Made in USA (see how we do it) . Bikes Ship Fully Built

Made in USA (see how we do it) . Bikes Ship Fully Built

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Super Charged!

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All our EBC E-Bikes come with their own chargers to make recharging easy and convenient. We’ve put a lot of work into our chargers to make sure they are the absolute best on the market. The industry standard for E-Bike batteries is 1.5-2 amps with a plastic casing and a one pin plug. Let’s talk about why EBC chargers are way better than industry standard and should be a major factor when you’re deciding between E-Bike manufacturers.

Listen to our founder Sean talk about why our chargers are the best in the biz…

Industry-Leading Technology

E-Bike batteries heat up while charging and as they discharge while you’re riding – this is a simple fact. And this heat can be a problem because it can rob you of power and shorten the life of your battery. We’ve worked hard for years to mitigate the risks associated with heat on battery life and performance and it’s why EBC chargers and batteries are the best on the market.

All EBC chargers are 3.5 amps and come with durable and functional rust-resistant aluminum casing. This is far superior to flimsy and brittle plastic because it provides superior protection and most importantly, helps to dissipate the heat generated while the battery is charging.

Thanks to Our Fans!

In addition to an aluminum case, our chargers come with two fans which protect the internal components and prolong the life of your charger. They also make EBC chargers safer and more efficient over time. We also offer two interchangeable safety fuses – while the industry standard is one internal fuse that’s often non-serviceable.

Why EBC is the Smart Choice

EBC chargers offer “smart” charging or CCCV charging (constant current, constant volage) to keep your battery safe. This is ideal for E-Bike batteries because it protects your battery from over and undercharging and ensures balance and efficient charging. The almost 220W output power can charge your battery faster and more efficiently. And, EBC chargers (both internal and external) are specialized for lithium batteries which is super important to protect and prolong your battery’s life. 

Interesting Fact for The Day

Did you know that electric bike charging posts have recently replaced ashtrays in bike-mad country the Netherlands?! It’s true! Ash trays in train stations have recently become obsolete with the country’s new ban on smoking – so they have installed chargers on the posts that previously held ashtrays. So now Dutch E-Bikers can top up while waiting for their train!

Source: Elektrek

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