From $1699

“Alot of focus on detail, and overall durability has gone into these bikes.”
Electric Bike Report


25 mph
1000 watt

max. output


Up to 80 mile

Electric Bike Company site identity

fully built


300 lbs


The Model Y is a classic style electric cruiser, built to order, 100% customizable, and arrives fully built. Awarded top rated E-Cruiser in USA by (Electric Bike Review 2018 / 2019 / 2020).

Colorize, customize, accessorize and stylize until your heart’s content.



Bike Components

Anti-Theft Alarm



10.5Ah In-Basket battery
Lithium-Ion Samsung Cell (5 year warranty*)
* Please see warranty information

Battery charger

3.5 Amp super charger
with Smart charging technology, cooling fan,
aluminum cover & 3 prong charging port for safety


Tektro "Auriga" Hydraulic Disk Brakes
with motor disconnect and 2 piston calipers

Brake Levers

Aluminum alloy comfort grip levers with motor cutoff switch

Brake Pad Material

Organic compound

Brake Rotors

180 mm Stainless steel (front and rear)


Stainless Steel, rust resistant for longevity

Charge Time

3-4 hrs with super charger (included)

Crank Set

56T chainring, 170 mm forged alloy cranks

Drive Train

Direct (single speed) or optional 7 speed


Rigid Steel 1-1/8" fork with threaded steerer tube
Suspension fork with hydraulic lockout and preload adjustment,
turn lockout on at anytime while riding,
80 mm travel, 135 mm hub width, 9 mm quick release


18T cog for medium to hilly terrain


Locking handstitched vegan leather
Aluminium secure ends for non slip
available in Black or Tan


27" wide steel crusier bars


Semi-integrated, 1-1/8" straight steerer tube

LCD Screen

Color display, multi level, compact
user friendly screen with USB outlet


Front and rear safety LED lights,
powered by the battery,
controlled from LCD screen


1000W max output (10 year warranty)


Wellgo aluminium, integrated bearing pedals
with comfort non slip rubber


Double walled, aluminum 2″ ebike rims


Custom, leather,
300 x 300 x 100mm thick, high density foam,
elastomer bumpers for support and comfort
available in Black or Tan

Seat Post

30.4mm x 300mm ridgid aluminum, up to 350lbs
or Suntour suspension (350lbs)


13-gauge stainless steel, rust resistant,
black or silver with brass nipples


Integrated 120 mm, adjustable from 0º-60º


Schwalbe Fat Frank Tire E-Cruiser tire,
available in Black or Brown with White wall,
Optional upgrade; Continental Contact Plus City E50,
puncture resistant, low rolling resistance to save battery power


Thumb throttle for safety on every bike

Geometry & Sizing




675 mm




686 mm




651 mm








684 mm




1221 mm




1896 mm

Recommended Rider Height

5′ – 6’10”

