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Parts Party!

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It was Aristotle who noted “the whole is more than the sum of its parts,” and we completely agree – our awesome EBC bikes use the very best global materials, local bike builders, and the highest quality parts to build the best custom built electric cruisers in the world. But we want you to know that the parts are pretty special too!

Whether you’re looking for specialized electric bike parts to tune up your ride or you want to upgrade features like your chainguard and fenders, you should definitely familiarize yourself with the EBC Parts page.


Our black alloy adjustable stem lets you set your handlebars exactly where you want them. Simply adjust your handlebars and secure with an allen wrench. Also available in silver.

Our 7-Speed Chain Kit comes with a derailleur, freewheel, stainless steel 7-speed chain, shifter, shifter cable, cable housing, housing cap and cable end cap. With a chain life of around 4,500 miles, this chain is anti-rust and anti-scratch.

Want to add a simple chainguard to your E-Bike? Available in white, black and red, our EBC chainguards are made from lightweight steel and are in the style of a cruiser or chopper chainguard.

Perhaps you’re looking for something a little more special – then our signature EBC Wooden Fenders and Chain Guard are worth a second (and third!) look. Often cited as one of the features that gets the most attention when our cruising around, these charming wooden fenders and chain guard are made with a combination of cherry wood and walnut. Combined with our existing stainless (rust resistant)steel hardware, they are easily maintained with a biyearly wipe with car wax to protect against the sun’s UV rays.

“These wooden fenders and chain guard really add a great accent to my EBC bike! They look great, are resilient to weather, and really put that finishing touch on an already great looking bike! (My bike is matte black and they look every better on it than the white bike in the photos!).”

Sasha, EBC Bike Owner

Wanting to make your ride even more comfortable? Then take a look at the variety of seat post options we have available. The Suntour Suspension Seat Post in black or silver, offers small bump compliance of 50 mm to make your ride smoother and more comfortable. Read more about Suntour Suspension seat posts here, or check out another seat post option, the Satori Elegance LT Suspension Seat Post – also available in black and silver.

Need small parts like washers, button head hex drive screws, crank bolts or cable ties? You’ll find them here.

We’ve also got all the wheel parts you need like rim strips, rear and front wheel spokes, hubs, double-walled rims, inner tubes and tires.

Be a Part of a Bigger EBC Community!

If you’re looking for some inspiration, join our EBC Bike Owners group on Facebook. This great community shares lots of E-Biking tips including how to get the most out of your E-Bike, trails to visit, and much more!


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