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“Im am so delighted with my new Model E. This stock Model is best addition to the EBC model line up. You can’t beat the quality at this introductory price. Thank you EBC for making the purchase so easy.”
Rachel via Google


25 mph max.
1000 watt


Up to 70 mile

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Arrives Fully Built


350 lbs

MODEL E (Economy Bike)

The NEW Model E is our version of the Economy bike, classic style electric cruiser, built with 26″ wheels, built to order, 100% customizable, and arrives fully built.


NEW Dual Throttle TURBO    + $999

Add an additional throttle to TURBO boost your E-Bike power. Perfect for hilly terrain and weight boosting.

Carry and pull heavier cargo with ease. 

Simply add to your Bike during your custom build, or if you already own an EBC bike, talk to our team of experts about upgrading your E-Bike today. 


  • Additional 1000w
  • Additional 40-50 mile range
  • Mini Display and Control screen included
  • Perfect for those living and riding in hilly terrain or carrying / pulling heavier Cargo than average.



Bike Components


Up to 50 Miles
EBC approved and certified Lithium-Ion NMC Cells
(2 year warranty*)
* Please see warranty information

Battery charger

3.5 Amp super charger
with Smart charging technology, cooling fan,
aluminum cover & 3 prong charging port for safety


Bengal Hydraulic Disc Brakes
with saftey electrical motor disconnect wiring

Brake Levers

Aluminum alloy comfort grip levers with motor cutoff switch

Brake Pad Material

Organic compound

Brake Rotors

180 mm Stainless steel (front and rear)


Stainless Steel for longevity

Charge Time

2-3 hrs with super charger (included)

Crank Set

58T, 170 mm forged alloy, dual-sided aluminum bashguard

Drive Train



Rigid Steel 1-1/8" fork with threaded steerer tube


18T cog for medium to hilly terrain


Locking handstitched leather
Aluminium secure ends for non slip


Aluminium cruiser


Semi-integrated, 1-1/8" straight steerer tube


Non-slip sole & wide reinforced rubber foot
prevents slipping and sinking

LCD Screen

Multi level, compact
user friendly screen with USB outlet


Front and rear safety LED lights,
controlled from LCD screen


1000W max output (2 year warranty)