Standover height

Wheel 24″ : 457mm / 26″ : 482mm

Min. rider inseam

Wheel 24″ : 18″ / 26″ : 19″

Max. weight

300 lbs

Bike weight with battery


Video Reviews​

Customer Reviews

I just received my Model R and although I've only had a chance to ride about 20 miles, it has been a blast. I really appreciate the front fork suspension and wider trail type tires. California trails and roads seem to have a lot of bumps 🙁 I've ridden other electrics with road tires and they can slip pretty badly when peddle assist is applied. I was not familiar in using a a throttle button until this bike. When in a lower peddle assist mode and suddenly faced with a steep climb, you just hit the throttle button without having to reduce gears or adjust PAS level. Since this is a heavy bike, the throttle button comes in handy when starting off--especially on an incline. Hop on and give the button a little press.
Robert Alvin
Robert A.
I bought a Model Y for myself and a Model S for my husband. We are in our 70’s and love being able to get out and ride without coming home worn out and exhausted.
Selma Guzman
Selma G.
I originally ordered my Bike from EBC in August. I researched many options to me this was a major purchase. I read about EBC but was unsure about purchasing sight unseen. The deal was done for me when we came from San Diego to their brand new showroom. We were allowed to test drive the various models and were sold. I bought a C and my wife purchased an S. It did take about 8 weeks to completion but worth every minute. We customized our bikes and they were perfect for us. We did not need the geared model we do fine with the hills we ride with the five power settings and throttle. We typically will do a 25 mile ride in comfort. I am 71 and my wife is 63 and we just love our bikes and cruises. So solidly built with the rider in mind. If your looking for a cruiser type bike to do moderate and comfortable rides I do highly recommend. The customer service from the showroom to delivery was excellent. Jeanne kept me informed even though I bugged her incessantly. Excellent company Excellent product..
Mike Franz
Mike F.
After 2 years of looking at different e bikes and comparing features, prices and appearance I choose to order 2 bikes! The model y which my wife loves and the model R which I love. We love these bikes and get a lot of attention from people.
Greg Simmons
Greg S.
I love my new Model R.It arrived early and I have been 60 miles this week so far on trails and the beach. It is super fun and very comfortable.
Bartow Bridges
Bartow B.
I ordered my Model C from EBC. The very next day I realized the I made an error on my order. The next day being a Sunday morning I made a request to EBC about my order. I expected a Monday morning response, after all it was a Sunday morning. Instead, to my surprise, the owner of the company, Sean, responded on Sunday. He had my order issue resolved in no time. All of my contacts with EBC have been exactly the same. They have always responded quickly. I've had all good encounters with the staff at EBC.I just received my Electric Bike Company Model C yesterday. The bike was delivered over a week early. The shipping box I received was in very, very, poorly condition due to the shipping company. The shipping box and packaging from EBC worked as advertised. The bike was in great condition. I was amazed.I took the Model C for the maiden ride today in a very hilly area. The Model C did great, especially on the hills. I was able to ride longer that I expected and the battery held up great.I'm 72 and this bike helps me up the hills. I get a great workout using PAS assist.It is obvious when you see the bike that the workmanship is first class. The Model C is just the prescription that I need to continue my outdoor workouts. If you want a simple to use cruiser, comfort, bike that does the job, checkout the Model C. I Hope you love the ride.....I really do.
Thomas Martin
Thomas M.
Received my bike a few days ago. Real learning curve after regular bike. Really well made and with the power it really needs the disc breaks. Staff have been amazing helping me with the setup. Recieved bike sooner than anticipated which was great. My wife’s bike also came early and now being charged. Did lots of research and this is the best built electric bike anywhere. 5 stars!
William Billar
William B.
Received my bike, “R” Model. Wow what a ride. Had problems at first knowing I was not in pedal assist and was surprised when I learned how to put the bike in gear and get some help. The basket does not move with the handle bars and that took getting use to. Really enjoying my bike. My husband also had an R model. We really enjoy riding.
Judy Billar
Judy B.
We ordered 2 Model R's. They both arrived almost a month before the expected date. Amazing packing job. Had them out and ready to ride in less than an hour. Very solidly built bikes. Very happy with this purchase.
Received my Model R from the Electric Bike Company yesterday. After my first ride I am quite pleased with the bike and the ride. It made me feel like a kid who just got the best Christmas present under the tree. We will be looking at possibly purchasing another bike for my wife from the EBC in the near future.
John Mehalik
John M.
