I couldn't believe I got my Model S so quickly. Being a Snowbird from Wisconsin and living in Florida, I ordered on April 14 thinking the lead time was 8 weeks. So I was having it shipped to Wisconsin. Then I got notified that it was built in 3 weeks. Working with Tori and James ( EBC ) they had the shipment redirect from Wisconsin to Florida. The Bike arrived on May 14. Love it. Put on over 50 miles in the first 3 days. Nice Ride.
Ken French
Ken F.
15:18 18 May 21
Just received by Model S on Friday. Love Love Love it! It was built in 3 weeks instead of the 6-8 weeks we were told when we placed the order. James and Tori were so awesome following up on the shipment to have it routed to my winter address. Every time I have called (I had many questions before ordering) the EBC staff was very helpful. Best customer service I have received in a long time. I would definitely recommend the Electric Bike Company to everyone I know. My neighbors call my bike the Porsche of electric bikes! And they love the beach cruiser look!
Loriann French
Loriann F.
15:06 18 May 21
My wife and I purchased our bikes early 2020 and received them in February. They were way more than we expected. We recently rode with family in Yosemite Valley and were able to see more of the valley that was inaccessible due to terrain. Now these bikes were not designed for motocross or all terrain but it took everything Yosemite had to offer from roadway to dirt trail with no problem. Very enjoyable to ride and performance was as advertised. We rode 40 miles one the original charge and still had power for the week.Bikes are the best money I have spent in a long time. No disappointments. Thank you EBC👍
Chris Castro
Chris C.
05:56 18 May 21
We accepted delivery of two Model R's after patiently waiting for 7 weeks. Boy, were they worth the wait! The out-of-box experience was great. They were expertly packed and so very simple to set up (just attach the handlebar). One is standard red and the other was a green color called "Greenery". Both are beautiful and really stand out. Our first ride was 17 miles and people kept looking at us weird because we were laughing and smiling so much. These bikes are a joy to ride! We love the upright posture of the cruiser style, and the optional shock absorber on the seat post made bumps disappear. We picked up some food and put it in the front basket (another smart option) and rode to a park to eat. There were lots of bikes in the park, but ours are unique. We like that you can set the assistance level depending on how hard you feel like pedaling. Setting #2 takes the edge off but still keeps you engaged with pedaling. Setting #5 turns on the booster rockets. We mostly used #2, but the best part is that the throttle is just a thumb away to easily get you up the hills that are part of every ride. When we finished the ride we agreed that this was one of the best purchases we have made in a long time. We would do it again and buy from EBC in a heartbeat.
22:51 17 May 21
We love our bikes! They work great in the hills and have great range. Highly recommend these bikes!!
Mike Handfield
Mike H.
18:54 17 May 21
I customized the Model X and I honestly love this bike. This isn't my first e-bike, as last year I ordered a Juiced Bike (Hyperscorpion) that was subsequently stolen. Having tried both out, this is by far my preferred model. The seat is very comfortable even though I went with the stock version, the bike is light and maneuverable for an e-bike, and it does great even on Seattle's hills. I did add a fork suspension, which helps on the potholes and other bumps of riding around the city, and upgraded the battery to the more middling option. The battery hasn't even dropped down one bar after several short (2-8 miles) rides around the city. This bike is a bit longer than the Juiced model, but thanks to the lower weight I'm able to maneuver it into our apartment elevator. Highly recommend this bike for city excursions!
Caryn Livingston
Caryn L.
18:44 17 May 21
I had no idea that an electric bike could be so amazing until I hopped onto the seat of an Electric Bike Company Bicycle! It's as solid as a rock! Responds quicker than you can think and gives the ride you've dreamed of! My only regret? Not buying this Model S sooner!!!
Robin Rowland
Robin R.
18:24 17 May 21
My husband and I had originally got matching "fat" ebikes from a different brand last November, but I returned mine immediately because I realized it just wasn't for me. I didn't like the seat, the handlebars, etc. Anyway, I spent a few months researching and finally decided on EBC. So glad I did! Even though it ended up being twice the cost, heh. My Model R is SO CUTE, I just chose basic stock colors but even with those the customization is exactly what I wanted. It's also POWERFUL! It can overpower hub's bike 😆 (I chose the 7-speed) and I am also becoming a pretty confident believer in the tires. Looking forward to many adventures!
Lara Grant
Lara G.
05:57 17 May 21
Been following this company and their bikes for awhile. Just ordered one for my wife today. Their stock bike is fantastic! I've done the research, and this bike is exactly what you want and need. And they look so darn cool! Hats to a well-designed and nice looking bike.
