Made in USA (see how we do it) . Bikes Ship Fully Built

Made in USA (see how we do it) . Bikes Ship Fully Built

Electric Bike Company

Electric Bike Company

Combining luxury and leisure with conscious consumerism, Electric Bike Company is paving the way for the next mode of transportation.

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Summer is right around the corner & gas prices are still up…

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Save money, get healthy, and go electric!

Have you been affected by rising gas prices? I think we all have!

Unfortunately, there’s not too much we can do about

lowering the cost, but, we can save ourselves money by reducing our gas consumption.

Summer is on the horizon, and there’s no better season to experience the adventure of E-biking.

Before the season arrives, make sure your electric bike is in great condition. You can use our repair tool kit for any minor repairs. And contact one of our retailers for any bigger concerns.
Make sure you’ve got your helmet ready, a bike lock on hand, and a basket or bag for your belongings.
Once you’re kitted out, you can start exploring your local area, enjoy the ease of riding your daily commute or set out on a big adventure to one of America’s great bike trails.
And don’t forget to think about what you’ll spend the gas money you’re saving on! A new trunk bag? A portable bluetooth speaker? Delicious lunch while out exploring? Either way, make sure you make the most out of your savings and enjoy the freedom of E-bike ownership!

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