My husband decided to surprise me with an electric bike. After test riding several e-bikes, our son told us about Electric Bike Showroom in Huntington Beach where he purchased 2 bikes. The sales lady encouraged my nearly 80 year old husband to ride one as well. After getting the hang of the pedal assist and throttle system, he was sold! We bought 2 of the Model R bikes. They arrived this week and we are thrilled. I've had several questions since they arrived and their customer service is very friendly, patient and helpful when I called. These are USA made bikes and better quality than others on the market that cost more. If you are considering an e-bike, I highly recommend you check out Electric Bike Company. Oh...and added bonus of an alarm system with each bike.
Roni Carrick
Roni C.
I received my Model S bike in August but due to health issues I wasn't able to ride immediately... But yesterday I couldn't stand it any longer decided to ignore my doctor and go riding!! AMAZING and AWESOME are the only two of the words I can use to describe my experience 💕. My boyfriend and I rode 12+miles and I can't wait for the opportunity to get on my girl again!! The entire process of test riding, designing my bike, shipping and receiving and EBC's Customer Service was fantastic! I Love my bike and look forward to continuing in the EBC community and hopefully participating in the Saturday rides soon!THANK YOU EBC!
Barb Hayos
Barb H.
I own 3 electric bikes, my R model from the Electric Bike Company is superior to all three. It is the Tesla, Mercedes of electric bikes. No regrets, 5 star quality. Rides like a car on 2 wheels. Would recommend it to friends for a real electric bike.
Ronald Sinclair
Ronald S.
Within 30 minutes of delivery we were riding the pavement. The bike really comes fully assembled. Just adjust the handle bars and the seat and off you go. I had a small window for delivery and they worked with me to hit my window. Great team to work with.
Fred Reikowsky
Fred R.
Just received my electric bike on Friday and took it for a long ride on Sunday! It was so fun and amazing. Everything worked perfectly and the bike drew lots of attention for how cute it is! Highly recommend Electric Bike Company for the quality of the bike and the excellent customer service to date!
Teresa Genoway
Teresa G.
I love my model c so much it's not even funny. It took me two years of looking around at e bikes, came down to pedico interceptor, e-lux, and model c, the model c looked best and it is, if you're looking for a cruiser the model c is your best ebike.
Duke Lee
Duke L.
Love my new R model bike. Was told 8 to 10 weeks and took 5 weeks. It’s the best thing since sliced butter. Rode it home from the bike shop in Grover Beach CA. Such a smooth ride and has the speed I was looking for. Very happy with your company.
Mike C
Mike C
I don’t normally do reviews but this company is OVER THE TOP good ! To start I made a mistake when ordering , called Electric Bike and they took care of MY mistake without so much as a whimper! Then they give me a estimate on delivery that I thought was reasonable , only to receive it way early , in perfect condition ! Have already tested it and know I’m really going to enjoy it ! Any one thinking about a e-bike should look into Electric Bike Co. you won’t be disappointed!
John Leg
John L.
What a great staff! After doing extensive research on e-bikes for my wife, and trying out many, I contacted EBC and spoke to Shannon who gave me a wealth of information and ideas for my wife bike. My wife and I then flew from Oakland down to their showroom in Huntington Beach, where Blake set us up for a test ride. My wife is quite short and nervous about riding as she is just learning at the age of 64 to ride a bike! Blake made sure the bike was a perfect fit, making numerous adjustments to the seat height and handlebars so my wife could ride with confidence. It was a success, by the time we got back from riding the bike trails. a leisurely ride, about 40 minutes and 6 miles later, my wife was so excited she designed a custom color model "M" Shanon had helped on the initial design of the bike, and Blake edited it when my wife decided to change a few colors!Great experience and a great staff!ThanksMike and Somi
Michael Schneider
Michael S.
Ordered my new electric bike on 10/4/2020 and was told it would be ready in 8-10 weeks. We got a text on 11/5/2020 that the bike is ready! WooHoo! But we would like you to pick up TODAY because we have limited storage room. Well we work and are about 70 miles away so we'll be there Saturday. She said okay but we charge storage fees after 48 hours.We drive down on Saturday, the only day it has rained in I don't know how long. We are told to go to the warehouse, We show up, drive around and find the door to the warehouse open. There's an employee there building bikes, name is Kole. No one from the showroom told him we were coming. He had no idea where the bike was, because no one told him they sent us there. He didn't have any paperwork on it because he is a bike builder, not a sales person that has access to that. We called the showroom, talked to Blake, let him know that someone will need to come meet us as we just drove 70 miles to get here. He spoke to Kole let him know the bike is there somewhere. So on goes Kole on a search to find my bike,This kid was great! He said he's going to do what he can to help us, he's sorry he wasn't prepared for us to come pick up. We let him know it's not his fault. He found the bike in another warehouse! He went through the whole bike for us and helped up load it up and put a tarp on it since it was raining.My bike was perfect! Exactly what i ordered and it's beautiful! Like I said, Kole went through everything with us about how the bike works. I'm hoping his manager sees this because he should know that this kid went out of the way for us. It wasn't his job to do this and he never complained and only wanted to help us. The bike is definitely 5 stars but his customer service is 100% 5 stars.Note to EBC....please don't send people to the warehouse to pick up bikes unless you have someone there from your showroom. No one at the showroom was willing to drive over and help us out. Had we picked up at the showroom I might have bought a few accessories.Either way I'm just grateful Kole was there! He's the best! We are so happy we met him.
