My wife and I have been searching for E bikes for about a year now. We live in Washington (The Upper Left one) and have looked at Rad, Pedigo, and other brands but kept coming back to EBC Model R. The style is perfect for my wife as a step thru but still rugged enough for me and my testosterone. GREAT components are used on this model and we love the larger 3 inch tires with double walled rims. Customizing was simple and FUN with the online program and we both were able to get exactly what we wanted color wise and also the right accessories that use the MIK system. Shipment was a concern but EBC packaged the bikes extremely well and set up took no more than 20 minutes for 2 bikes. We took our first real ride of 27 miles, had three power bars (48v) of power remaining and flew up some longer hills. Very impressed with our bikes!
Christopher Nelson
Christopher N.
19:59 15 Jun 21
Love our bikes. First bought one for the wife and liked it so much that I got one too. Nice for riding together and going surfing in summer.
Celso De Oliveira
Celso De O.
16:09 15 Jun 21
Best Bike ever!!!!
Carleen Berry
Carleen B.
18:09 14 Jun 21
If you love wind through your hair, order a EBC bike. I gifted myself this bike so I could use it as my primary transportation around town, taking me to the pool, grocery shopping, visiting friends, and yes, feeling the wind in my hair. It’s so much fun.A few wise words - have fun playing with color choices, the front basket is great - but it does add weight to the bike, as does the battery/shocks,gears. You might keep that in mind when building and accessorising your bike. I wish I had been more prepared for that. That’s my only complaint with the bike is the weight, it’s much heavier than I expected, making it impossible to put in the back of my truck. My bike is great for getting around town. It’s not designed for mountain bike trails or for road training. - there are other brands that are better for that. Also, the handlebars are wider than I was used too, but I’ve have finally adapted to their width and bike weight.My EBC bike manages all the hills in Northwest Arkansas; although I’ve had a few times when the chain came off, but easy to put back on.You go fast, so don’t forget to add a mips technology helmet to your order.I find the alarm system a nice addition.
Jenni Taylor Swain
Jenni Taylor S.
17:35 14 Jun 21
Great Products and even better customer support. We've had our bikes out on the road almost everyday since we've taken delivery of them. If you're looking for an e-bike that will be a pleasure to own and ride, look no further than EBC.
David Wood
David W.
07:31 14 Jun 21
Having any bike stuff in stock is a blessing. Got their info from a friend and could not be happier. They respond right away on messages which is awesome. Purchased a Ebike Rack which most places dont have in stock. Great Company!!!!
Doug Flores
Doug F.
03:36 09 Jun 21
If you like an amazing built bike with power to go where you need to go, this is the place to get it. The bikes are classic style, and built to order - pick a color, or special paint job, they will do it. Excellent customer service, and they will answer any questions and let you test ride before you buy. Love, Love, LOVE my cotton candy pink bike 🙂 So do my dogs! Don't forget to accessorize!
02:35 09 Jun 21
Nella Vallejo
Nella V.
22:59 07 Jun 21
Received my Model R a couple of weeks ago and have been riding every day. It is the most comfortable and fun bike I've ever had.
Pat Gorski
Pat G.
20:05 07 Jun 21
Got my R bike and love it !
Brent Welch
Brent W.
23:26 06 Jun 21
I visited your Huntington Beach store this weekend and was very impressed. The selection was great but mostly impressed with your customer service. Thank you for treating me special; even though I didn’t find a bike I wanted I was thoroughly impressed. The store was clean and organized and the show room was impressive. Will be sending friends a family your way. Thanks again.
Greg Mackney
Greg M.
05:51 03 Jun 21
On a 3 national park tour, everyone commented on how sharp the bikes looked. This picture was taken at Zion National park, where peddle assist made long uphill grades seem like they were flat. A 5 mile ride to the trailheads on the EBC bikes made hiking more fun. We logged a lot of miles at Zion, but still did not even go below a half charge. Smooth ride, and great brakes going down the long grades. Me and my wife have matching bikes, red / black, best bike decision every made.Thanks EBCBill T
William Thomson
William T.
01:31 03 Jun 21
We had a great trip to the southwest National Parks. Taking our Electric Bikes along made the trip memorable and fun. We were able to ride in Zion and Mesa Verde. Here in Moab we rode along the Colorado River on the Lion Park Trail up to the gate at Arches National Park. A perfect day for a ride. At each location we were able to share excitement and ease of riding the Electric Bikes.
Jennie Thomson
Jennie T.
00:46 03 Jun 21
Where to start, EBC! EBC! EBC! I have researched ebikes for over a year now and each search ended with one bike company, EBC. Fast forward to today. We have a Y for my wife and S for me. We could not have been happier with our purchase and we will find where the trails take us. EBC! EBC! EBC!
Dan Worthington
Dan W.
21:07 02 Jun 21
Terrific customer service. Great bikes.
S E Simon
S E S.
21:46 31 May 21
Great quality e-bike. Family owned business with excellent customer service
Cyn O'Leary
Cyn O.
