Phenomenal product, and excellent customer service. Loving my new EBC bike!
Cory Spurlock
Cory S.
19:21 06 Mar 21
The Electric Bike Company has been great so far. They delivered our 2 custom bikes in half of the promised time. We were very surprised when we got the call 3 weeks ago they were ready! In the last 3 weeks we have put almost 250 miles on our bike and have loved every moment. Just excited for summer! Thank you EBC, buying from you has been our best decision.
Vanessa Burris
Vanessa B.
17:16 05 Mar 21
The Electric Bike Company has the best customer service. So many companies do not have this business philosophy any more. I have not received my bike yet but the reviews I have read about them have been so positive, that's why I ordered from them vs another company. I do recommend the Electric Bike Company. They have a wide selection of bikes and accessories to choose from.
Melinda Avila
Melinda A.
16:49 05 Mar 21
Made in the USA and custom to your order which is cool. The warranty is pretty nice too. Only thing i wish was a bit less expensive was replacement batteries, at $400 i feel that's a bit steep.
Andrew La Douceur
Andrew La D.
00:38 04 Mar 21
These ebikes are a dream! They arrive fully assembled and ready to roll. We added the 7 speed for more options. The power to make it big hills is a gift due to my bad knees. I can use the preset levels or override with the throttle control. I can now go to parts of trails I'd never be able to get there and back. Very nicely built.
Vaune Bulgarelli-Beckmann
Vaune B.
20:09 03 Mar 21
I live in Florida and my wife and I always looked at electric bikes and bought a cheap bike. Loved the idea but hated the quality. So after months of research I pitched a bike for ebc. Wow is all I can say. I upgraded my battery but when I received the bike wrong battery. I called and they sent me the correct one right away. They were great to deal with. So then I bought my wife an ebc bike also.Love their how to videos also
Tom Nelson
Tom N.
19:36 03 Mar 21
After several months of reading electric bike reviews, magazine articles and asking current e-bike owners lots of questions we finally settled on two Model X bikes with some upgrades from the Electric Bike Company in Newport Beach. The product quality, customer service and price point make this a perfect purchase for us. We set out from San Diego hoping to buy a couple of quality entry level retro-style e-cruisers; what we got goes well beyond our original expectations. We took home two beautiful high-quality and styling bikes at an entry level price. We absolutely could not be happier with our decision to go with the Electric Bike Company. In the two weeks since our purchase we’ve cruised from our coastal San Diego home to the Gaslamp, Balboa Park, North Park, Mission Hills, Old Town and Liberty Station and back. Comfortable cruising that can tackle any hill. These bikes are everything we could have asked for and more at such a great price! Unbelievable! Many thanks to the crew at the Newport show room for unparalleled service. I recommend this American built Electric Bike Company to anyone like me who’s looking for a top quality customizable e-bike at a great price.
Judson Smith
Judson S.
05:26 03 Mar 21
We have recently purchased two Electric Bicycles and are having the BEST time cruising around town. It’s been especially fun exploring new areas that were just a little too far to take our beach cruisers. Thank you to the most helpful staff and owners at Electric Bike! We are encouraging all our friends to join us...😊
Julie rutter
Julie R.
00:52 02 Mar 21
WOW! I can’t say that enough! I ordered a model R, there are not enough words to properly describe just how great this bike is. I decided to pick up my new bike when it was ready since it’s not too far (65 miles) from my home. Everyone I ran into was super nice, and I could tell they all love working there, and dare I say believe in their product. I received a great unhurried tutorial on all the features of the bike. Now on to the bike; so much fun, stable, quiet, and powerful. I’ve been on 6 rides as of this review, at over 20 miles each ride. Great range, great power. I can’t get the smile off my face. Riding on the bike paths I can pass anyone at will. Hills, winds, HA HA, there is no such thing. If I had to do it all over again, I’d do it in a heartbeat. Thanks to everyone one at the factory and the showrooms. Love it, love it, LOVE IT!! btw, I’m a 61 year old man, slightly over weight, with some medical issues; this makes me feel young again. I don’t need to overexert myself, to get out, get fresh air and exercise.