Kristen Awtry
Kristen A.
Had my bike for a year and love it. The customer service is excellent and the bike is easy to perform maintenance on.
Eric Poole
Eric P.
My wife and I ordered the Model C and the Model S the end of July 2020. They said it would take 8-10 weeks due to high demand for these quality bikes. Our bikes were delivered in October but was damaged from the freight company. We refused the shipment and they sent it back to EBC. I called them and sent them pictures of what happened. They immediately made my wife and I two new bikes, probably, before the damaged ones arrived back to their facility. We thought we would get our bikes another 8-10 weeks later again, in the dead of Michigan winter, but that was not the case. Within a week or so, we had two new bikes! Now, that is customer service! Now for a review on the bikes? They are wonderful. They are a blast to ride. My wife and I have driven much further exploring Michigan's beautiful fall season. We have had so many compliments on our bikes. Prior to ordering, we test drove some Pedego bikes. While we did enjoy the Pedegos, they just weren't as nice as our EBC bikes. I cannot say enough about the quality and fun we are having with these bikes. I give my best recommendation to EBC and their staff for making the best bikes I've driven and for their customer service!
Daniel Millar
Daniel M.
I love my new White model “Y” Ebike. I am 57 years old and took it out for a ride today and it was so much fun. I didn’t really want to use pedal assist because I wanted a real work out. It rides so smoothly and easily get through the nice gears. It is perfect. I would not know it’s an Ebike if I didn’t have to turn on the power button to operate. Then when I got a little tired and to a few hills, I put on the throttle and used it to ease my pace. Wow, what fun. Thank you electric ⚡️ Bike Co. I am over the moon happy with it and excited for all my new adventures to come. Blessings from JulieAnn Toews happy customer.
David Toews
David T.
I looked long and hard to try to find a reasonably priced EBike that looked like it would last and looked like a normal bike that would be comfortable to ride. I found cheap ones and very expensive ones, then found Electric Bike Company. I was surprised at all the options and colors, the wife wanted a purple one and the only place was Electric Bike Company. The warranty is better than all and the most important is the customer service. They answered all my questions and I did have a lot. They are available on line with chat, email and even sent me a text once. The bikes are beautiful and sturdy. On Facebook they monitor all the questions and comments and give answers quickly. Look no further this is the bike you want!!!!
William Mitchell
William M.
Just bought a Model C and absolutely love it! The crew is great and very helpful. The bike handles well and took the hills near by with ease. It was easy to get used to the power these bikes have. Can't wait for my next bike ride!
Accounting Office
Accounting O.
Great company, quality bikes, the Model r arrived unscathed even though the shipping box was in terrible shape. What a nice packing job done on the bike! CA to FL in 4 days.She rides like like a dream and w/ direct drive easy cruising.AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Service.Rooster
Dave H
Dave H
Lights on out of the box...wont turn off unless remove battery??..short? hazard??....unplugged..looks real good with electrical tape blocking the wires for the lights...axle bolt came loose...rear tire went flat...told had wrong size tube...Sean promised me a new bike in 2 weeks...thats been 3 months ago...i love in GA...warranty not much good....they sent me parts...gee thanks...Sean..your a they...cant reach me to
Mike Zimmerman
Mike Z.
Received my model Y electric bike today! Love it! It was easy to unpack and get ready to ride. I can’t wait to take it for longer rides when the weather gets warm again. And best of all the seat is the most comfortable bike seat I have ever set on.
Melissa Franko
Melissa F.
Order date 8-18-2020. Delivery date 9/22/2020. From the West coast to the East coast. I wanted to buy as close to American as I could get. Seeing most e-bikes are completely made in mostly China I opted to go with Electric Bike Company / EBC as they made and customized the frames and assembled their product in California with out sourced parts and materials from all over the world. I don't understand the pricing on E-bikes so I won't go there. Excellent quality product made with pride and craftsmanship. Prompt response and action even on a Saturday night. Looking forward to providing more input as I have the ability to get out and check things out ! Thanks Sean & Team ! Well done !David R. Ayers / Brookfield, MA 01506
David Ayers
David A.
I researched extensively before I purchased my first E-bike. Based mostly on the fact that this bike is built in the USA and with as many US parts as well as great reviews I purchased the Model R. The support staff helped me on 3 different phone calls to decide on options. They were fun and easy to deal with and super helpful. The bike arrived much earlier than promised and it is a QUALITY piece of equipment. I had a minor issue which Lorraine in customer service took care of immediately! This company has been a dream to deal with. WONDERFUL and thank you EBC!!
