Made in USA (see how we do it) . Bikes Ship Fully Built

Made in USA (see how we do it) . Bikes Ship Fully Built

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Summer of Adventures…Get Your Bag Packed!

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When you take your E-bike outside, you likely have cargo you need to bring with you. Whether you need a secure space for small items like wallets and phones or a larger space for transporting groceries in bulk, EBC has several options to choose from that will make every day travel more convenient. 


Carriers for Every Biker

MLK Click System

This system clicks and secures compatible bags and baskets to your EBC luggage carrier. Use it to carry luggage, or bring a furry friend on your next adventure with you. The Basil Buddy Dog Carrier comes with a cover to keep pets safe when you go out. The rear rack is sold with Model X, Model Y, Model R, and Model M

Basil GO Double Bag

Stick this water-repellent double pannier bag on the back of your bike to transport large loads. It features side pockets for easy access to drinks or umbrellas, a pre-assembled MLK adapter plate, and comes in black or gray. 


Basil Sport Design Trunk

For sportspeople that need a spacious option to store equipment, the Basil Sport Design Trunk comes with external dimensions of 14 in x 10 in x 7 cm. Attach the trunk to the luggage carrier rack, and store 7-15 litres of cargo.  

Bike Pouch

The EBC Bike Pouch is a compact option for storing keys, mobile devices, wallets, and other small items. It is hand stitched with real leather, and is a great addition to your front basket. 

Rear Cargo Basket

Double up on baskets with this rear rack addition. This basket is ideal for everyday transportation needs, and doubles the space for groceries, bags, water bottles, and other purchases. 

Get packed for an adventure today with EBC bag accessories!

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