From $1949

“Alot of focus on detail, and overall durability has gone into these bikes.”
Electric Bike Report


28 mph max.
980 watt
(with 18Ah build)


Up to 80 mile

Electric Bike Company site identity

fully built


300 lbs


The Model Y is a classic style electric cruiser, built to order, 100% customizable, and arrives fully built. Awarded top rated E-Cruiser in USA by (Electric Bike Review 2018 / 2019 / 2020).

Colorize, customize, accessorize and stylize until your heart’s content.



Bike Components

Anti-Theft Alarm



In-Basket battery
a. 40 Miles (9 Ah)
b. 80 Miles (18 Ah)
EBC approved and certified Lithium-Ion NMC Cells
(5 year warranty*)
* Please see warranty information

Battery charger

3.5 Amp super charger
with Smart charging technology, cooling fan,
aluminum cover & 3 prong charging port for safety


5 Star Hydraulic Disk Brakes
with motor disconnect and 2 piston calipers

Brake Levers

Aluminum alloy comfort grip levers with motor cutoff switch

Brake Pad Material

Organic compound

Brake Rotors

180 mm Stainless steel (front and rear)


Stainless Steel, rust resistant for longevity

Charge Time

3-4 hrs with super charger (included)

Crank Set

56T chainring, 170 mm forged alloy cranks

Drive Train

Direct (single speed) or optional 7 speed


Rigid Steel 1-1/8" fork with threaded steerer tube
Suspension fork with hydraulic lockout and preload adjustment,
turn lockout on at anytime while riding,
80 mm travel, 135 mm hub width, 9 mm quick release


18T cog for medium to hilly terrain

GPS Tracker

Yes, Optional


Locking handstitched vegan leather
Aluminium secure ends for non slip
available in Black or Tan


27" wide steel crusier bars


Semi-integrated, 1-1/8" straight steerer tube


Non-slip sole & wide reinforced rubber foot
prevents slipping and sinking

LCD Screen

Color display, multi level, compact
user friendly screen with USB outlet


Front and rear safety LED lights,
powered by the battery,
controlled from LCD screen


1000W max output (10 year warranty)


Wellgo aluminium, integrated bearing pedals
with comfort non slip rubber


Double walled, aluminum 2″ ebike rims


Custom, leather,
300 x 300 x 100mm thick, high density foam,
elastomer bumpers for support and comfort
available in Black or Tan

Seat Post

30.4mm x 300mm ridgid aluminum, up to 350lbs
Optional Satori suspension (350lbs)
or Suntour suspension (350lbs)


13-gauge stainless steel, rust resistant,
black or silver with brass nipples


Integrated 120 mm, adjustable from 0º-60º


Schwalbe Fat Frank Tire E-Cruiser tire,
available in Black or Brown with White wall,
Optional upgrade; Continental Contact Plus City E50,
puncture resistant, low rolling resistance to save battery power


Thumb throttle for safety on every bike

Geometry & Sizing




675 mm




686 mm




651 mm








684 mm




1221 mm




1896 mm

Recommended Rider Height

5′ – 6’10”

