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“Alot of focus on detail, and overall durability has gone into these bikes.”
Electric Bike Report


25 mph
1000 watt

max. output


Up to 80 mile

Electric Bike Company site identity

fully built


300 lbs


The Model Y is a classic style electric cruiser, built to order, 100% customizable, and arrives fully built. Awarded top rated E-Cruiser in USA by (Electric Bike Review 2018 / 2019 / 2020).

Colorize, customize, accessorize and stylize until your heart’s content.



Bike Components

Anti-Theft Alarm



10.5Ah In-Basket battery
Lithium-Ion Samsung Cell (5 year warranty*)
* Please see warranty information

Battery charger

3.5 Amp super charger
with Smart charging technology, cooling fan,
aluminum cover & 3 prong charging port for safety


5 Star Hydraulic Disk Brakes
with motor disconnect and 2 piston calipers

Brake Levers

Aluminum alloy comfort grip levers with motor cutoff switch

Brake Pad Material

Organic compound

Brake Rotors

180 mm Stainless steel (front and rear)


Stainless Steel, rust resistant for longevity

Charge Time

3-4 hrs with super charger (included)

Crank Set

56T chainring, 170 mm forged alloy cranks

Drive Train

Direct (single speed) or optional 7 speed


Rigid Steel 1-1/8" fork with threaded steerer tube
Suspension fork with hydraulic lockout and preload adjustment,
turn lockout on at anytime while riding,
80 mm travel, 135 mm hub width, 9 mm quick release


18T cog for medium to hilly terrain


Locking handstitched vegan leather
Aluminium secure ends for non slip
available in Black or Tan


27" wide steel crusier bars


Semi-integrated, 1-1/8" straight steerer tube

LCD Screen

Color display, multi level, compact
user friendly screen with USB outlet


Front and rear safety LED lights,
powered by the battery,
controlled from LCD screen


1000W max output (10 year warranty)


Wellgo aluminium, integrated bearing pedals
with comfort non slip rubber


Double walled, aluminum 2″ ebike rims


Custom, leather,
300 x 300 x 100mm thick, high density foam,
elastomer bumpers for support and comfort
available in Black or Tan

Seat Post

30.4mm x 300mm ridgid aluminum, up to 350lbs
or Suntour suspension (350lbs)


13-gauge stainless steel, rust resistant,
black or silver with brass nipples


Integrated 120 mm, adjustable from 0º-60º


Schwalbe Fat Frank Tire E-Cruiser tire,
available in Black or Brown with White wall,
Optional upgrade; Continental Contact Plus City E50,
puncture resistant, low rolling resistance to save battery power


Thumb throttle for safety on every bike

Geometry & Sizing




675 mm




686 mm




651 mm








684 mm




1221 mm




1896 mm

Recommended Rider Height

5′ – 6’10”

