Bike Basket Liner Tote Bag



Don’t let your stuff fall out of your Basket when you ride – keep it in a Super Cute Basket Liner instead! It’s a Basket Liner that converts to a Tote Bag when you are off your bike. All handmade from cotton fabrics.

Various Designs:

  • Hawaii Surf Gray
  • Blue Turtles
  • Pineapples – Black
  • Woody – Black
  • Flip Flops – Black
  • Hawaiian Flowers
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  • Basic Measurements are: base is 12” x 10”, sides are 10” wide x 12” tall, and front & back panels are 17” wide x 12” tall
  • The matching straps make it an easy tote bag when off your bike.
  • The inside features a small pocket to protect smaller items like a phone or purse.
  • Key chain to attachment for your keys
  • All bags are adjustable with elastic to cinch around a basket rim and fit most standard bike baskets.
  • Spot clean or machine wash gentle cycle – air dry.