Standover height

Wheel 24″ : 457mm / 26″ : 482mm

Min. rider inseam

Wheel 24″ : 18″ / 26″ : 19″

Max. weight

300 lbs

Bike weight with battery


Video Reviews​

Customer Reviews

My first E-bike loving my Model R.
Ron Denton
Ron D.
I recently purchased an Ebike from the Electric Bike Company. Loved the service as well as my bike. I got to choose my colors.
jeanette Coburn
jeanette C.
I like my X model but upgraded to an R. They helped me resell it, get my new bike, and were great through it all. Mike C
Kayla Coburn
Kayla C.
Electric Bike Company is awesome, great quality and a sweet, fun ride. I had not been on a bike in over 30 yrs. I rode 14 miles on the electric bike my first ride. This bike is everything I needed to get me exercising. it's a life saver. Awesome for exercising a little and taking a break when needed.
LaShawn Campbell
LaShawn C.
We absolutely love or E-Bikes from Electric Bike Co.! Hadn't been riding since I was a kid and these make us get out of the house and enjoy So. Cal. We ride up to our local restaurants/ice cream shop as well. You choose how hard or easy you ride and we keep adding accessories. 🙂 We highly recommend EBC as they make a quality product and have great customer service if you need it.
Michelle Silverberg
Michelle S.
I have had my EBC bike for five months now, I wanted to give it a fair try before reviewing. I love it! It has allowed me to ride farther than I normally would as I live in a hilly area and also have fibromyalgia. My legs don’t get sore and tired after riding my bike as I can chose throttle or pedal assist as needed. My dog also loves riding in the basket on the back of the bike.
Renae Kester
Renae K.
My wife and I finally received our bikes from Electric Bike Company. We are ecstatic. Everything went as hoped for starting with customer service which was very helpful and answered all our questions, to the delivery process, to unpacking, and setting the bikes up and adjusting them to size individually. Piece of cake! It is easy to see the pride and quality of these beautiful machines. As soon as they were all set up we put our helmets on and hit the road. After a short time of getting the feel for them and tweaking the seats and handlebars and learning what they could do, we felt comfortable on them so we took off on a twenty mile run. It was awesome!!! It took us months and hours of research to choose the right e-bike for us. We made the right choice! We couldn’t be more impressed. Thank You Electric Bike Company!
Gordon Cole
Gordon C.
Absolutely love my new Model R! The build quality is second to none and the has great looks and safety to backup all that speed. Super capable brakes makes everything else feel like a toy. Very impressed with all of the the great details and thoughtful engineering. Rest assured if it can be tucked away and minimized, it is. This makes for a super clean package!This will definitely not be my last EBC bike.
Paul Yezbak
Paul Y.
Let me start off by saying that I'm retired and was in customer service oriented companies most of the time. Nowadays the biggest complaints and problems people have with companies is customer service. I am so overwhelmed and knocked off my feet by your customer service - Blake and his team responded quickly and with such concern to my inquiries. Immediately sent out the items that I needed. Sean has instilled in his employees a long forgotten way of taking care of the customer and how a company is run. In short I don't know why anyone in the market for an electric bicycle would shop anywhere else. I absolutely love the model X and Y we purchased. Even more so now knowing that if I ever need help - I will get it. And a side note, they delivered in the time frame given - a little sooner.The customer service people deserve high marks ( and maybe a free pizza day ) ! The issues I had are not worth mentioning because they were handle better than expected.
Jes Jes
Jes J.
Updated review. My review the first day was a 5 star. Fell in love with the bike in the window, bought it and rode it 15 mile home. Loved it. Tried to charge the battery the night that I got home and nothing. No sound, no indicator light, nothing. Would not charge.Called and e-mailed the Electric Bike Company. They said take the battery out, put it back in and try again. Nothing. Then they said to bring the battery in to see if it would charge. They charged it so they said to bring the bike in because it must be the connection. When I picked it up, they attempted to charge me. The woman had the nerve to say that it might have been something that I did. All I did was pull the cord out and plug it into the wall. They said it was fixed but I just tried to charge it for the first time and still does not charge. It now at least makes a noise when it is plugged in but no green light which I read is what is supposed to happen. When you pay over $3,000 for a bike, you expect it to work. I should have never left the showroom without them proving that it worked. But they had so many people and bikes in the room that they were rushing me out. They are alway so busy in there. Nice when I bought the bike but both times that I was in about the battery, they acted like I was an inconvenience. Me driving to Newport Beach 4 times for a bike that will not charge the battery is an inconvenience. I am hoping that this is resolved soon.