Jill Kuksa
Jill K.
Awesome design, works really well. Great value - I tried other bikes but this one is the best!
Tom Beams
Tom B.
Went to an open house I like what they had to show me and I ordered me a model R
Charles Robinson
Charles R.
ElectricBikeCompany Model R! OMG!!! What an amazing eBike. And...the company is so great to work with! Just ordered our second model R. Our friends are so impressed, they may buy them too!
Tom Morrison
Tom M.
Didn't know exactly what to expect since I never had a electric bike. Bike is extremely well made & arrived in perfect condition. Purchased the Model S. The box it came in was huge & was very well padded. There was virtually nothing to do on setup. On my first ride, I was amazed how easy it went up the steep hills we have in Pittsburgh. Smooth ride, but it does take some time to get used of it being much heavier than my 21 speed bike. Would just like the instruction book to have instructions about how the optional features work or can be set-up. Blake did an excellent job in getting back to me with all my questions. Would highly recommend EBC. If this is the first electric bike, definitely follow the manual instructions & use the first level throttle until you feel confident riding the bike.
John Celender
John C.
I was lucky enough to attend the open factory on Saturday 8/22/2020. I would like to thank the whole crew for their curtesy and professional presentation. The factory was spotless and functioning during this open house. I was interested in your "C" model and went to your store on Brookhurst to trial ride one. Thank you very much!
Ken Hanson
Ken H.
I love my new Electric Bike!!! It’s best thing that I’ve purchased in a VERY LONG TIME. I don’t know how you all have been feeling during this pandemic, but I was feeling anxious and trapped indoors. Not anymore!! I ride my bike everywhere!! I don’t even need my car. My bike takes me everywhere my car would and then some! It’s soo pretty too!! All Ebikes I’ve seen out there are pretty ugly looking. Thank gawd I found you Electric Bike Company!! I was able to pick any color in the rainbow. So many color options!! A bit overwhelming because there are so many choices.... But you’ll find your perfect color. I found mine!! My bike is gorgeous!! My fenders and chain guard are hand crafted out of real wood. Just like the old Woody cars. So cool!! It’s seriously so pretty. I love it so much. I highly recommend them!!!
Jeanne Hendley
Jeanne H.
Looks like a really great exciting company hope to be biking everywhere soon
catherine alexander
catherine A.
This is our second electric bike and so far, we love it. EBC far exceeded their delivery estimate and the bike was in perfect condition when it arrived. My wife and I have enjoyed every minute we've spent riding together. EBC was great to work with and you can tell after riding their bike that it is a quality product!
David Cowley
David C.
On Memorial Day weekend, my husband decided that he wanted to order an electric bike. We had talked about getting bikes, but nothing specific had come up. I wasn’t sure about spending so much on an ebike, but after looking at the reviews and customization features of the EBC bikes, I was sold. I ordered a Model Y at first, but then changed my order to a Model S. There was a bit of a mix up with the order change and I ended up with the Model Y, but EBC staff made it right, providing great customer service, and I am happy. Although I am on the short side (5’ 2”), the Model Y with its multiple adjustment points makes for a comfortable ride, and I can still reach the ground from the seat when I stop, just leaning over a tad to one side. The bike arrived while I was traveling, so my husband got it ready and “tested” it for me. He received some great comments from others in the neighborhood who really liked the look. I’ve now been riding it for almost two weeks and it has been problem free. I really appreciate the throttle and pedal assist when coming back from a long ride in the country! I’m glad to be another happy EBC customer and look forward to more rides on my Model Y!
Myra Fernatt
Myra F.
I have been an electric vehicle and solar energy owner/enthusiast for several years and am the proud owner of a Model 3 and rooftop solar array that offsets all of my energy needs for the house and car. Even my lawn equipment is all electric! So, when I started to think about a bike during the pandemic, I really wanted to go electric as well. After reading a lot of reviews and thinking of my needs (big guy wanting a more comfortable ride), I decided on EBC. Now, I’ve been enjoying my new Model S for nearly three weeks. The bike arrived in great condition with excellent packing and except for one minor rear fender adjustment (rubbing against tire), it has been problem free. I’ve really enjoyed the throttle on demand when needed and the pedal assist function. Everything on the bike works great, but I haven’t been on a bike in 20 plus years, so there is a bit of calibration on my part! I haven’t had a need to contact EBC for support, but I did make a small change to my order (added suspension seat) and that was taken care of promptly. Although I’m sure they are slammed right now with high demand for bikes during the pandemic, the EBC staff seem genuinely interested in making sure their customers have a great experience. I look forward to many more years of enjoyment from my new Model S!