Wellgo aluminium, integrated bearing pedals
with comfort non slip rubber


26 inch, Double walled, Aluminum 2″ Jetset Rims


Custom, 300 x 300 x 100mm thick, high density foam

Seat Post

30.4mm x 300mm, up to 350lbs

Seat Post Clamp

Quick release


13-gauge stainless steel


Integrated 120 mm, adjustable from 0º- 60º


26" x 2.35"
Schwalbe Fat Frank E-Cruiser Tires


Thumb throttles for safety on every bike

Geometry & Sizing




675 mm




686 mm




646 mm




398 mm




684 mm




1220 mm




1896 mm

Recommended Rider Height

4’6″ – 6’8″

Max. weight

350 lbs

Bike weight with battery

56 lbs

Video Reviews​

Customer Reviews

Just received my customized Model R. Absolutely the finest e bike available. I'm 82 years old, some health problems but with the bike I can now enjoy the sport and get beneficial exercise. I might add I ordered the bike online and dealing with Jeff G was a pleasure, who responded to all questions and requests for information in a timely manner. I might add that I decided to purchase from Electric bike company after my friend Jack, by the way is 84 years old, made his purchased and realized the quality on their e bikes. Looking forward to many years of use, then to my grand children.
Jerry Wesson
Jerry W.
I'm very happy with our new Electric Bike Company e-bike that we picked up at the EBC Factory & Showroom in Costa Mesa. We purchased the Model E because it's a little less expensive, but its quality & workmanship is outstanding. The 1000W motor has ample juice to get up rolling hills. It's really rare for a bike manufacturer to offer such a wide range of customization options like EBC does ... colors, accessories, etc ... We went with mixing standard colors because we were on a budget, but still had fun designing the bike on their website. When I ordered online it said the bike would be ready in 18-23 days, but I got the call to come pick it up on day 7. Under promise & over deliver ... noice. (Sticking with standard colors likely shortened the build time by a few days.) Looking forward to many rides and errands on this beauty!!
Eric Schoening
Eric S.
Fantastic bike. Just received delivery on my model -R. Solid and high quality with attention to detail. Looks beautiful. Received in about 2 weeks after order. My first order was for my Wife, model-Y. She loves it and was why I purchased the second bike. A little trouble getting delivery on her stock bike as it took almost two months, but customer service answers phones and very friendly. Probably dropped the ball on the order. Nonetheless, I would highly recommend and will buy more in the future.
michael jacoby
michael J.
Love the look of my new bike, I get lots of compliments. Powerful & smooth price seemed reasonable.
Jim Dawson
Jim D.
Thanks for letting us use the ’fat tire’ size. I have a good mountain bike but can’t ride on local trails since they are completely sandy and make the bike unsteady. The tree inch tiire may work. Beach sand is very soft and allows tires to sink through as if on deep ball bearings making riding impossible
Gerald Capodieci
Gerald C.
Excellent customer service, and a quality America made product. Blake and Nick are the best at the Huntington Beach showroom.
Mike Carnakis
Mike C.
Excelente muy buenas
Maria Olivares
Maria O.
I was considering getting an electric bike for over a year now. Electric Bike Company was the first bike I came across and test rode. From that first experience, I knew that it was the bike for me. I took time doing some research, also attending the Electrify Expo to test ride numerous other bikes.I was still hooked on EBC, debating between Model C and Model R. After placing my order, my bike was built and ready in 2 weeks.I was told that bike would be fully charge during pick up and it wasn’t. However I made it home with enough charge. Only other complication I had was during my ride home, the seat came loose and wobbly. Tighten it back up was a quick fix with the tools that were provided, however thread seems a bit striped and damaged.Nonetheless EBC offers quality stunning product and incredible customer service! I had my bike for over 2 weeks now and have no regrets with my purchase. I love my Model R!!!!
Vincent Nguyen
Vincent N.
I used to ride a regular bike all the time when I lived in a city, but now I'm up in the mountains and the hills around here are daunting. Took a chance on having a custom Model S shipped out to me sight unseen, and I love it to bits. Racing green with tan leather trim, brown/cream tires with red rims, and an extra battery in the front basket. It showed up without the charger cord for the basket battery and the EBC folks shipped me one free of charge right away. I'm in rural upstate NY far from the nearest ebike dealership of any kind -- glad this worked out for me, the bike is solid and fun and the hottest pair of wheels in town. I'll be on it all summer.
Lissa Harris
Lissa H.
Love my new bike!! Just picked up my Model Y , all white with tan accents, so cute!! Looks & rides great… here we go!!
Carol LeMuiex
Carol L.
EBC bikes are absolutely the best electric bikes out there!!! We shopped and test rode for a very long time before we purchase. At the conclusion of our search it was clear were we were going to purchase, EBC. We are so glad that we did. We order a Model R and a Model S. We love the ride, love the helpful service from EBC. It was important to us that we bought a built in USA.
T O'
T O.
What an amazing company ! Our bike was built quickly and turned out even better then expected. We chose to have custom colors and they look amazing ! There customer service is very helpful and quick. I would definitely recommend buying a bike from this company !
Chelsey Davis
