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Scooter Alert!

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OK… you knew we made the best electric cruisers on the market. But did you know we also have a Radical e-Scooter?! Our scooter comes fully assembled to your door, just like our E-Bikes and is perfect for a bunch of different uses – especially when you’re dealing with limited storage space like on RVs and boats. It’s affordable, foldable, light weight and is a super convenient and fun mode of transportation.

With a 20-mile range, a max speed of 20 mph and a 2-year warranty, the Radical Scooter is just $999 or $65 a month (plus tax and shipping). We highly recommend the addition of our Anti-Theft Alarm which brings the price to $1,128 or $70 a month.

Versatile Mobility

Combine the power of an E-Bike with the versatility of a scooter… Take the seat off and use it like a stand-up scooter or take a load off and sit down. The choice is yours – just make sure you’re having fun while you’re whizzing around town!

The Radical Scooter is an economical and convenient solution for last-mile type transit – a way to get home from work or to the train or bus. It’s also great for families who are trying to reduce their carbon footprint by reducing their car ownership.

Oh… and it’s the perfect holiday gift for that hard-to-buy for person on your list!

Check out the Radical Scooter on our website today.

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