22:40 28 Feb 21
Love Model Y from EBC. It is great to get out and discover new places here in Palm Springs. Very comfortable bicycle and great value for the $.
Janet Hardie
Janet H.
21:18 28 Feb 21
I received my bike two weeks ago ahead of the estimated shipping date by at least two weeks. It came fully assembled as promised and I am impressed with the quality. I especially like the bigger tires and suspension on it as I will be doing a lot of riding on hilly pastures and fields. The thumb throttle is very nice to for giving an extra boost when needed on a hill. I got the 7 speed model and I found the shifting to be easy and smooth. I would recommend this bike because I feel it is a great value for the price.
tom schmiedlin
tom S.
01:23 28 Feb 21
I received my bike two weeks ago. It was shipped ahead of schedule which was a pleasant surprise. The description was very accurate. Everything was as described. I am impressed with the quality. I made a mistake in ordering a kickstand which I did not need - I didn't realize the bike came with a kickstand. Customer service was very nice and I was able to return it for a refund. I took the bike for a test ride as soon as the weather cooperated. It is easy to get accustomed to and I really like how you can adjust the seat and handlebars for a perfect fit. The motor seems strong and does a great job assisting me up a fairly steep hill. I love the fat tires. It's a good feature for riding in fields and pastures. So far, I am very satisfied. I think I got a lot of value for what I paid for the bike.
Robi Schmiedlin
Robi S.
01:13 28 Feb 21
Great service and great ebike. I got the model R and enjoy it.Cheers
05:47 27 Feb 21
We are extremely happy with our EBC bikes and the EBC company. Since we are first time electric bike shoppers and due to our income, We did a lot of researching And comparison in the electric bike market.We Chose EBC for the high-quality at a great value and the best Battery and motor warranty as well as unbelievable customer service. Blake, Shannon and Noah, At the Huntington Beach show room, Spend a lot of time with us explaining the quality of their product as well as helping us design and color coordinate our bikes, As well as letting Judy and I and anyone who visits the Huntington Beach show room ride down the river bed a couple of miles to test ride any of their bikes. All in all due to their quality, comfort, warranties and service Judy and I will be enjoying their bikes for a long time ...❤️ Disneyland cast members Greg and Judy ❤️
Greg Galindo
Greg G.
17:36 25 Feb 21
Ordered 2 Model X's over the phone on 1/5 and received them as ordered in Florida on Monday 2/8. We ordered the bikes based on the excellent online reviews / road tests without ever seeing or riding one.When we received the bikes we were not disappointed, these things are amazing and they exceeded our expectations!I highly recommend getting one if you want a bike that does not look an electric bike, you want something custom, and don't want to spend a small fortune.Worth the wait!
David Levin
David L.
01:47 25 Feb 21
In use Spring, Summer, and Fall of 2020, I could not be happier with these eye-catching, thoughtfully crafted bikes. Wiring and cables are neatly tucked away giving the the mechanical components a clean look and feel. The step-thru design adds stability when stopped and is very helpful with these 50+ pound bikes. We had the bikes built with added suspension to both our seats and front forks, making for a sturdy comfortable ride. Disc brakes will stop on a dime- and give you nine cents change. As for power, we live in the hill-towns of western New York, and wasn't sure if we could climb some of the hills around us. Not only did these bikes power us up the hills, the battery wasn't drained while doing so. I'm guesstimating battery life of about 40-50 miles per charge, again keeping in mind our hills and landscape, while using peddle assist. I dreaded changing a flat on the rear tire, but the helpful YouTube videos put out by EBC walked me thru the process.My experience has shown me that EBC is a team effort off truly caring individuals. These bikes are an investment, no doubt. I am so glad I purchased using Electric Bike Company.Enjoy-
Rob Spring
Rob S.
13:44 24 Feb 21
Purchased a bike on Jan 20th. Expecting it by March 17th and EBC has been providing fantastic support! Can wait to get it!!
