other bike owners, but may not have known the context or the implication of the word. This may have led you to ask the question what is regenerative braking? To put it simply regenerative braking is a … Read more