Made in USA (see how we do it) . Bikes Ship Fully Built

Made in USA (see how we do it) . Bikes Ship Fully Built

10 Reasons to Choose EBC

10 reasons to choose EBC

1. Made in USA: (Parts, Tools, Engineers, 24/7 Customer Service)

That’s right! We build all our bikes right here in California, USA. Our extensive team of experts builds each bike one by one for our customers, ensuring the highest quality and precision build every time. Sealed bearings and rust-resistant hardware and parts for durability, and large comfort saddle and hand stitched leather grips for comfort, we don’t leave any detail untouched.


2. 28 mph Motor Capability with 10-Year Warranty: 

Our industry-leading warranty goes above and beyond. No other company can compare. With 24/7 customer service, we are there for our customers should they need assistance. We always resolve and provide a solution. The satisfaction of our customers is always our priority.


3. Highest Quality Battery Cells with 5-Year Warranty: 

We choose only the highest-quality batteries for dependability and safety. All batteries come with a 5-year warranty giving buyers 100% peace of mind when purchasing our electric bikes.

4. Long-Range:

All our bikes have optimal long-range, but we are the onlycompany to offer additional upgrade options, increasing riding range to a possible 200-mile range for some of our models. It’s obvious what this means… you can travel farther on a single charge than other brands of E-bikes.

5. Hydraulic Disc Brakes:

Only the highest quality brakes are included on our e-bikes;  EBC disc brakes provide more stopping power than mechanical disc brakes.

6. Puncture Resistant Tires with Reflective Side Walls

Only the best reinforced tires with performance casing and puncture protection, perfect for the high mileage of an E-bike. Durability and comfort combined provides the smoothest ride.


7. Color Display with USB Port, Automatic Light Sensor, Integrated Lights & Upgraded Technology Package

Our newest addition, now available on all our models is the Upgraded Technology Package. Our latest integrated innovation includes; brake lights, turn signals, high/low beam, and an auto-light sensor that provides safety for low-light riding when you forget. Lights will turn on and off, turn on automatically, or can be continuous when needed. You can enjoy added visibility when riding at night or in low-visibility. 

8.  Anti-Theft Alarm System: 

Built-in and ready to go offered on all our electric bikes adds a layer of security for our bike owners, reducing the likelihood of theft and financial loss.

9. Fast Charger and Upgraded EBC Tool Kit: 

What more do you need, recharge after each ride and be ready for the next. Both included with every bike purchase; upgraded tool kit includes a hand pump, CO2 cartridge, self-sealing tire gel and lots more, has all the “must-haves” to keep your bike riding smoothly.

10. EBC QC Authentication Card: 

Every custom built bike comes with an QC card with the name of the EBC bike builder whom built, inspected and packed your bike, including the bikes individual serial number.


Electric Bike Company offers the perfect combination of power, safety, security, and comfort making our E-bikes the top choice for electric bike enthusiasts. We dare you to compare… 

If you can find a better feature on another brand of E-Bike, please let us know. We would love to talk to you about EBC’s best-ride policy.


Visit our website, walk into one of our California showrooms, or talk to your local dealer about our industry leading E-Bikes today.

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