From $2299

“Best new hybrid e-bike around. suitable for on and off-road use”
Electrified Review


28 mph max.
1500 watt max.
(with 30Ah build)

Electric Bike Company site identity

Up to 150 mile


fully built


380 lbs
load capacity

MODEL R (Rugged Enduro)

The Model R sets itself apart with its true hybrid performance. On and Off-road abilities makes this electric bike the most versatile on the market. It’s simply fun and radical to ride.

Colorize, customize, accessorize and stylize till your heart’s content. Design yours to be truly unique. Expand your bike’s functionality with literally 1000s of combinations.



Bike Components


a. 60 Miles (12 Ah)
b. 100 Miles (21 Ah) - Add Basket
c. 150 Miles (30 Ah)- Add Basket
EBC approved and certified Lithium-Ion NMC Cells
(5 year warranty*)
* Please see warranty information

Battery charger

3.5 Amp super charger
with Smart charging technology, cooling fan,
aluminum cover & 3 prong charging port for safety


Tektro E-530 hydraulic disc brakes
with safety electrical motor disconnect wiring.

Brake Levers

Aluminum alloy comfort grip levers with motor cutoff switch

Brake Pad Material

Organic compound

Brake Rotors

180 mm Stainless steel (front and rear)


Stainless Steel for longevity

Crank Set

56T, 170 mm forged alloy, dual-sided aluminum bashguard

Drive Train

Direct or optional 7 speed


18T cog for medium to hilly terrain


Suspension fork with hydraulic lockout and preload adjustment,
turn lockout on at anytime while riding,
80 mm travel, 135 mm hub width, 9 mm quick release

GPS Tracker

Yes, Optional


Handstitched Leather
Aluminium secure ends for Non slip


Aluminum Crusier


Semi-integrated, 1-1/8" straight steerer tube


Non-slip sole & wide reinforced rubber foot
prevents slipping and sinking

LCD Screen

Multi level, compact, user friendly screen with UBS outlet


Front and Rear safety lights, controlled from LCD screen


1250W max output (10 year warranty)


Wellgo aluminium, integrated bearing pedals with comfort non slip rubber


Double walled, Aluminum 2″ Jetset Rims


Custom 300 x 300 x 100mm thick, high density foam,
back bumpers for support and comfort

Seat Post

30.4mm x 300mm, up to 350lbs
Optional Satori suspension (350lbs)
or Suntour suspension (350lbs)

Seat Post Clamp

Quick release


13-gauge stainless steel, black or silver


120 mm, adjustable from 0º-60º


Custom Electric Bike Company Rhinoceros 26" x 3", premium puncture resistant technology, rated for 50km/h