CarolLee Lilly
CarolLee L.
20:36 23 Feb 21
We purchased two ebikes from the Newport store. The staff was very friendly and answered all of our questions. We can’t wait to pick up our bikes and enjoy them!
Rosa Vasquez
Rosa V.
17:45 20 Feb 21
We love our EBikes! Did a lot of homework before purchasing and very pleased with working with the Electric Bike Company! Exercise made easy and fun for a couple of seniors 🙂
Debbie Schultz
Debbie S.
21:32 19 Feb 21
We Love our EBikes ! Did a lot of homework before purchasing and very pleased with working with the Electric Bike Company ! Exercise made easy and fun for a couple senior citizens !
Debster S
Debster S
21:28 19 Feb 21
Amazing experience from our selection process to the seamless delivery to the first ride down Anna Maria Island! The throttle gave me confidence on the narrow bridge lanes and with pedal assist off I got an amazing workout! The seat is uber comfy and the brake system is unparalleled for precise braking in urgent situations. Love it 100%!
Cait Kelly
Cait K.
18:48 19 Feb 21
I wanted to give a two thumbs up to The Electric Bike Co in Newport Beach and Shannon in particular.I was about to buy an inferior bike from one of their competitors for my wife and contacted Shannon to learn more about their bike. Long story short I purchased a model Y for my wife and we couldn’t be happier. Not only is the bike head and shoulders better than what we were considering from their competitor but the warranty on the bike, battery and motor are phenomenal.Thanks again for the great bike and service. Walter Reece.
TeamQuest Staffing
TeamQuest S.
18:32 19 Feb 21
My husband and I had an amazing experience ordering my bike at The Electric Bike Co.Shannon was so helpful and friendly. We know we are getting the best bike for our money, as we did a lot of research and I got the most beautiful beach cruiser on the road. I love it!! My friends are so jealous!!Now I can finally keep up with my husband on his street bike.
Wendy Senour
Wendy S.
14:55 19 Feb 21
Proud 1 week owner of a Model R. Customer service has been exceptional but most all...this bike is F......FUN!!! Thoroughly impressed with the quality parts and thoughtful design and apparently so are others...this bike turns heads! Can't wait to for many adventures to come!
Srfctyblnd HB
Srfctyblnd H.
04:48 19 Feb 21
We purchased 2 Model R’s and absolutely LOVE them. Its opened up a whole new opportunity for us to get about in our many bike paths and trails. The quality of these bikes is unparalleled and we would without any reservations, recommend them to anyone!
Barbara Boda
Barbara B.
14:59 18 Feb 21
Bought 2 Model R’s this fall. Met all of our expectations and more. Got the lager battery, well worth it. Took it on a one month RV trip and was a perfect companion. I would also recommend the basket and rear rack.
Jack Rose
Jack R.
22:51 16 Feb 21
We looked at so many Electric Bikes and by far this company was the most helpful. I completely recommend you go and rent an e-bike from them before purchasing. They have several kinds to choose from and you need one that’s a good fit for you. Their bikes are made here, not in China and have a good warranty. The staff is very helpful and will guide you through the whole process. There’s no doubt they are the best! It’s an investment and you won’t be disappointed. We bought two R’s and love them ❤️
Maria Dicken
Maria D.
20:06 15 Feb 21
Awesome beach cruiser!! I did a lot of research before choosing an electric bike. I watched YouTube reviews and settled on The Electric Bike Company. The parts they use are high quality and the customer support has a quick response time and is very helpful. I highly recommend using them. I’m going to buy the suspension seat post next. I purchased the model Y. The only thing I wish I had been recommended was the suspension forks as an upgrade which would have made the ride even smoother. So that’s my recommendation. Hope you enjoy yours as much as I do!
Amy Dunn
Amy D.
