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Regenerative Braking

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You may have heard a term called regenerative braking passed around by various bike brands, Youtube videos, or by other bike owners, but may not have known the context or the implication of the word. This may have led you to ask the question what is regenerative braking? To put it simply regenerative braking is a mechanism that you can attach to either one of your wheels that helps the rider generate electrical currents that run back to the battery with the kinetic energy that is created through the process of braking.

Why regenerative braking is viewed so positively is because, in theory regenerative braking gives the user the potential to make the duration of the battery life and the ride longer through the utilization of their braking system in comparison to other e-bikes which can only restore it’s battery through charging.

Why we don’t use regenerative braking for our bikes is simply due to the low payoff that they provide to bike users. When using regenerative braking the max output of energy you receive from pedaling is around 2-3 % of your battery’s life, meaning that a lot of energy that is used when riding your bike ends up being wasted as it is destroyed when riding rather than restored back into the bikes battery.  For these reasons we believe that the utility of regenerative braking does not outweigh the cost.

If you would like some more information on the topic regenerative braking watch our Youtube series E-Bike Insights where we explain popular topics and questions that customers want to know. If you would like a particular topic addressed in a future episode comment down below!

 Safe travels & happy riding!

 – EBC Family

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