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A Pawesome Accessory for Pet Owners

It’s hard to resist an animal standing near the door with perked ears and a wagging tail, ready to go on an adventure. There are countless ways to spend time with your furry friends other than playing fetch and going on walks. Take your pet with you in our Basil Buddy Dog Carrier Basket & … Read more

Kids and Cargo

Going on bike rides together is a great way to spend quality time with friends and family, especially during the warm months that we are enjoying right now. If you want to bring cargo though, cramming everything in a backpack can weigh you down, and traveling with infants/toddlers requires reliable equipment to ensure their safety … Read more

Fun in the Sun

2021 is your year to reclaim the summer we all spent at home last year. There are dozens of fun, safe summer activities for you to enjoy during these next few warm months. We have created a short guide of places to go on your E-bike and what accessories to bring with you. Picnic Dinner … Read more

Helmets are Always in Style

Safety is #1. Taking precautions to protect yourself in case of an accident will put your mind, the minds of friends and family, and our minds at ease. Did you know that there are more reasons than safety to wear a helmet? Take a look at EBC’s four main reasons to put one on when … Read more

This Is How We Roll!

EBC has spent years developing powerful, stylish E-Bike models for nature lovers, sportspeople, and busy bees like you. After creating one of the best motors in the industry we saw its potential for other equipment too, and immediately started working on a new product. Not long after, our first scooter hit the market. Highlights of … Read more

Summer of Adventures…Get Your Bag Packed!

When you take your E-bike outside, you likely have cargo you need to bring with you. Whether you need a secure space for small items like wallets and phones or a larger space for transporting groceries in bulk, EBC has several options to choose from that will make every day travel more convenient. Carriers for … Read more

A Crystal Clear Display

When taking your E-bike out for the first or one-hundredth time, having a user-friendly control panel at your fingertips ensures an enjoyable ride. The LCD Color Screen is equipped on every EBC bike model and has helpful functions for everyone. Whether you ride your bike long distances, use it to commute to school or work, … Read more

A Wheelie Good Time

Model Y with all the extras. Photo courtesy of Alexa Paige Whether you’re new to E-bikes or a cruising veteran, there are always ways to improve your experience. While we pride ourselves on giving you the ultimate control over your bike’s design, our priority will always be your wellbeing. This week, we have prepared seven tips … Read more

Make This Mother’s Day Mum-Believable

Don’t panic, it’s not Mothers Day yet… (it’s May 9th) But the time to order your mother an E-bike is now. With a lead delivery time of approximately 6-7 weeks, her stylish cruiser will arrive right when needed. It is hard to find a gift that sums up the appreciation you have for your mother, … Read more

Blooming With Good Vibes

The season all bikers look forward to has arrived! Warming weather has a way of making our hearts lighter and our bodies restless. Shake off the cold winter and spring clean your E-bike for 2021 with some EBC accessories to make your outings both functional and fashionable.  Put the Petal to the Metal… …And never … Read more