Becky Grimes
Becky G.
I researched quite a few e-bike companies before deciding to purchase a Model S from the Electric Bike Company. I chose this company based on their use of quality products, assembling their e-bikes in California, and their commitment to customer satisfaction. I have not been disappointed!! My bike was shipped fully assembled and ready for my first ride after adjusting the handlebars. I did have a small problem after owning my bike for one month and it was dealt with quickly and efficiently by customer service. My beautiful Model S was customized to my specifications and exudes quality throughout. It garners compliments whenever I take it out for a ride.I had both hips replaced this past year and thought my cycling days were over but my ebike has proven me wrong. I am getting more daily exercise than I have in years as well as improving my balance. Very important for someone close to seven decades.Another plus is I have learned more about my city in the past few months than I have in the previous ten years of living here.I highly recommend The Electric Bike Company and they certainly deserve a five star rating!⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Dennie Sisneroz
Dennie S.
Bike arrived packaged nicely even though there was minor damage to the box. The assembly was very easy however I wish the battery charging directions were easier to follow. The alarm is much louder than expected and would scare off most would be thieves. Suspension seat post is a game changer. The handle bar has plenty of space for multiple attachments. Happy Customer so far!
F Benson
F B.
I absolutely love love love my model R bike and so excited to be buying my boyfriend one for his birthday. This was the best investment in a bike I have ever made, it is a high class gorgeous, sturdy, beautiful bike. It exceeded all my expectations and more.
Cynthia Sheppard
Cynthia S.
We purchased two bikes and have derived great enjoyment riding from our home down to the beach path in HB. Virtually every time we stop to take in the beach scene we are approached by folks admiring our e-bikes and asking lots of questions. We can’t speak highly enough about our satisfaction, the great people who helped us with our purchase, and the fun we are having riding in HB.Great fun owning an EBC bike!
Scott Borzi
Scott B.
I LOVE my bike!!!! The envious looks I get from people are priceless!
Bob Cole
Bob C.
First bought bikes from them in late 2017 when they first opened up. Love them so much that we just ordered 2 more, this time with shocks and suspension. Can't wait to get them and have referred many friends and relatives to them also.
Debbie Bee
Debbie B.
I bought the Model R for my wife a year ago and she loves it. Very stable and reliable ride. Any issues we had (minor) were handled promptly and professionally. We also purchased the Basil Buddy Dog basket for our pooch to ride along, and she loves being part of the group.
Brian Baker
Brian B.
Just ordered my bike & looking forward to riding it! I shopped around and was really impressed by this company and their model. Their bikes are beautiful too ! Customer service has been great and fast. I originally purchased a bike for half the cost from another company but realized it wasn’t really what I wanted in a bike. I feel like I paid a little more and got the bike of my dreams. Being a healthcare worker the last couple years has been stressful and electric biking has been a great outlet for me. It’s truly joyful to ride a electric bike. With gyms closed and being on my feet all day at work I wanted an exercise that gets me off my feet too ! Looking forward to many rides on my new bike and adventures with friends.Thanks all !
I LOVE my model R from Electric Bike Company! It makes riding fun again at almost 65 years old, lol. I ordered mine in Calypso Blue and she is a stunner!Working with the guys at the shop was a pleasure and I couldn't be happier. Buy yours now!
Leslie Cooper
Leslie C.
Absolutely LOVE my Bike! (Model R) We got them last July and ride them every time we can. 600 miles so far and counting. When others who already have bikes made by different companies ride our bikes, they are totally envious. Hydrolic brakes are the best, and the ride (I have the Suntour seat post) is absolutely silky smooth. Well worth the investment and something you will never have buyer's remorse over.We even got the rack and Basil Buddy dog carrier. Our dog loves riding with us!