Thumb throttles for safety on every bike

Geometry & Sizing




699 mm




686 mm




646 mm




398 mm




696 mm




1220 mm




1940 mm

Recommended Rider Height

4’6″ – 6’8″

Max. weight

380 lbs

Bike weight with battery

56 lbs

Model R Reviews​

Customer Reviews

Just got my bike and I am loving it! EBC has been great to work with and has some great videos for my bike to teach me all the "in's & out's.
J Mac
J M.
I've been riding a road bike for 30 years. I LOVE to ride, but I don't like the posture of leaning forward on my bike as much as I used to. I started looking at electric bikes and my husband found EBC. After studying several bike makers, we made the decision to purchase two EBC bikes, Model R and Model S. We picked them up in Newport Beach, CA. We had no idea they were going to be so big!!! They barely fit on our bike rack! We've had them for two months now. I ride mine every day. I ride to work every day. I ride all over Verdi, NV, where I live. I love passing road bikes! Hahaha! Thanks EBC for a wonderful bike that I will be using for years to come!
Janet Pulleyn
Janet P.
Rented one at a local shop and immediately ordered my own. Can't wait for it to arrive. Thank you.
Valerie Bock
Valerie B.
Excellent bike, have referred numerous friends to your site.
Cindy Gittleman
Cindy G.
The most quality bike and service. Great to test ride the bike first to get a feel and local based ownership that take detail personally.
Matthew Godman
Matthew G.
Went to the showroom on Newport Blvd. Fell in love with the bike in the window. If I designed one myself, that would be the bike that I would design. Walked in and ask if I could buy the one in the window and rode my bike 15 miles home the next day. Love it. Simple fast transaction.. Best impulse buy ever!
Becky Grimes
Becky G.
We first rented E Bikes at Zion National Park. The shop there only used bikes made by the Electric Bike Company. After enjoying renting these bikes over 2 days, we were sold. As soon as we got back home we immediately ordered 2 Model R bikes. Just received them this week, and am extremely happy with our decision. Also, there customer service is 2nd to none.
We are from Washington State and they were so helpful when we put our 2 bikes together. Due to Covid, they sent our bikes , crated, to our home. Thank you for a great experience and 2 beautiful and quality bikes!
Peggy Kerr
Peggy K.
Order two bikes, model S. Service and help ordering these bikes was very helpful. Looked at alot of differrent bike companies, and found the Electric Bkie Company quality and local service was number one in my book.
Don Roussin
Don R.
I was an early adopter of ebikes, and have been riding a 36v Magnum for over 7 years, so when I started to research the newest models, it became clear that the EBC was in a different class of its own. What the EBC has been able to accomplish in all aspects of design, technology and quality at a very reasonable price point, sets itself higher than any of its peers, and by a long way.My new Model C is built better, has superior technology and more sophisticated styling than anything foreign made and at a better price. Having shopped around for an upgrade in power originally, these other elements are best in class and without breaking the bank.The other, and more impressive aspect of EBC; is their post sales support. I had a relatively unusual incident of damage when the bike was delivered, and the lengths that the Company, from the owner through many of his staff was impressive. They provided me with and excellent customer service experience, and while living on the opposite coast from their factory, I never felt like not having a local presence was an impediment to getting excellent service.If there is anything that speaks to giving a ringing endorsement for a product - I will be ordering another Model C for my winter home in a matter of months…these bikes are worth having more than only one!
Chris Coffey
Chris C.
Received my EBC Model R a few weeks ago. Its a beauty! Bright red with black trim and tan seat and grips. There was a paint smudge is a prominent place on the frame that I hope will buff out. Bike works perfectly, although 7 speed derailleur may need a little adjustment. Overall, I am quite impressed with the quality and performance of the bike, and proud that something really nice is being made in America..
Paul Burgett
Paul B.
Amazing!This bike is so freaking nice. Lots of features, smooth ride. Love everything about it.
Eric Mock
Eric M.
Before my husband and I got our wonderful bikes from the Electric Bike Company, I had not ridden anything but a stationary bicycle in years. I was a little worried about that, but the muscle memory of bike riding came flooding back! It is a joy to be out in the fresh air, cycling along, knowing that I can ride far and wide and enjoy the sights in a much more personal way. This is hands-down one of the best purchases we have ever made, and I am loving every minute of it!
Lisa Anderson
Lisa A.
Electric Bike Company is awesome, great quality and a sweet, fun ride. I had not been on a bike in over 30 yrs. I rode 14 miles on the electric bike my first ride. This bike is everything I needed to get me exercising. it's a life saver. Awesome for exercising a little and taking a break when needed.
LaShawn Campbell
LaShawn C.
Fantastic! So excited and pleased with my NEW purchase!!!
Katie Davis
Katie D.
After renting another Bike (different brand)for the day we stopped at EBC. They answered all questions and allowed us all to take their bikes for a spin down a nearby bike path. We were sold ! Two of us have since ordered bikes and we are crazy excited about delivery day!
Julie Doman
Julie D.
Recent delivery. What a flawless process. Waiting time was spot on. Delivery service was great and polite driver. Brought it straight into garage. Bike assembly was 5 minutes. Rides greatA+ experience
Rob Silverman
Rob S.
Love my Model R. It’s fun and easy. The more I ride the more I love it.
Robin Ingles
Robin I.
