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Set the Soundtrack!

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Our EBC Bluetooth wireless portable speakers will provide you with hours of entertainment wherever you may be. Country music, indie melodies, or something more classic, or perhaps even a combination of genres, these speakers will accommodate your every need. Set the soundtrack for your E-Biking adventures with your favorite tunes! Take a look at our EBC Bluetooth Speaker product demonstration!

Perfectly Portable

Our Bluetooth Speakers are so convenient and completely portable, giving you the freedom to venture outside of your house without a compromise. Each speaker comes with a built-in bracket so that you can attach it directly to your bike. It is easy to mount, and just as easy to remove for use away from your bike too.

Durable and Resilient

Our speakers are the perfect companion for your biking adventures. They can withstand all sorts of conditions, whether it is the rugged terrain of rocky paths or the hazy humidity of a sandy beach. With a 10-hour battery playtime, you won’t have to worry about losing power (or your vibe) halfway through your ride. They are shock-proof and waterproof, ensuring that you have ultimate peace of mind as you go about your day.

Unmatched Connectivity

Reliable connectivity is critical. Our Bluetooth Speakers provide a simple and easy connection to your mobile device. Lightweight but with the perfect amount of hardware to produce incredibly high-quality sound. You can get the best of all worlds – on your bike, on the go, or at home, it’s the ultimate all-around speaker.

A Comprehensive Solution

Our EBC Bluetooth speakers come in black and white so that you can coordinate them with your bike, devices, and accessories. These exceptionally built accessories cover all of the essentials – wrapped up in one portable solution. Set the tone for beach parties with your friends and create the perfect vibe for sunset rides and picnics in the park – the possibilities are endless. For this price range, they’re way ahead of their waterproof counterparts, whether for battery life, audio quality, or the ease of mounting on your E-Bike. Check out our EBC Bluetooth Speakers for yourself!


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10 reasons to choose EBC

10 Reasons to Choose EBC

1. Made in USA: (Parts, Tools, Engineers, 24/7 Customer Service) That’s right! We build all our bikes right here in