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In mid-May, on a warm day in their hometown, Trevor and Beth Page received their first EBC E-bike. Founder of Tesla Owners Online, Trevor ordered the Model R for his wife and took it for a ride around the neighborhood the day it arrived to record their experience for YouTube. 

Tesla Owners Online was formed to educate people on Tesla and EVs. Don’t miss this chance to hear from one of the most knowledgeable Tesla experts in North America on our electric bike!

First Impressions

When Beth and Trevor took their E-bike out of the package they immediately fell in love with the bright red, later comparing it to a Ferrari. The first feature they complimented was the comfortable, wide seat when taking it for a quick spin around the neighborhood. Most shocking of all was the speed. While Beth was zooming down the road with minimal effort, Trevor exclaimed, “That thing’s like a motorcycle!” The speed limit feature ensured she stayed at a comfortable pace and kept her safe. 

When they later went on a long ride together, Beth appreciated the adjustable pedal assist so she could use it when needed and turn it off as desired. It was especially helpful for getting up steep hills. By the end of their outing, her two favorite features were the comfortable grips on the handlebars and the intuitive design of the display. Although they got the smallest battery, they found that it had more than enough power to get them through the trail and back home.

For the full video, check out We got an electric bike AND THIS HAPPENED.

Check out the Model R and other E-bikes on our website or contact us at (949)264-4080 with questions.

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