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Power Up with an Extra Battery

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Knowledge is power… and if you’re an EBC electric bike owner, you might not know that you can add an extra battery to your E-Bike. Cleverly housed at the bottom of our stylish front basket, this additional power pack allows you to ride further, for longer.

Currently available to owners who can bring their E-Bike to our Newport Beach factory for the upgrade, we have two options for adding an in-basket battery to your E-Bike.

  1. 5 Ah in-basket battery, $599 plus tax – additional range of up to 55 miles
  2. 21 Ah in-basket battery, $799 plus tax – additional range of up to 110 miles

Please note: not currently available for out of state customers.

Positive Power

The extra battery is tucked securely away under a solid protective plate at the bottom of the basket and still allows you to transport up to 50 pounds in your basket. We only use certified, internationally approved Lithium-Ion batteries that are safe, reliable and have a proven life cycle. We attach the basket securely to your frame to help minimize felt weight.

With an in-basket battery, you’ll have two batteries to charge. The in-basket battery has a charging port on the side of the head tube with its own power switch. Simply keep it switched off until you need it, so the LCD screen can give you an accurate voltage and battery power reading. This will also help give you greater range. 

When you need to charge your in-basket battery, simply pull your E-Bike alongside an outlet, and plug it in. It’s that easy…

Get Back Up!

In-basket batteries are compatible with all our E-Bikes but if you already have a 21 Ah in-basket battery on your Model Y or Model M, you’re at maximum battery capacity.

If you’ve got questions about how this might work for your model, feel free to start a conversation on our website with the live support agent – or call one of our stores to talk to a customer service agent.

To schedule an appointment to add the in-basket battery to your E-Bike, simply call one of our locations:

  • Electric Bike Company 519 Superior Avenue, Newport Beach Tel: (949)264-4080
  • Electric Bike Company 21501 Brookhurst St, Suite G, Huntington Beach, Tel: (714)594-3321

This model comparison chart provides information on battery options with corresponding range.

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