I just completed my first ride on my new e-bike from Electric Bike Company and I am impressed! Well built, easy to use - my new bike will transform my riding experiences. The company Customer Service is among the best I have ever experienced! After initial shipping challenges (shipper issues - not EBC issues) the customer service team resolved all the issues and my new bike was delivered perfectly. Thanks to a great team. I was referred to EBC by my brother, Thomas Irwin, and I can't thank him enough. My new e-bike is the third in the family so we will enjoy our time together biking in the future!
Katherine Welker
Katherine W.
The model C BIKE is awesome, the quality and craftsmanship is top of the line. I’m very happy with this purchase and the bike came assembled as advertised.
Javier Guedez
Javier G.
I absolutely love my EBC model R. She is a beauty and does great on the trails. Great support from the EBC community. highly recommended.
Joe Korc
Joe K.
EBC has consistently high ratings for their e-bikes. I am in the market for the RAD 4 Wagon and providence struck. I saw a guy riding down the road with that very bike! I flipped a U and chased him down. We talked for a while and he said it has been the best bike he has ever had. In the past year he rode over 9,000 miles and still going strong! He let me take it for a spin. It was a delight! I am sold.
David Franklin
David F.
About 6 months ago my husband started talking about E-bikes. I was a skeptic, I have a nice cruiser style comfort bike in the garage. A friend bought a (different brand) e-bike and I went for a ride, oh what fun! I had my husband give that bike a try and he immediately set about finding the BEST bike for the money! As an engineer and detail oriented guy, researching these bikes was right up his alley. There are a ton of bikes out there, none compare to the quality and look of these bikes. We both got R model and absolutely love them. We ride them everywhere! We ride in the neighborhood, take them to the beach, and haul them with the RV. If I am going somewhere my bike is going too! LOVE my EBC bike
Stacey Zoyiopoulos
Stacey Z.
I got the Model R a couple of weeks ago and boy was it worth the wait! This bike is amazing and is exactly what I needed. The puncture resistant tires make the constant tire flats a thing of the past. The battery life lets you go incredibly far. The seat is so comfortable. This was a great find.
Bryan Sullivan
Bryan S.
I love my custom ebike from the EBC! I get so many compliments on it, and it's so fun and easy to ride, both along the beach and in town. I also like having the hidden battery in the front basket. It looks clean and makes the bike lighter (IMO). The folks at EBC have also been great to work with -- and very patient -- with my neophyte questions. I thought I loved my beach cruiser, but I'm afraid the ebike has taken first place in my heart!
Dixie Walters
Dixie W.
Bike took 8 weeks to get, but was worth the wait. Love my bike, purchased the 7 speed to also get a workout!
Mark Deprez
Mark D.
Great Products and even better customer support. We've had our bikes out on the road almost everyday since we've taken delivery of them. If you're looking for an e-bike that will be a pleasure to own and ride, look no further than EBC.
David Wood
David W.
I recently received my white Electric Bike Company model R. It was well worth the wait. And considering how many things we take for granted the are in currently in short supply, I was impressed by how they kept to their timeline to deliver the bike as promised. The box that it arrived in was in perfect shape and you literally pull the entire bike out of the container. The packing was done with recyclable molded foam bits and other parts of the bike were wrapped. I followed the directions about securing the handlebars and within 10 minutes my bike was complete. After charging the battery I went for a spin. I am so happy with my purchase. If you ordered without a test drive, you will most likely be surprised at how large the bike is and how heavy it is. But this is a different beast than a pure pedal powered machine. Once you get used to the weight and different power levels, you will be off and riding. We live on a massively steep hill. At my age, the fun was going out of biking. We have great trails here, but coming home was a chore trying to pedal up a small mountain. The R is a plenty powerful bike. I still have to work a bit to get up the steepest section, but that's part of the fun. I had a little glitch with some rear brake noise and the fine people at EBC sent me a video on what needed to be adjusted. You can tell that the people that work there are just as jazzed about their products as their customers. I am not a buy American or nothing kind of person, but I love the fact that they build our bikes here and employ so many people. I'm sure they could make a larger profit by building overseas like 95 percent of the other bike companies, but they are committed to making their product here. I thank them and am a proud owner of a very nice electric bike that sits side by side with our electric vehicles. No turning back! Take care EBC and keep up the great quality work and customer service.Vince LernerKenmore, WA
I’ve not got my bike yet; but , everyone has been helpful, answered my many questions the last six months, and been kind to put up with me investigating! I’m excited to try my new e-bike on the rambling trails of my Idahome!
chalae logan
chalae L.
Just got both of our bikes. Great shipping. Finished putting them together in about 10 minutes and off we went. 100% satisfied.
Liz Luciano
Liz L.
great service, staff is at times a bit overwhelmed .
jaap laufer
jaap L.
Purchased a Model C Electric Bike in all black. It's better than expected and climbs a long mile hill up to my home. A friend purchased the same Model C that I test road and fell in love it right away. You Can't Go Wrong Purchasing a Electric Bike from ELECTRIC BIKE COMPANY!
Walter Sachau
Walter S.
