Return Policy

We want you 100% satisfied! If not, then we guarantee a 100% return policy.

We are not satisfied unless you are completely satisfied. After riding and fully experiencing our premium ebikes, if you decide you do not want to keep the bike, then we will arrange return shipping and refund you completely. There is no return fee. You will receive a complete refund. Simply repack the ebike as best you can with the original shipping material and box.

We ask that you give our ebikes a few rides before coming to this conclusion. We believe that we have produced a high quality product that you will love. If you do not, then please let us know, within 30 days. Full refund is not valid after 30 days.

For us to accept the return shipping, the bike needs to be re-packed with the original foam, box, and packaging materials. We will pay for return shipping once we receive the bike and have inspected for damages. A full refund will be issued once the bike has been cleared for any damages. Any damages to the bike will be deducted from the refund amount.

Please email us if you have any questions or want to proceed with the return.