19:50 31 May 21
Got my new Model R recently. Love it! First bike I’ve ever owned that was big enough to fit me (I’m 6’ 5”). Solid construction and the most comfortable seat ever. The design allows me to sit upright (finally!) which takes the strain out of my shoulders. I recommend this bike to anyone, but especially tall people.
Khun Wat
Khun W.
02:33 31 May 21
It took a while to get it because of the pandemic but the wait was worth it. The bike is absolutely beautiful. Very stable, extremely well-made, something that is a pleasure to ride. Customer service was great in keeping me up-to-date on the schedule for delivery. The bike was very well packaged and the delivery company did a great job. I couldn’t be happier with my M model and look forward to many great rides in the future. This is a great company and I highly recommend them.
Al Myers
Al M.
19:09 29 May 21
Just spent 2 hours at the Costa Mesa showroom with Ryan...I did test ride several models until I found the one that felt just right. The "R" Model is definitely the one I'm buying. Thanks Ryan for being so patient and helpful as I asked a number of questions about all the options and configurations. I highly recommend EBC for your e-bike experience.
David Marotta
David M.
22:50 28 May 21
I’ve loved my beautiful new bike. Everything works flawlessly and I get so many questions and compliments.
Tom Strauss
Tom S.
17:25 28 May 21
I recently purchased the model R. I have a bad back and neck so its important for me to sit very comfortable and ergonomically on a bike. This is the bike for me! I upgraded the seat to include the shocks, and the three way adjustment on the handlebars allows it to adjust perfectly for me. I feel young and spunky on this bike!! Recommend to anyone. Great service...Great people working at this company. Kudos to you Electric Bike Company!!
Cynthia Tanis
Cynthia T.
17:07 28 May 21
My wife and I stopped in to Electric Bike Co. a little over a month ago. We instantly fell in love with the product, and the overall customizability of the bikes.We were met at the Newport Beach Showroom by Claudia who was absolutely a pleasure to deal with. I hit her with a hundred questions, and she fired back a hundred answers. She is at the top of her game, with both knowledge of the product and a level of professionalism that goes above and beyond. I highly recommend these bikes to anyone looking for a top quality e-bike.
04:31 27 May 21
I purchased a Model C Cruiser several months ago. The bike is solid, solid, solid! Extremely well built and easy to ride. I love it!
Tim Throndson
Tim T.
00:13 27 May 21
I researched many ebikes. So happy with my choice!!!
Chris Klaich
Chris K.
20:36 26 May 21
We bought the Model R & Model Y and love them. My wife’s Model Y we upgraded with the Woody Fenders and Chain Guard and looks great. Mine we had a custom color put on and the color came out perfect. EBC bike are great fun.
Floyd Rowland
Floyd R.
14:45 25 May 21
Been following this company and their bikes for awhile. Just ordered one for my wife today. Their stock bike is fantastic! I've done the research, and this bike is exactly what you want and need. And they look so darn cool! Hats off to a well-designed and nice looking bike.
Karl Drews
Karl D.
11:35 25 May 21
I would like to thank Lorraine and Blake for their outstanding customer service! They were very knowlegeable. They were so amazing! They helped me build the most beautiful bike! I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking for a bike! I will be sure to return to purchase one for my husband in tje near future. Thank you again!
Brandy Dunn
Brandy D.
00:29 25 May 21
I had been searching for a bike for smaller people that's not a kid's bike.I came across EBC. They have a mini model with 24 inch wheels! I got to customize my bike to my liking and needs. The customer service is fabulous and friendly. I love my bike so far. I do wish the kick stand was better and the wooden fenders on this model M fit better.Otherwise, I highly recommend EBC to anyone looking for a high quality bike.
April Gabriel
April G.
00:03 25 May 21
Great company to deal with and great product. Love our Ebikes.
Mike Sullivan
Mike S.
23:03 24 May 21
Custom bikes, quality options, beautiful products!Cannot wait to cruise on my custom new E-bike from Electric Bike Company.
Angela gentry
Angela G.
20:19 22 May 21
The bikes are amazing!! What a great way to start retirement - traveling with an Electric Bike Company model R 🙂 Get ready for the orders once the country see's us cruising through the states.
Paris deJesus
Paris D.
01:01 22 May 21
Just received by Model S on Friday. Love Love Love it! It was built in 3 weeks instead of the 6-8 weeks we were told when we placed the order. James and Tori were so awesome following up on the shipment to have it routed to my winter address. Every time I have called (I had many questions before ordering) the EBC staff was very helpful. Best customer service I have received in a long time. I would definitely recommend the Electric Bike Company to everyone I know. My neighbors call my bike the Porsche of electric bikes! And they love the beach cruiser look!
Loriann French
Loriann F.
11:25 20 May 21
Patricia Ruppel
Patricia R.
23:32 19 May 21
We are from Washington State and they were so helpful when we put our 2 bikes together. Due to Covid, they sent our bikes , crated, to our home. Thank you for a great experience and 2 beautiful and quality bikes!
Peggy Kerr
Peggy K.
