Made in USA (see how we do it) . Bikes Ship Fully Built

Made in USA (see how we do it) . Bikes Ship Fully Built

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Repair, Revitalize, Restore!

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Chipped paint? A scratch here and there? A ding you’d rather not be reminded of? Never fear! We’ve just added touch up paint for our EBC stock-colored bikes to our website. Available in black, red and white, this paint is easy to use and comes in a 0.5-ounce bottle. Simply follow our instructions and restore your E-Bike to its former glory.

Our touch up paints are specially formulated to be used on EBC’s aluminum frames. They take a little longer to dry than standard paints, but they are hard wearing and don’t require a base primer.

How to Repair Chipped EBC Paint

  1. CHECK YOUR BIKE – Small chips won’t ruin your aluminum frames, but before starting, check the frame for structural damage. If unsure contact your local bike retailer.
  2. PREP THE AREA – Cut a piece of fine-grade sandpaper (800 grit and above) into a small square. Wet the paper and lightly sand only the inside of the chip or scratch.
  3. CLEAN THE AREA – On your aluminum frame an alcohol such as Isopropyl Alcohol, will clean away the grease and paint flakes.
  4. PAINTING THE AREA – Build up the paint layers gradually, and be patient! Get a small paint brush and paint a thin layer on to the chip. Allow it to dry and build up the layers gradually. It must dry between applications. You may need to apply up to five layers. Multiple light coats look better and last longer than one heavy coat.
  5. LIGHTLY SAND BACK THE NEW PAINT – Once the paint sits slightly proud of the surrounding area you are now finished with painting. Using the same sandpaper as above, wet the paper again and work slowly in small circular movements on only the paint you have applied. Checking the area to ensure you are not sanding the surrounding area.
  6. POLISH FOR GLOSS PAINT ONLY – When you feel the new paint is flat or flush against the frame, apply a wax polish to the area to bring up the shine with a microfiber towel. If you have a large chip, apply Clear Lacquer after applying and sanding new paint. It will help improve the appearance of the paint if the damage is large.

FOR MATTE PAINT. Do not polish.

PLEASE NOTE: Touch-up paint will never be a perfect fix. For larger repairs, please contact a certified Bicycle or Auto paint specialist or contact EBC customer support for more information. Call (949) 264-4080.

Looking for more awesome EBC customer resources? Check out this page on our website for links to manuals, user videos, charging information, how to register your EBC E-Bike, and much, much more!

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