Robert Fernatt
Robert F.
Just got 2 model R bikes, love them, so much fun!
Tim G.
Tim G.
Do your research. Do not rely on these reviews to make a decision as they are incentivized by the company in exchange for money off of accessories.This review is for other people like me who like to do research, especially when dropping $3600. Here is my honest review. I purchased fully upgraded Model R:1. Absolutely terrible customer service (I found out I wasn’t alone on this one when I took the time to read through some of the low star and other honest reviews on here). The only saving grace and reason I didn’t return this bike was because I purchased through an amazing local dealer in my area who is working closely with me to replace/ fix some kinks these bikes have. If it wasn’t for them I would have returned this bike and gone with a different brand. They never replied to any of our emails, sometimes texting one of the sales reps directly was the only way to get a response, although never very helpful. This is just a short version of the negative customer experience we dealt with.2. After all of the ignored emails and TWO MONTHS of waiting (which they assure you over and over that their bikes are worth the wait) my color customized bike arrived in completely the wrong colors. I have the images of the correct bike I eventually received vs the one that came first. (the beige with red wheels was the mess up one and the grey and black was the one I designed on their configurator- so it wasn’t even close) The exchange was not easy as it, again was hard to get ahold of them and they responded with “are you sure you hate it?”. Yes, when you pay a few hundred dollars EXTRA to have a custom color service which they rave and advertise about, yes I hated it. The entire time I had to deal with the resolution of this they never once apologized (not even for ignoring all of our emails) they never offered anything to make this experience better or right. Not even overnight shipping for the other bike which I had to add an additional week and a half wait to the already 2 months wait. And yes they even ignored my emails through the mess up ordeal as well... So, I was extra disappointed when I opened the envelope with my new bike only to find a letter offering me accessory money for a review but no offers for the huge inconvenience. An apology at the very least would have been better.3. Once the bike arrived, I had some of my friends that own bikes shops take a look at my bike because one week in both “puncture resistant tires” were flat. Turns out the tubes inside the tires are far too small for the bigger tires- this flat tire issue happened to all 3 bikes the dealer ordered from EBC (thank god for my local bike shop for saving the day on this). Also, if you purchased the back rack like I did, the rack is too small and tightens the frame far too much around the back tire making it virtually impossible to change a tire without scratching the paint off- definitely would suck if you had a flat in the middle of nowhere. Additionally, I will be changing the handle bars because they are super uncomfortable, this is more of a personal preference but also everyone that has taken it for a spin has made the same comment.4. If you are looking around for ebike options I would highly recommend other brands like Aventon, Rad Power bikes..etc I was sad to find out I could’ve paid less money for a potentially better bike and not have to wait two months and deal with all the stress associated with this order.
Claudia Scharnikow
Claudia S.
More customizable. Great/fun color choices. Bigger motor. Better design. Hydraulic disc brakes. Just a few of the many reasons I went with EBC over many other brands. Customer support💕A++Did my research!
Valinda Turner
Valinda T.
I did a lot of research into e-bikes prior to purchasing, and I'm so glad I discovered Electric Bike Company. I was originally planning to buy one from a big-name company, at about twice the price of an equivalent bike at EBC. But the reasonable price is not even the best part of my EBC Model M. I am so impressed by how solid and well-built my bike is. Plus it is beautiful! I've had my bike for about 5 days now, and I feel like a kid who got a new bike for Christmas! I can't stop smiling when I ride it. With just a little bit of pedal assistance, I feel like I can go anywhere! EBC's customer service is excellent; my bike was delivered to me (sooner than expected!) fully assembled and ready to ride. Supporting an American company, and knowing my bike was assembled in the USA feels good, too. I cannot recommend Electric Bike Company highly enough!
Kathleen Andrew
Kathleen A.
I am very lucky to have found and purchase two bikes from the Electric Bike Company. They are one of the rare companies that do things right, are true craftsmen at what they do, don’t cut corners, stand behind their products and believe ‘good isn’t good enough’. Seeing the high quality parts they use and watching how they hand build each bike is very special. If you are looking for an electric bike, they are the only people to see!
Rick McCormack
Rick M.
I was so excited to receive a custom electric bike from this amazing company! It took 7 weeks (quality takes time), but it was totally worth the wait. The attention to details, the smooth braking and suspension, all top notch. I received multiple return emails when I made inquiries before delivery. They care about the product and it shows.
Nicole Walsh
Nicole W.



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