18:34 19 May 21
I couldn't believe I got my Model S so quickly. Being a Snowbird from Wisconsin and living in Florida, I ordered on April 14 thinking the lead time was 8 weeks. So I was having it shipped to Wisconsin. Then I got notified that it was built in 3 weeks. Working with Tori and James ( EBC ) they had the shipment redirect from Wisconsin to Florida. The Bike arrived on May 14. Love it. Put on over 50 miles in the first 3 days. Nice Ride.
Ken French
Ken F.
15:18 18 May 21
My wife and I purchased our bikes early 2020 and received them in February. They were way more than we expected. We recently rode with family in Yosemite Valley and were able to see more of the valley that was inaccessible due to terrain. Now these bikes were not designed for motocross or all terrain but it took everything Yosemite had to offer from roadway to dirt trail with no problem. Very enjoyable to ride and performance was as advertised. We rode 40 miles one the original charge and still had power for the week.Bikes are the best money I have spent in a long time. No disappointments. Thank you EBC👍
Chris Castro
Chris C.
05:56 18 May 21
We accepted delivery of two Model R's after patiently waiting for 7 weeks. Boy, were they worth the wait! The out-of-box experience was great. They were expertly packed and so very simple to set up (just attach the handlebar). One is standard red and the other was a green color called "Greenery". Both are beautiful and really stand out. Our first ride was 17 miles and people kept looking at us weird because we were laughing and smiling so much. These bikes are a joy to ride! We love the upright posture of the cruiser style, and the optional shock absorber on the seat post made bumps disappear. We picked up some food and put it in the front basket (another smart option) and rode to a park to eat. There were lots of bikes in the park, but ours are unique. We like that you can set the assistance level depending on how hard you feel like pedaling. Setting #2 takes the edge off but still keeps you engaged with pedaling. Setting #5 turns on the booster rockets. We mostly used #2, but the best part is that the throttle is just a thumb away to easily get you up the hills that are part of every ride. When we finished the ride we agreed that this was one of the best purchases we have made in a long time. We would do it again and buy from EBC in a heartbeat.
22:51 17 May 21
We love our bikes! They work great in the hills and have great range. Highly recommend these bikes!!
Mike Handfield
Mike H.
18:54 17 May 21
I customized the Model X and I honestly love this bike. This isn't my first e-bike, as last year I ordered a Juiced Bike (Hyperscorpion) that was subsequently stolen. Having tried both out, this is by far my preferred model. The seat is very comfortable even though I went with the stock version, the bike is light and maneuverable for an e-bike, and it does great even on Seattle's hills. I did add a fork suspension, which helps on the potholes and other bumps of riding around the city, and upgraded the battery to the more middling option. The battery hasn't even dropped down one bar after several short (2-8 miles) rides around the city. This bike is a bit longer than the Juiced model, but thanks to the lower weight I'm able to maneuver it into our apartment elevator. Highly recommend this bike for city excursions!
Caryn Livingston
Caryn L.
18:44 17 May 21
I had no idea that an electric bike could be so amazing until I hopped onto the seat of an Electric Bike Company Bicycle! It's as solid as a rock! Responds quicker than you can think and gives the ride you've dreamed of! My only regret? Not buying this Model S sooner!!!
Robin Rowland
Robin R.
18:24 17 May 21
My husband and I had originally got matching "fat" ebikes from a different brand last November, but I returned mine immediately because I realized it just wasn't for me. I didn't like the seat, the handlebars, etc. Anyway, I spent a few months researching and finally decided on EBC. So glad I did! Even though it ended up being twice the cost, heh. My Model R is SO CUTE, I just chose basic stock colors but even with those the customization is exactly what I wanted. It's also POWERFUL! It can overpower hub's bike 😆 (I chose the 7-speed) and I am also becoming a pretty confident believer in the tires. Looking forward to many adventures!
Lara Grant
Lara G.
05:57 17 May 21
I purchased my first E bike over 3 years ago it is one of the best purchases ever. Living in a coastal community the wind was always a factor on when and where I could ride now I am able to ride anytime anywhere' . My ebike has performed perfectly. I liked mine so much that I have now purchased one for my wife who loves hers as much as I do . Quality product great value highly recommended !!
Jim Dixon
Jim D.
17:34 12 May 21
We LOVE our R Model bikes. Have put over 800 miles on since December. Ride it almost every day. Service is outstanding too. Perfect fit for my husband with knee issues. Has changed our lives during COVID
Terry Jetmore
Terry J.
19:52 11 May 21
The perfect bike for everyday ride. I suggest getting the suspension because it makes the ride so much smoother. When i placed the order they said it could take up to three months, but bike was ready in less than four weeks.
Theresa .Smith
Theresa ..
03:17 11 May 21
Fell in love with the E-Bike after our neighbor purchased two. Looking forward to our first ride.♥️
Rodger Bawgus
Rodger B.
18:11 07 May 21
They are great electric bikes! We have several of them!
16:27 07 May 21
The best way to see things.. Riding a EBC bike.. Meeting new friends and riding with old friends has been the best.
Debbie Wilbur
Debbie W.
14:13 07 May 21


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