05:41 15 Feb 21
This is the best bike I ever had. I moved from Maui to Arizona in 2014 with my mountain bike so hilly here it was hard getting back home. Once I got this beautiful E=Bike my hole world of biking chanced and I was back riding a bike again. I ride it 10.5 mile one way to the pickleball courts at the north in of town (DSP) a lot of hills to get there and back. It gets me there with no issues it is wonderful. I have put over 250 miles on it in a few months. I got two one for myself and one for my wife as well. I made a mistake she is only 5'2" and hers is a walk through both C models, it is to tall for her it only has 50 miles and she will not ride it anymore she is to afraid to ride it. Trying to work a deal out with EBC for an exchange no luck yet. She needs the mini just a heads up for anyone wanting for a shorter person other then that these are wonderful bikes you will Love.Denis
Denis Lavoie
Denis L.
16:13 13 Feb 21
What a joy it has been riding our EBC Bikes. My wife and I ordered last summer and received them in October. We didn’t get to enjoy them long as the Michigan winters are long. But it is amazing how fun these bikes are. The quality is beyond exceptional. I ordered the Model C and my wife ordered the Model S. We have been stopped many times by people wondering what kind of bikes these are. Our bikes are very powerful, with a long battery life, with a beautiful industrial looking design. I recommend to anyone looking for a high quality bike that is incredibly fun. You do get what you pay for. While not outrageously expensive, they are little pricier than some other bikes - especially when you add in options. Once you get your bike(s) and ride them, you know you have an exceptional, fun ride.
Dan Millar
Dan M.
23:56 10 Feb 21
Love my bike. Much higher quality then the other ones you can get in this price range. Took longer to receive... but it was worth it for the quality and customizations.
Kristina Quick
Kristina Q.
18:00 10 Feb 21
My husband and I went to test ride these bikes. They are awesome to ride! Super comfortable and easy to use. They can paint them any color you want, in any color combo you can dream off, but there recommeded colors are pretty great as well! The only hesitation we had was how heavy the bikes were and we'd need to get an e-bike rated bike trailer to transport 2 of them. This was our first experience trying e-bikes and I think we're hooked!
Kimara Solomon
Kimara S.
18:11 08 Feb 21
I purchased my wife's bike from Electric Bike recently. She loves the bike and is planning to purchase another one for her mother.
allen passaquindici
allen P.
16:24 08 Feb 21
I'm crazy about my new Ebike. She's beautiful, dependable and a joy to ride. I'm so glad I picked your company for my purchase. Helpful staff, goes the extra mile. Thank you!
Rhonda Marin Ruff
Rhonda Marin R.
17:10 07 Feb 21
My Wife and I bought our bikes 4 months ago. They are the most comfortable bikes we’ve ever owned. Blake, Kristen and the rest of the staff at EBC are the best. The customer support is the awesome even after you leave with your bikes
Matt's Lovelace
Matt's L.
17:39 06 Feb 21
We are loving our electric company bikes! At our age (mid 70s and early 80s) it helps to know hills will not stop us, and the throttle to get started is smooth!
Linda Nelson
Linda N.
19:43 05 Feb 21
Pretty fun ride. I've been riding my Model R almost every day for the last 3 weeks since I got it. It has nice power, still need to pedal for hills (but it feels like you are pedaling on flat surface with the motor assist). Get lots of compliments, bike looks great, feels great overall. Battery does run out pretty quick if you live in a hilly area or are blasting around on level 5 like I do (about 20 miles or so with the 14 Ah). Speed is great, constantly going up hills at 20 mph+ which is crazy when you go past someone struggling with 21+ gears to go up the same hill. Brakes feel and work GREAT!! Pulls my baby around in bike trailer with ease! I would buy again for sure!
Damien Micallef
Damien M.
00:34 05 Feb 21
I bought the Model S and love the bike. I have ridden it for 50 hours and 600 miles. It allows me to exercise and have fun simultaneously. I ride it at a low pedal assist number to get the exercise along the Huntington Beach Bike path daily. With the winds I need the pedal assist for the headwinds on the return trip. I go about 24 miles daily from Huntington Beach to Newport Beach. Great for me mentally and physically. I highly recommend the electric bike company Model S. I bought the step through model because I have a bad hip and that works out great.