Karl Drews
Karl D.
22:58 14 May 21
I purchased my first E bike over 3 years ago it is one of the best purchases ever. Living in a coastal community the wind was always a factor on when and where I could ride now I am able to ride anytime anywhere' . My ebike has performed perfectly. I liked mine so much that I have now purchased one for my wife who loves hers as much as I do . Quality product great value highly recommended !!
Jim Dixon
Jim D.
17:34 12 May 21
We LOVE our R Model bikes. Have put over 800 miles on since December. Ride it almost every day. Service is outstanding too. Perfect fit for my husband with knee issues. Has changed our lives during COVID
Terry Jetmore
Terry J.
19:52 11 May 21
The perfect bike for everyday ride. I suggest getting the suspension because it makes the ride so much smoother. When i placed the order they said it could take up to three months, but bike was ready in less than four weeks.
Theresa .Smith
Theresa ..
03:17 11 May 21
Custom bikes, quality options, beautiful products!Cannot wait to cruise on my custom new E-bike from Electric Bike Company.
Angela gentry
Angela G.
20:28 07 May 21
Fell in love with the E-Bike after our neighbor purchased two. Looking forward to our first ride.♥️
Rodger Bawgus
Rodger B.
18:11 07 May 21
They are great electric bikes! We have several of them!
16:27 07 May 21
The best way to see things.. Riding a EBC bike.. Meeting new friends and riding with old friends has been the best.
Debbie Wilbur
Debbie W.
14:13 07 May 21
I am very excited to receive my custom bike from the Huntington Beach store. Bella was amazing on helping me design the bike of my dreams. I am having custom painted by their graphic designer. I can’t wait to see what it actually looks like. The design process and everybody was so friendly and helpful. Would definitely recommend them.Angeni
angeni johnson
angeni J.
19:28 05 May 21
I love my EBC bike! On my first ride, a car pulled over and the driver asked "where did you get that bike?!". That's how gorgeous the bike is. It's comfortable - nice cushy seat and wide handlebars - and rides smoothly with the suspension in the seat and handlebars. I live in a very hilly area and the pedal assist and sometimes the amazing throttle help me tremendously. I'm no longer worried about riding my bike to my studio in the next town (many hills), spending hours there, then too tired to ride my bike home because I have my EBC bike. I love it and highly recommend it.
mary beth smith
mary beth S.
14:09 05 May 21
EBC has a great staff and great bikes. Test drove a couple models really loved the Model R. Super easy to order and customize to your specs. Buy with confidence at EBC you will not be disappointed.
Mike Davis
Mike D.
17:12 02 May 21
Professional, and helpful staffs
Anisha nguyen
Anisha N.
22:13 30 Apr 21
I absolutely love my E bike. Smooth ride, comfortable seat, easy to recharge, and well-built. Well worth the money spent.
Denise Bodine
Denise B.
20:27 30 Apr 21
The people who work at the Electric Bike are excellent customer service employees!I love my bike and whenever another bike rider tells me how much they like my bike, I tell them where to buy it 🙂
Jennifer Jacques
Jennifer J.
23:58 28 Apr 21
Great bikes. Friendly staff. I checked out 3 or 4 other places before buying. Decided to go Electric Bike Co. and am happy with the choice.
Zinc Chromate
Zinc C.
17:48 28 Apr 21
This bike has exceeded my expectations by far! It is extremely well-built and SO MUCH FUN! I originally ordered a model X, but after I received it I realized I should've gotten a model Y. EBC allowed me to exchange (for what I felt was a modest shipping fee), and I couldn't be happier. EBC customer service is outstanding - an especially grateful shoutout to Tori, who was such a pleasure to work with, and a huge help. And the ability to customize the bike made the whole experience even more fun. If you are even thinking about an electric bike - GO FOR IT! And get an EBC bike!
Debi Wray
Debi W.
16:10 28 Apr 21
Our E bikes have put the fun and enjoyment back into biking PA scenic trails. Electric Bike Company bikes are very well build and glide along roadway and trails.
Diana Mack
Diana M.
12:58 28 Apr 21
Ordered two e-bikes and gave complicated instructions to get them shipped to Canada without the excessive shipping charges. They nailed it! And what a fabulous shipping job! Literally shipped across the whole continent and had zero issues. Heartily recommend dealing with this company!
23:32 27 Apr 21
Was looking for a step through bike made in the USA for a petite (5’00”) female, and this checked all the boxes. Super easy ordering process, with fun colors and options for a totally customizable bike. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff as well. Called the store today to inquire about the MIK system, and they were easily able to add this on to my bike. Can’t wait to get riding!