Standover height

Wheel 24″ : 457mm / 26″ : 482mm

Min. rider inseam

Wheel 24″ : 18″ / 26″ : 19″

Max. weight

300 lbs

Bike weight with battery


Video Reviews​

Customer Reviews

After researching different electric bikes I am very happy with my decision to go with EBC. Very solid construction, fully assembled.
Tess Schwegman
Tess S.
Electric Bike Company is THE BEST!! They were so patient answering out endless questions and wants for our bikes. Hubby and I love everything about them....they bring us so much joy and I wouldn't want to have bought them any where else. We felt like we were invited into an invested family- they absolutely stand by their product and its wonderful to see real craftsmanship and great business ethics.
Stacy Brooks
Stacy B.
Has a nice low step thru and comfy seat and handlebars. The very low step thru on the EBC was important to me as I’m 68 w hip replacement surgery and can’t lift my leg over a higher step very well. One time I had to unavoidably stop sideways on a hill, which I’ll never do again by the way, had I not been able to quickly jump away through the middle of the EBC as its 58 lb. weight tipped over, I’d of possibly broken my leg. Thus, no other brand works for me. Love riding it. Love the comfy seat and handlebars and stylish look as well.
Gina Booth
Gina B.
I love my Electric Bike! The battery in the basket is a great feature! The lights and alarm make it perfect to cruise to local shops safely while enjoying California weather!
OC Avenue
I just got my bike this week. It was just what they said: fully assembled with excellent packing. I just set the handle bars to where I liked them (ALL the tools I needed were included) and the seat to my height and I was ready to ride. It rides great! Good brakes for going down hill and plenty of power to get back up.
John Van Milligan
John Van M.
Been shopping for an electric bike for my wife for several months. She was not really interested in the technical specs of any bike but was more interested in comfort and a classic cruiser look for a good price. I found all of the technical points and her needs checked off in the Model Y.It is a beautiful bike especially with the battery hidden in the basket. The low step through was a must for my wife's bad knees and hips. The powerful motor and throttle control was able to get her moving from a stopped position even on hills. She felt safe with the disc brakes. All this with the comfort of a extra wide and plush seat and an upright position. I could have easily adjusted the height and angle of the nicely swept back handle bars, but she was comfortable with it as it came from the factory.What was more amazing, I was able order this bike online with the help of a chat person going through each of the customizable choices (many on this bike - suspension fork, fenders, colors even when ordering "stock" colors, tires, rear rack) as I completed the order. Even more, I was surprised to find out that if I picked up the bike from the factory, I could have the bike within 1 week of the order even during the parts shortages caused by the COVID 19 pandemic. Even though the bike was not ready exactly the date (5 days from ordering, which I really thought was unrealistic especially with the customization that I asked for), the bike was ready only several days beyond that. When it was ready, because they had other deliveries in my area, they brought the bike directly to my home for no extra charge.The bike is great but more than that, this company is a very customer service friendly company. I would be happy to do more business with them in the future.
Emmet Lee
Emmet L.
We had a great experience purchasing an electric bike from this shop. They make it easy to customize the bike of your choice and they customer service is first class.
allen passaquindici
allen P.
For Christmas, I purchased a Model Y for my wife who had a knee replacement in June. She loves it!!! While the knee is gaining strength daily, the bike helps with her ability, is easy to ride both in PAS and Throttle mode, but most important, the step through design help with her getting on and off the bile. So happy I went with an EBC Electric bike!
Bob Nowak
Bob N.
I got a Model S for my wife for Christmas. She loves it. She’s said it brings back that joy of bike riding she had as a kid. I’m ordering a Model R for myself on Friday.
Craig Brown
Craig B.
Went down to the showroom in Huntington Beach. Test Drove a couple different models and loved them both. They are definitely well made bikes. Just waiting now to save a little more money for my big purchase...
Wow! I’m so impressed with the whole experience from ordering to receiving and riding my R ebike.Thank you team EBC!
Rochelle Broach
Rochelle B.
I purchased the Model R for my wife and the Model C for myself. We love the bicycles, the quality is outstanding. Also, super impressed with the customer service from this company.
William Whitlatch
William W.
This is my first bike purchase in over 20 years. I love my model M. The mini is 24 inch. I am 55 and 5' 1". Great quality bike. The process was easy. Was able to test ride at store. My bike which had nothing special ordered was ready in 3 days. Was delivered to my home ready to go. Reed who delivered my bike was great and showed me all I needed to know for as long as I needed him. Also love that it's locally made and a product of the USA.
Karen M.
Karen M.
Shop here for great products and service! The Electric Bike Company offers the best built in the USA E bikes. Built to last too. Informative videos also posted here. You will learn a lot, and enjoy doing it.
Michael Christensen
Michael C.