Overall, I'm a little less than impressed with the Model R I recently purchased. It looks nice (see pictures) and is comfortable sitting on, but there are several issues. For 3K+, I would have thought there would be a bit higher quality.When the bike arrived, the derailleur was completely misaligned to where I could not shift into either 1st, 2nd, or 3rd. It even caused the chain to fall off.Second, for whatever reason, when using the throttle on flat ground the fastest it will go is 14 MPH, even with max PAS set. My expectation was 20MPH (as EBC markets on their site).Related to the throttle, it is not a consistent output when the throttle is all the way down and held down. I feel a noticeable speed up, slow down to try and keep the speed consistent, as the motor engages even with the throttle all the way pressed. Compared to Pedego, Trek, RadPower, and Specialized bikes I've tested this Model R feels slightly "jerky" with the throttle engaged. Finally, I took a close up picture of the throttle. Its not comfortable to have engaged for an extended period of time and hurts the thumb after a while.Overall, I guess it's OK. But I'd recommend you take time to review other brands before committing and know what you're getting into. EBC has an excellent marketing team. They tout that the bikes are built in the US, giving an impression of greater quality, though be aware parts are sourced from China (which to EBC's credit they are open about). As frustrating as it is, I can fix the derailleur. But it's a major disappointment to find the motor is so weak. That I can't fix and EBC's warranty they have on the bike is not in your favor.Edit: in response to EBC's reply, I had already emailed the company and am awaiting a follow-up
Joel Anderson
Joel A.
My wife and I have been searching for E bikes for about a year now. We live in Washington (The Upper Left one) and have looked at Rad, Pedigo, and other brands but kept coming back to EBC Model R. The style is perfect for my wife as a step thru but still rugged enough for me and my testosterone. GREAT components are used on this model and we love the larger 3 inch tires with double walled rims. Customizing was simple and FUN with the online program and we both were able to get exactly what we wanted color wise and also the right accessories that use the MIK system. Shipment was a concern but EBC packaged the bikes extremely well and set up took no more than 20 minutes for 2 bikes. We took our first real ride of 27 miles, had three power bars (48v) of power remaining and flew up some longer hills. Very impressed with our bikes!
Christopher Nelson
Christopher N.
Love our bikes. First bought one for the wife and liked it so much that I got one too. Nice for riding together and going surfing in summer.
Celso De Oliveira
Celso De O.
Best Bike ever!!!!
Carleen Berry
Carleen B.
If you love wind through your hair, order a EBC bike. I gifted myself this bike so I could use it as my primary transportation around town, taking me to the pool, grocery shopping, visiting friends, and yes, feeling the wind in my hair. It’s so much fun.A few wise words - have fun playing with color choices, the front basket is great - but it does add weight to the bike, as does the battery/shocks,gears. You might keep that in mind when building and accessorising your bike. I wish I had been more prepared for that. That’s my only complaint with the bike is the weight, it’s much heavier than I expected, making it impossible to put in the back of my truck. My bike is great for getting around town. It’s not designed for mountain bike trails or for road training. - there are other brands that are better for that. Also, the handlebars are wider than I was used too, but I’ve have finally adapted to their width and bike weight.My EBC bike manages all the hills in Northwest Arkansas; although I’ve had a few times when the chain came off, but easy to put back on.You go fast, so don’t forget to add a mips technology helmet to your order.I find the alarm system a nice addition.
Jenni Taylor Swain
Jenni Taylor S.
Having any bike stuff in stock is a blessing. Got their info from a friend and could not be happier. They respond right away on messages which is awesome. Purchased a Ebike Rack which most places dont have in stock. Great Company!!!!
Doug Flores
Doug F.
If you like an amazing built bike with power to go where you need to go, this is the place to get it. The bikes are classic style, and built to order - pick a color, or special paint job, they will do it. Excellent customer service, and they will answer any questions and let you test ride before you buy. Love, Love, LOVE my cotton candy pink bike 🙂 So do my dogs! Don't forget to accessorize!
Received my Model R a couple of weeks ago and have been riding every day. It is the most comfortable and fun bike I've ever had.
Pat Gorski
Pat G.
Got my R bike and love it !
Brent Welch
Brent W.
I visited your Huntington Beach store this weekend and was very impressed. The selection was great but mostly impressed with your customer service. Thank you for treating me special; even though I didn’t find a bike I wanted I was thoroughly impressed. The store was clean and organized and the show room was impressive. Will be sending friends a family your way. Thanks again.
Greg Mackney
Greg M.
On a 3 national park tour, everyone commented on how sharp the bikes looked. This picture was taken at Zion National park, where peddle assist made long uphill grades seem like they were flat. A 5 mile ride to the trailheads on the EBC bikes made hiking more fun. We logged a lot of miles at Zion, but still did not even go below a half charge. Smooth ride, and great brakes going down the long grades. Me and my wife have matching bikes, red / black, best bike decision every made.Thanks EBCBill T
William Thomson
William T.
We had a great trip to the southwest National Parks. Taking our Electric Bikes along made the trip memorable and fun. We were able to ride in Zion and Mesa Verde. Here in Moab we rode along the Colorado River on the Lion Park Trail up to the gate at Arches National Park. A perfect day for a ride. At each location we were able to share excitement and ease of riding the Electric Bikes.
Jennie Thomson
Jennie T.
Where to start, EBC! EBC! EBC! I have researched ebikes for over a year now and each search ended with one bike company, EBC. Fast forward to today. We have a Y for my wife and S for me. We could not have been happier with our purchase and we will find where the trails take us. EBC! EBC! EBC!
Dan Worthington
Dan W.
Terrific customer service. Great bikes.
S E Simon
S E S.
Great quality e-bike. Family owned business with excellent customer service
Cyn O'Leary
Cyn O.