Tara Murray
Tara M.
18:33 26 Apr 21
Just another boring day in western Colorado on our EBC Model S bikes! We love them! Everywhere we go, folks want us to stop so they can look at them. The people at EBC are the best! We researched a lot of bikes and these have to be some of the best you could buy, at any price. Don't overlook customer service when considering a purchase.
Steven Traudt
Steven T.
23:55 23 Apr 21
Picked up our EBC bikes yesterday and are THRILLED and very EXCITED to begin our new journey! The bikes ride phenomenally and are even better than expected! Ride On and Ride Safe 👍🏼
Anthony Oliver
Anthony O.
16:26 23 Apr 21
I ordered a custom model R in February 2021. I got my bike in 10 weeks. (Would’ve been 8 if the shippers hadn’t damaged the first one) There were a couple of issues along the way that were not the fault of EBC in any way. They went above and beyond (literally) in customer service multiple times and to make up for the long wait. Their team has blown me away. Everyone I’ve spoken to has been so helpful and patient! I’m so happy I chose to purchase an ebike from Electric Bike Company!! My bike is stunning and a blast to ride! Now if the weather will cooperate!!
theresa featherston
theresa F.
14:18 22 Apr 21
I truly love my new Model R E-Bike. I was excited to try an electric bike when my family visited my son in CA a few years ago - and I loved the experience. Much to my surprise my family gave me the gift of an e-bike of my choice for Christmas. I did a lot of research not knowing much about E Bikes, and decided to check out the Model R from Electric Bike Company. My experience with Bill Quinn of NJ sealed the deal. He was knowledge, personable, friendly, and he allowed me to test drive the bike. He remained in touch with me throughout the whole process, to be sure we were in the loop every step of the way. Love having the pedal assist as well as the throttle, especially for the hilly area I live in. I enjoyed getting some exercise, and did not need to over exert myself. And the bike is truly a beauty. I highly recommend this bike for anyone interested in an elevated and fun bike riding experience...and Bill Quinn is one to contact!
Karen Swanson
Karen S.
00:20 21 Apr 21
Great staff, mechanics, and service. Personable, and knowledgeable the customer support is extremely friendly and helpful. I give Electric Bike Company two thumbs up.
Hal Morris
Hal M.
20:06 19 Apr 21
I have been looking at various Bike companies and have decided to buy the Model C. I welcome the fact that this Link will help me fund it with a $25 rebate on my Purchase of the Model C. I am excited to get it.
Gary Horntvedt
Gary H.
21:41 15 Apr 21
My husband and I purchased Model R bikes and couldn't be happier with our decision. They are very well built and I really love my saddlebags! Great customer service as well!! A+
Jennifer griffith
Jennifer G.
19:00 14 Apr 21
We purchased two Model R's and we absolutely love them. We were a little hesitant spending money on a bike that would take 6-8 weeks to build, but really glad we did. The quality of the bike is so good and their customer support is everything I heard about and more. I wasn't the easiest customer to deal with and they were fantastic. We highly recommend EBC Bikes!
J Griffith
J G.
18:52 14 Apr 21
Just received my Model R. Like advertised it came complete and with a little effort straitening the handle bars and charging battery made it ready to ride.
Darrell Beaver
Darrell B.
23:38 12 Apr 21
Excited to be riding our electric bikes along the SoCal beaches. The buying process was fun and interactive and the staff extremely helpful throughout.
John Parker
John P.
16:27 10 Apr 21
I bought my wife a fully customized Model S. It’s an awesome bike with excellent quality. The staff at the shop is outstanding. We got to test ride almost every model until we found the perfect one. They were knowledgeable and patient.The bike is so smooth, fast, and very comfortable! She loves it!!!
bryan binney
bryan B.
04:37 10 Apr 21
Everything was great!!! - super helpful and loved that we could build the bike online their website and see it before purchasing.
Robin West
Robin W.