It has been so fun riding my Model R. The region I live in has an extensive bike trail system that I have been exploring well beyond what I did on my analog bike. I've generally been using the 0 or 1 pedal assist on trails and shifting gears for hills, but having the power ready when I tire has been very nice. On the road, pedal assist level 5 keeps me easily integrated into local street traffic.
Scott McLewin
Scott M.
The Electric Bike Co. has the best customer service I’ve seen in a long time. I was sent the wrong color accessory, so I called to tell them. They said they were sorry, and that the new color accessory would go out shortly, and it did. The only question they asked was, “is there anything else we may assist you with”. I love my electric bike! I did a lot of research before buying from the Electric Bike Co. and found they were the best quality, for the best price.
Chris Salb
Chris S.
These bikes are amazing. The Y is my favorite because it is a great value for the money. There are so many options so that you can make it yours. There is obviously great attention to detail and features that you usually find in much more expensive bikes.
Lyle Braegger
Lyle B.
Wonderful customer service!
David Y. Tsai
David Y. T.
Very happy with our new electric bikes! Also, excellent follow ups after the sale and great customer support.
Fred Coury
Fred C.
I custom colored my model R.She’s a beast and a blast to ride!!!!The customer service is so great for all my many questions . Shannon has been amazing!The whole team was great when I picked up the bike. I love this bike!!!!!!
Susan Peterson
Susan P.
Love it is my main mode of transportation and it rides smooth
Tyronne Howard
Tyronne H.
Both my husband and I purchased bikes and seriously... these bikes have saved our mental health and after every ride I am reminded of what a great decision it was!!! Not to mention customer service amazing! Buy now... you will not regret!!!
Katina Patriquin
Katina P.
We ordered two model X bikes and really enjoyed the bikes. We made the order at the beginning of the November as Christmas gifts and EBC made sure the bikes came in before the holiday (in about 6 weeks). They are worth the wait. Plus EXCELLENT EXCELLENT custom services. These guys went OUT OF THEIR WAY to make sure we are happy with our purchases. When we received the shipment, we found there were some minor damage to one of the bikes during the shipping. After I uploaded some pictures to show the damage, they shipped me via fedex next-day shpping the replacement part and some extra touch paint. The issue got resolved right away. On Christmas day after we got the bikes setup, I was having trouble powering on the bikes due to my own mistake of not mounting the batteries correctly. I reached out to EBC through the online chat thinking probably won't hear back from them until after the holiday. Instead, they responded immediately with phone calls. After facetime with one of their engineers, they caught my battery mounting mistake and gently corrected me on that. We were able to power the bikes and took them out for a spin on Christmas day!
Jerry Gao
Jerry G.
This is a very high quality bike. We are really enjoying cruising around on them.
Tom Looby
Tom L.
Such a beautiful bike
Alexia Pigatto
Alexia P.
My husband and I recently gifted ourselves with our new Electric Bikes. I just retired and wanted something for us to do that would bring us closer together. We have been absolutely loving our bikes and spending lots of time together riding all over our community. We get so many complements every time we take them out, especially mine, the pretty blue one! Thank you Electric Bike Company for building us these two amazing bikes!
Lori Drake
Lori D.
Very cool
Malia Maloney
Malia M.
The EBC reminds me of how Amazon was in early days. Their customer service is awesome! I had to modify the order and make some additional changes. They took care of my request with no issues or hassle. I specially want to thank Loraine in accounting and Paul in sales who made sure my needs were met. The bike (model R) itself is excellent. I have no issue and am enjoying it everyday. Thanks EBC!
Ordered two bikes in mid-October and was assured that they would be delivered in time for Christmas. The tracking tool said they would be done between 11/30-12/14. I called the week before Christmas and was told they would not be ready for Christmas but would ship the week after. Still waiting, and each time I follow up I am told they are finishing the bikes as we speak and should ship ASAP, but still no word. I am still hopeful I will love the bikes but not pleased with the experience so far.
John Stafford
John S.
I have purchased 3 EBC's (2 model Y, and 1 model R). The build quality is amazing, and the ability for each of my family to customize the bikes to their liking was a great benefit. I live local, so was able to pick up my bikes at the Newport factory. The 3 visits I have made have really solidified my decision to go with EBC.Having dealt with a few different staff members, the atmosphere and attitude of everyone reminded me of my tech 'startup' days of the 2000's. Everyone is pumped and it has been a real pleasure to work with them.We put on 200+ miles in the first week. Looking forward to many years of riding.
Brad Jenkins
Brad J.
Ordered two bikes and we're waiting patiently for their arrival. Customer service was absolutely wonderful.
robert h sargent jr
robert h sargent J.
We went to EBC just before Thanksgiving and picked out our bikes for our Christmas gifts to each other. It was a very simple process. We were told the waiting process was 6 weeks. However, we were so excited to get our bikes a week before Christmas. They were so helpful explaining everything to us and adjusting our seats.We love our bikes and are so thrilled to ride them.
