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Programming Cruise Control on Your Electric Bike

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We are so fortunate to have a vibrant and active community on all of our platforms. Recently, we received an  important question from our Facebook Electric Bike Company Owners Group where they asked, How Do I Enter Into Cruise Control On My E-Bike? Below are the steps required to set your e-bike into cruise along with the video that explains the process. Steps to Put Your Bike Into Cruise Control
  1. Power on your screen by pressing the power button on your controller (center button)
  2. Then quickly after hold down the up and down arrows  to enter into parameter setting [the screen will start blinking meaning you are now able to change settings]
  3. Toggle through the settings by pressing down on the power button. Keep toggling until you reach the screen that has the C- 7 variable
  4. Keep pressing the power button until everything on the screen stops blinking [which is around 3 taps on your power button]
  5. After the screen stops blinking hold down the up and down arrow buttons again. This will call up on the screen P1 100.
  6. Keep pressing down the  power button to toggle through the P1-P5 features. Once you hit the P5, your entire screen will start blinking. Hit the power button one more time to stop the blinking
  7. You are now able to enter into the C settings. To do so, hold down the up and down arrows once again to enter into the C parameters
  8. In the C parameters you will see the screen read C1 02 . To go to cruise control the screen needs to read C7. Toggle through the settings by pressing the power button 6 times until you see C7 appear on your screen
  9. Once you reach C7 you will see the factories value set to 0, in order to enter into cruise control change the value to 1. To do this press the power button to change the value to 1.
  10. Once the value has been changed to 1 hold down the power button to save the changes and go back to the main screen.

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