Ira Poltorak
Ira P.
23:46 04 Feb 21
Extremely happy with the fast build, customer service and quality of the bike. I generally don't write reviews but want to let people know that they bend over backwards to help their customers. The bike is awesome!!! Thank you!
K Schwandt
K S.
04:02 04 Feb 21
We are amazed with these bike. As first time purchasers we were a little anxious about our purchase. Electric Bike Company exceeded all are expectations. First, ordering our custom bikes on their website was easy, even for an old man! Second, the way they are shipped is amazing. They arrived in Georgia with no damage and within minutes we had them both ready to ride. Finally, we are so glad we purchased these electric bikes. My wife and I can ride bikes again without worrying about hills or getting tired. They also look like "real" bikes. Already getting positive comments about them in our retirement community. I definitely would recommend Electric Bike Company to anyone that expects good a quality built bike with an exceptional ride.
J D Shoemaker
J D S.
22:13 03 Feb 21
Great bikes. High quality and a blast to ride!
Brad Haney
Brad H.
19:50 03 Feb 21
Went to the shop to pick out my bike and color scheme. Staff is very friendly and super helpful. So many options and colors to choose from to make that bike yours. Can’t wait to get mine
02:32 02 Feb 21
...they stand behind their product...corrected my concerns...over 2000 miles on bike...Sean....Thank you...I'll send you everybody that asks..✌
Mike Zimmerman
Mike Z.
00:18 02 Feb 21
This is my second Ebike. We sold our first ones to purchase the Y from Electric Bike Company. It far exceeded my expectations. I love it!!!!
Josie Snijdewind
Josie S.
22:26 01 Feb 21
Just purchased our first electric bike. Enjoying the ride very much. Makes going into the FL winds easier. Looking forward to the PA hills this Summer.
Charles Stambaugh
Charles S.
23:27 29 Jan 21
All around great experience. We researched eBikes for months. We compared all the big name brands of traditional bikes (very expensive) and the multitude of on-line eBike options. After hundreds of articles and reviews, we decided on the Electric Bike Company Model "R." The order process was clear and downright fun. The pricing was competitive, especially given the fact they are designed and assembled in Newport Beach (extremely high end community). The bike arrived and was ready to ride in minutes. The bike is truly beautiful. It looks like a work of art and the fit and finish seem very nice.
23:19 29 Jan 21
In doing research before purchasing an electric bike the Electric Bike Company appealed to me. They are assembled in the USA with quality parts. The attention to detail, stainless steel nuts, bolts and washer to prevent rust, demonstrated that their design and build would yield a product that would last. If you are looking at an eBike pay careful attention to the brakes. EBC uses disc brakes and they are hydraulic similar to those on motor cycles. These provide excellent control and stopping ability, a requirement I feel for a powered bike. The bikes comes assembled, tested and ready to ride. My Model C (Classic) has a fantastic suspension package that delivers a smooth ride. I think my eBike is beautiful!
Michael Neeley
Michael N.
21:14 28 Jan 21
Wow! What an awesome bike, well made, stylish and customizable! Powerful, fun and oh so classy!
stephanie cisneros
stephanie C.
04:13 28 Jan 21
After test riding two Electric Bike Company ebikes at our local bicycle store, we fell in love with the product. My wife received her model Y just before Christmas and loves the bike. Her quote, “Riding a bicycle is fun again”. I’m still waiting for my model R, due to adding custom paint. We’re both looking forward to getting out on our new ebikes and experiencing the fun of riding. Electric Bike Company has built a quality product that will last us many years. We recommend you test ride one today. You’ll be hooked once you do. Thank you Electric Bike Company for offering such a fantastic product.
18:22 27 Jan 21
My boyfriend got his bike a couple months ago. It’s too big for me but i am so excited to get my model s soon. These are awesome bikes!!! Very well made and top of the line!
Jennifer Simmons
Jennifer S.
18:10 27 Jan 21


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