Paul Neuland
Paul N.
Ordered my electric bike last week from the main showroom at 1510 Newport Blvd in Newport Beach. Shopped around and think they offer the best value. Shannon was super helpful explaining all the options. Should arrive in 6-8 weeks. Highly recommend to others.
Andrew Kulyk
Andrew K.
I am so excited to get my EBC E-Bike. It should ONLY be a couple more weeks until my custom designed ride is ready. I ordered mine on July 17 and am anxiously waiting to hear that it is built and ready to pick up. Every time I check the website on my progress, I still get the message that customer bikes take 6-8 weeks to be built. I'm sure it will be worth the wait to bring it back here to San Diego and ride all over the city!
Sandralee Gill
Sandralee G.
I love my Electric Bike Company Model R with all the bells and whistles! I have an ebike that I really enjoy, but I wanted the option of using a throttle when I need to. I searched for a while before finding EBC, and I'm so glad I did! I also wanted a bike with some color and personality. She did not disappoint. My order took a little longer than expected because the company was moving to a new factory to speed up future production. The Bike is well worth the wait. I got the 7 speeds, the front basket with additional battery for extended range, all custom colors, and rear rack. I will be enjoying this bike for many years to come. People have said it It's the best looking bike they have ever seen! You can't go wrong with the Electric Bike Company!
Julie Feigleson
Julie F.
Nice store and staffed with concerned and friendly staff. The new Electric Bike we picked up recently is a welcome mode of work commute and so much more. The transaction was easy and not time consuming. It's nice to align yourself with a knowledgeable, well stocked store. Also contributing to the local economy when buying from established business! Glad to be onboard and will be stopping by for upgrades and add ons for sure! Daniel ODonnell
Home O'Donnell
Home O.
Great Bike, extremely well designed. I’ve ridden and visited many more places than with my regular bike. I ordered the standard fixed speed bike but found I really needed the 7 speed. After 2 months I had it put on , and for me it made a big difference going up hills! And it only took 1 day.Thanks again, great customer service, friendly staff.
Larry Burbridge
Larry B.
Love my new bike. The quality is throughout the entire bike and rides so smooth . I see allot of other ebikes on the bike path that don’t compare
Mark Steele
Mark S.
I’ve been admiring EBC bikes for a few years as I’ve seen them around town, but it wasn’t until a couple months ago that I actually visited their showroom and rented a bike 🚲 to try one out. My wife and I were immediately “sold” and ordered our bikes. We took delivery in early August and are kicking ourselves for not having done this sooner! We LOVE them and have been riding them everywhere!! If you’re considering an e-bike, do yourself a favor and go check out Electric Bike Company!!!
Ryan Tomalas, Esq.
Ryan Tomalas, E.
Great Bikes!!
Julie Bocanegra-DeUnamuno
Julie B.
I love my Electric Bike! The battery in the basket is a great feature! The lights and alarm make it perfect to cruise to local shops safely while enjoying California weather!
OC Avenue
I absolutely love my Model S from Electric Bike Company! I've had it for over a year and am always impressed with the quality and craftsmanship that went into making it. It's just beautiful!
Sarah Diseker
Sarah D.
The Model X bike I just bought is absolutely awesome. It is way above the standard electric bike. The other day I stopped a person riding on a competitors model. It wasn’t even close to the quality of my Electric Bike Company bike. The paint job, the frame, wheels, and style were 10 times better. Even though the pictures of the bike look great, it is really better looking once you receive it. Another great thing about the bike, it is delivered assembled. Last but not least, the service from this company is fantastic. They send you various videos that help. They even send you a video on how to take it out of the package!! This company really has its act together. I wouldn’t recommend any other bike or company for an electric bike.
Craig MacBeth
Craig M.
My bike is amazing. It's really a great purchase. We've had fun traveling all over the western US and ride everywhere. This is Tahoe for Forth of July.Karen
karen Espinoza
karen E.
I just ordered my beautiful new bike yesterday! It was so easy, and I’m very excited to get my bike! The chat persons are quite helpful, and you can always shoot them an email with questions. Best part - it comes fully assembled! Imagine the time that saves when all you want to do is get out there and ride! Thank you for making this the best decision ever!
Martie Schoener
Martie S.