20:36 09 Apr 21
I purchased purchased the model S for my wonderful wife. I have owned one the early models of e-bikes form a competitor and I still love it. My wife loved her standard pedal beach cruiser and we road them often on the Newport and Huntington beaches. We are both very fit and I rarely used the electric power, but it sure was nice knowing I had it. Plus, I felt it was unfair to my lovely wife when she did not have the luxury of e-power.One day last October 2020, I saw a man riding an EBC model Y beach cruiser. I didn't know what it was until the man started telling me about his bike because I inquired. He was very proud of it and told me about all the features and where I could get one. I was hooked and immediately went to the ECB website for more info. The next day I was down at the Newport ECB store because I wanted to get one these e-bikes for my wife and surprise her on Christmas. Back in October, the build time for the bike I wanted (Model S) would take nearly 9 weeks with a delivery date just before Christmas. I put all the bells and whistles on it too. Custom white paint, pink painted rims, battery box and inner basket with silver trim. 7 speed gears, shock absorbing forks and seat post, brown leather seat, grips and brown white wall tires.On December 23rd, I got the call, "come get your bike." I drove to Newport to pick it up. I was wowed by its final outcome. It was lovely just like my wife and I couldn't wait to give it to her. I sneaked it home and put it by the tree on Christmas Eve. She too was wowed and could not believe what Santa had brought her. I could not of been more happy about the whole experience in creating this bike with the elves at EBC.It is now April 2021. We ride and have ridden regularly, but now we go for miles because we both have e-power. I cannot tell you how many times we have been stopped and asked about the bike. The ladies especially love the "Barbie" look the bike has with its pink accents on a white frame. We gladly share and tell people where and how to get one. I am a very happy customer because of this purchase and will buy another custom creation from The Electric Bike Company in the near future.Thank You for a Wonderful Bike,Raymond Soto
Raymond Soto
Raymond S.
06:10 08 Apr 21
My husband and I bought ebikes last Christmas, best ever! We ride our bikes every day as much as possible. And where from 30-50 miles a day. That’s how much we love them. We get people asking and staring at our bikes with compliments all the time. Only thing I wish we could buy is womens and men’s tshirts to advertise for the company. Something to think about! Love them!
Brenda Bohling
Brenda B.
02:51 08 Apr 21
Love my new bike!! Fast beautiful and easy to ride. Wish the video tutorials were easier to find. There was no “how to” link or manual. Easy enough to find.
02:25 08 Apr 21
This is 450 mile review. I got the Model S from a dealer in Florida. This is my 2nd E Bike. This bike is everything that it says and more. Very durable and strong. I am 6' 1" 260 lbs, no problems with this bike. My other E bike is junk as far as durability. I highly recommend the Electric Bike com for your next Bike. Its a little more money but worth it.John SLeesburg, Fl.
John Schubert
John S.
00:32 08 Apr 21
What an amazing experience!! I had been researching E-bikes for about a year and a half before pulling the trigger. I can’t tell you how happy I am I chose EBC. I was going to order online but thought I would call and see if there was any benefit order from the store. Well instead of a 4-6week wait after ordering it was a week and a half. Ordered on a Saturday got it the following Tuesday. The showroom is clean and the team members are incredibly helpful and actually seem like they enjoy their work. Garrett helped me. Granted I knew what I wanted and was done with my order in about 3 minutes. Garrett was shocked and said “ I am going to build your bike myself. Thank you for being patient with us today.” (They only had the one actual sales person that day as two had called out sick) sweet. Fast forward to a day before I get my bike. I was like maybe I can use the shipping $199 on accessories or something if I can get it. Talk to someone and she says you are not paying shipping it will be ready tomorrow. Okay that is strange I know I paid shipping. Get home and get the mail and there is a check from EBC for $199. So they had already caught the mistake. COMPANIES DONT DO THAT!!. Got the bike it is awesome. Wife wants one now so will probably be getting another one soon. Thank you all at the Newport Showroom for and awesome and truly enjoyable experience!!
chris keener
chris K.
22:51 07 Apr 21
What a great bike company we own three of their bikes and love them. I would hope everybody gives them a look to see the amazing bikes that they build
Bill Weichert
Bill W.
20:50 07 Apr 21
Did research for 6 mos before pulling the trigger on a model R. Best e-bike for the money by far. See Blake at the HB showroon.GD
Gary Doone
Gary D.
20:28 07 Apr 21
I just ordered my model s and I was very impressed by the customer service provided by ebc. The reps answered all of my questions and ordering was super easy and straight forward. I can’t wait to get my bike fully assembled in the mail. Highly recommend!
Christin Tombolini
Christin T.
18:43 07 Apr 21
I can say enough how these are the best electric bikes out there and it’s not even close!
17:44 07 Apr 21
We had a tremendous experience in ordering our electric bikes from EBC. First, they do not disappoint in the quality and customer service. The bikes also come out together and the only adjustment was to the handlebars. Very ease of use and ready to roll. I’ve never been more pleased with a purchase and the follow up care we have received. I’ve been recommending EBC to anyone interested. Truly quality bikes and service. Happy in Oregon!!
Tiki42 Travels
Tiki42 T.
17:33 07 Apr 21


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