Judy Dailey
Judy D.
What a bike!! Had an amazing experience renting an Electric Bike Co. bike that I had to get one of my own! Did a lot, a lot of research and they are hands down the best option out there. Very happy with my purchase. The customization experience and customer service is the best. Took only 6 weeks and arrived fully assembled! Can’t wait to get some miles on her!
Elisha Gibson
Elisha G.
Just got my Model R a few days ago. The weather here isn’t that great so I have not had the opportunity to take it for a ride. I was amazed at the quality and good looks of the bike. I also was happy to see there was very little assembly. More like adjusting than assembling since all the components are shipped in place. Great so far
John Fedricks
John F.
More customizable. Great/fun color choices. Bigger motor. Better design. Hydraulic disc brakes. Just a few of the many reasons I went with EBC over many other brands. Customer support💕A++Did my research!
Valinda Turner
Valinda T.
This was the easiest way to order a custom bike .
Marie Goffman
Marie G.
Decided to add the seven speed option to bikes I ordered the day after Christmas. Since the change was more that 48 hours after the order was placed there was a change fee. This fee was waived without me even asking. I love supporting small businesses and I cannot wait to get rolling on these locally built & serviced bikes!
Patrick Chamberlain
Patrick C.
Super excited to get my wife’s bike next month!
robert zander
robert Z.
My husband and and I got model Rs for Christmas presents to each other a bed they were worth the wait and every penny! It took us about 10 minutes to figure out the pedal assist and throttle! So enjoyable and fun!
Deborah Davis
Deborah D.
I bought the model Y e-bike and just love it! I live in a very hilly area of Virginia and I am 66 years old. I am unable to ride around my neighborhood on a regular bicycle without huffing and puffing. Now I am able to enjoy riding again and I can still get my exercise. I am very impressed with how well this bike is made and great support from the very nice folks at the Electric Bike Company!
Debra Hawrysko
Debra H.
I had been wanting an electric bike for awhile. I read the reviews and decided EBC was the right one. I liked that it was made in the USA and that it came completely built out of the box. I love the easy set up, right out to riding. I love the staff who has been kind and knowledgeable with any questions I have. I ride everyday now and love the pedal assist. I use it like shifting gears. There are no flat areas in Albuquerque. I live in the foothills and riding before wasn't enjoyable. Now I take it everywhere. I am putting in more miles and hours even during the winter. Great riding!
Karen Siko
Karen S.
Great quality e-bike. Family owned business with excellent customer service
Cyndi O'Leary
Cyndi O.
I purchased 2 Rs after test drive at Huntington Show room, my husband did not see them until they arrived. I was glad he liked them so much - his words “high quality and a good ride”. Love them, excited for more adventures! I really like the upright position because of the handle bars. Really helps with neck issues, a joy to ride! Also like how we can adjust them for our adult kids to ride - they range from 4’10” to 6’ tall.
Mary Ann Looby
Mary Ann L.
We purchased two different bikes for Christmas from EBC. I did a lot of investigating prior to laying out this kind of money. They are true to what people say about being the best electric bikes on the market, for the money. They are extremely quality built and we get a lot of compliments on their design. We had several questions about use, and thought that we would leave questions on site. Chat popped up, and Blake answered our question right then and there. This all happened on Christmas day, "Now That is Customer Service."
Art Ashenden
Art A.
I own 3 electric bikes, my R model from the Electric Bike Company is superior to all three. It is the Tesla, Mercedes of electric bikes. No regrets, 5 star quality. Rides like a car on 2 wheels. Would recommend it to friends for a real electric bike.
Ronald Sinclair
Ronald S.
Our new e-bikes have brought a ray of sunshine to our lives during this dreadful pandemic. We just purchased a bike rack for the car so we can enjoy our bikes during our travels. Thank you EBC for the design and production of such a wonderful mode of transportation. We love them.
Marc Ecker
Marc E.
I love my Model Y ebike from Electric Bike Company! There are a lot of ebikes on the market but none are nearly as cute as my Model Y. I get tons of compliments everywhere I go and I look forward to riding it for many years to come. If you are thinking of buying one, do it! You will not be disappointed!
Pam Pearson
Pam P.
I was shopping for an E bike for a while. My cousins all go on long rides and stop at different places for drinks and dinner and I wanted to join in the fun! Once I did my research and tested the Electric Co bike I knew it was the right one. Everything but the battery made here locally! I even ride my new bike to work on occasions not worrying about the hill to climb because I have peddle assistance. I can’t wait for my husband’s bike to be finished so we can take rides for date nights along the beach!!!
Stacy Arnold
Stacy A.
Purchased Model R's. We are thoroughly enjoying the bikes. The bikes came fully assembled and ready to ride in minutes. Very comfortable. Our entire experience has been excellent. Highly recommend them!
D Knicos
D K.


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