My wife loves her Electric Bike model Y! The quality is amazing. Battery life is great, you can go a full day bouncing around Lake Tahoe.
Chris Vannoy
Chris V.
WE LOVE OUR EBC E-BIKES!!! Both our bikes arrived together fully assembled on the exact date that was estimated (even more impressive with shipping delays now being the new norm). While my wife's bike has worked perfectly from day one, my bike did have an electrical problem that EBC's great support team was able to quickly resolve. Thanks Tori and Phillip--sure is refreshing to have real folks answering calls in a timely manner! I should warn you all of something to prepare for--complete strangers often complimenting on your bike's stylish appearance and asking how they can get theirs. But most importantly, our EBC bike's performance and comfort is far superior to any other e-bikes we have rented in the past. We're off to Napa this weekend for our next ride--hope to see you there!
Mike R
Mike R
Purchased Model S bike one for myself and one for my husband. Just received them this week, So much fun to ride. We love our ebikes. Thank you to Electric Bike Company.
Dawn Zeevalk
Dawn Z.
This E bike is awesome and so is the company who sells them. I bought the “cruiser” fat tire E bike and couldn’t be anymore satisfied and Electricbikeparadise.comThx for the great bike and responses.Gary H.
gary hardin
gary H.
Amazing bikes! We fell in love with the Electric Bike Company's ebikes when first we rented them on a recent trip to Zion National Park. After that, I knew that I had to have one of my own. I went with the Model R, and it arrived today. We selected the option to custom-paint the bike, and, for mine, I opted for a lovely shade of plum. Assembly wasn't too complicated, and my first ride was divine. Highly recommended for high-quality ebikes, as well as excellent customer service.
sarah ziebell
sarah Z.
About 6 months ago my husband started talking about E-bikes. I was a skeptic, I have a nice cruiser style comfort bike in the garage. A friend bought a (different brand) e-bike and I went for a ride, oh what fun! I had my husband give that bike a try and he immediately set about finding the BEST bike for the money! As an engineer and detail oriented guy, researching these bikes was right up his alley. There are a ton of bikes out there, none compare to the quality and look of these bikes. We both got R model and absolutely love them. We ride them everywhere! We ride in the neighborhood, take them to the beach, and haul them with the RV. If I am going somewhere my bike is going too! LOVE my EBC bike
Stacey Zoyiopoulos
Stacey Z.
Best company and best, well made bike out there! Love all of the accessories that I can add to it 🙂
Stephanie Jefferson
Stephanie J.
Absolute amazing service, any question I had they knew the answer. They walked me through the whole process making it so easy and simple to do, explaining every part of it. This place is really the Tesla of Bikes.
Ashton D'Avanzo
Ashton D.
Best looking bikes out there! Great performance also.
Lisa Hawk
Lisa H.
What a pleasure working with EBC. An all American company putting together a superior product for a fair price. My model C is a beast. It didn’t take me long to determine out of at least 15 different companies with almost the same bikes to offer, that EBC was for me. They were able to be flexible to assist me with my medical needs. Thank you EBC.
Christopher Whedbee
Christopher W.
I love this bike! I own another ebike and love it too. In May I rented a model R at Zions National Park and fell in love with this bike! I found one at a bike store and went there right away to buy it. It’s black with red rims and looks so cool! I love how east this bike is to ride and how comfortable it is. I’m a 65 year old woman and can’t wait to go out and ride. Thanks for designing such a great bike!
Colleen Earnshaw
Colleen E.
I love my EBC bike! It really gives me joy riding down the river trail to the beach knowing that I won't be DYING on the ride home. I can go so much farther! I have the model Y. My short body likes the step-thru frame. I love seeing so many people on the trail, at the beach, wherever, belonging to the EBC community and giving shout outs as we pass! Great company, great bikes, great customer service. 👍🏻
Rachel Nye
Rachel N.
I recently placed an order for my bike and I could not have been happier with the wonderful customer service I received from Kirsten. She was very knowledgeable of the various products offered and patiently answered my list of questions. My sister had spoken to her previously regarding her bike and had the same positive experience with Kirsten. Kudos to EBC’s staff!
Linda Aguilera
Linda A.
Had a few minor issues, but EBC took care of everything. The bikes are high quality and well built. I would recommend them if you are looking for a nice reliable bike
Larry Lester
Larry L.