Made in USA (see how we do it) . Bikes Ship Fully Built

Made in USA (see how we do it) . Bikes Ship Fully Built

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Pleased to MIK You!

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One of the things that makes EBC E-Bikes so popular with our customers is the fact that we let you design your bike, your way… Whether it’s a custom color, our signature EBC wooden fenders and chainguard, or the range of MIK compatible accessories available for our E-Bikes, you can make your E-Bike work well for the way you want to ride.

Today, we’d like to introduce you to the MIK Click System. MIK stands for Mounting Is Key – that might give you some insight into the fact that MIK is a revolutionary system that makes it quick and easy to click anything you want onto your E-Bike’s luggage carrier.  At EBC, our rear racks are MIK compatible – which makes clicking on your chosen accessory a breeze.

Some of the many benefits of MIK accessories are that you can pack what you want for your ride, then unclick your accessory and take it with you to guard against theft. Baskets are perfect for picking essentials up from the market and double bags keep your valuables safely enclosed.


MIKing it Easy

So, how does it work? And what do you need on your EBC E-Bike to be able to take advantage of the security and convenience offered by MIK compatible products?

MIK Adapter Plate – If you have a Model X, Y, M, or R E-Bike, you simply need the EBC rear cargo carrier rack. This rack is already compatible with any product that has the adapter plate installed.

MIK Carrier Plate – If you have a Model C or Model S, or you have a different rear rack, all you need is to install the MIK carrier plate on your rear rack. The carrier plate will make any MIK product compatible with your rear rack.


MIK Compatible Accessories

The Basil Boheme Double Bag (pre-mounted with the MIK adapter plate) is water repellent and comes in vibrant blue with reflective accents in a stylish bohemian print. A great choice for followers of fashion, this double capacity bag has a capacity of up to 35 liters and comes with plenty of user-friendly features to make cycling (and everyday life) a little bit easier.

Take a look at how easy the MIK Basil Boheme Double Bag is to click on and off your E-Bike.


If you need to carry a little less, the Basil Sport Design Trunk Bag is the perfect choice for you. Available in classic grey water repellent polyester, and pre-fitted with the adapter plate, this bag has reflective accents and offers the ability to expand its capacity from 7-15 liters.

Here’s Blake from EBC showing how easy it is to attach and detach the trunk bag.

If a basket is more your style, check out the Basil Cento Rattan Rear Basket or the Basil Buddy Dog Carrier Basket (that also enables you to take your furry best buddy with you on your rides). Both attach and detach easily from the MIK system. Here’s Blake from EBC again to show you how.

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