Chelsey D.
Got my Beautiful E-Bike today! Rides great. Dark Green with brown trim and wood fenders and chain guard.
John Hulina
John H.
Great Bike, extremely well designed. I’ve ridden and visited many more places than with my regular bike. I ordered the standard fixed speed bike but found I really needed the 7 speed. After 2 months I had it put on , and for me it made a big difference going up hills! And it only took 1 day.Thanks again, great customer service, friendly staff.Addendum: I have ridden almost 1300 miles in about 10 months ( wanted to do 2000 miles in a year but broke my ankle-had to take 2 months off).Still love it, have gone grocery shopping many times, including Costco (which limits the amount I can carry back home) A friend of mine, who bought his EBC bike at the same time, and I both talk about the excellent decision we made to buy our bikes at the time we did. I have had numerous other bike riders comment on how great the bike looks. Thanks again EBC, #electricbikecompany.
Larry Burbridge
Larry B.
Having been a very active regular rider for many years I hit age 67 and arthritis flared up in my right hip. After being sidelined for a few months I started researching electric bikes. I looked at every company at every price point, and watched every video until I found the best. I chose the Electric Bike Co., Model R. After completing about 300 miles already, around 20 - 30 miles per ride, I am thrilled beyond belief with my decision. Power, comfort, quality and range. Did I say comfort? The seat system is so comfortable I could ride 50 miles without a problem. Love, love, love it!!!
Greg Trampe
Greg T.
Yesterday, I placed my first bike order with EBC online. They have incredible customer service. I chatted on line with Jeff and he was very patient to answer all my questions. I can't wait to receive my bike .... I will finally be able to keep up with my husband and boys when we go on outings.
Amy Powell
Amy P.
I hardly know where to begin. This company has no peer when it comes to the quality of their products, their attention to every detail regarding the design and build of their bikes and their before and after sale customer service. After looking at the ever increasing number of ebikes on the market, it became clear the EBC model we chose was far and away the best choice for my wife's small size. Thanks for doing everything right!
Jan Rayl
Jan R.
My husband and I each ordered a Model R. Jeff from Huntington Beach was extremely helpful. I Could not make up my mind on the tremendous color choices and of course I wanted a one of its kind color. Jeanne went over the top to help me with the plethora of colors to choose from. Not easy for a girl with that many choices LOL. Jeanne had the master painter send me samples. What amazing customer service. Our bikes are being built right now and I will post pictures as soon as we pick them up.
Linda Robert
Linda R.
The salesperson answered all my questions and let me test ride the bike. His directions were great and it was easy to ride an electric bike the very first time. Our pickup at the repair shop (each new bike gets a once over) was also friendly and informative. I am loving my new 500 Aventon!!
Joey Wilson
Joey W.
I just purchased a Model R from Ride Oside in Oceanside. The bike surpassed my expectations of a comfort ride on the street, as well as its durability on dirt roads. We have rented a copy of different electric bike models over the last couple of years before purchasing, and this bike not only looks good but rides amazing. The bike a pleasure to ride!
Veronica Pendleton
Veronica P.
My experience has been great with the Electric Bike Company! Everyone I talk to was super helpful and though they told me it would be 3 to 4 weeks before I got my bike I basically got it in just over two weeks!
John Kraul
John K.
I’ve owned a EBC Model X for two years and I continue to be impressed by my bike. It has been absolutely trouble free since purchased. Several of my friends have tried my bike and are planning to purchase EBC bikes of their own. I couldn’t be more pleased with my bike.
John Barnes
John B.
I ordered my wife and I each a electric bike company bike. Mine model R and hers is a model Y. We were worried it would take a long time to get the bikes and that they would not arrive in time for our first camping trip of the year. The bikes arrived faster than the expected delivery date and we are so happy with them. They arrived just as explained in the video that they would. Had them unpacked and riding within an hour of their arrival. They are both beautiful and preformed great. Customer service was fantastic with helping choose the best bike for our needs. Thank you all and we can't wait to go on our first camping trip of the year with our new bikes 😀
Robert Paroda
Robert P.
Electric bike company is such a great bike shop because of how innovative they are in the creation of electric bikes. You get to fully customize your electric bike according to your style that you enjoy, instead of having limited choices. On top of that the bikes are made in the United States instead of in other countries and the bikes are cheap for being made in this country compared to other bike shops.
Rowan Tokarz
Rowan T.
I absolutely love my e-bike! I rode it to work as often as I can. I am saving money on gas and I enjoy being able to conquer hills with ease. I can explore more and get places faster! I could not be happier with my bike and also Brandon at Discovery e-bikes who I bought the bike through. Brandon is professional and extremely helpful!
Jennifer Halberg
Jennifer H.
Just got my bike in, and I am soooo happy!I love it!
Brandon Trevino
Brandon T.
I cannot stress enough how much of an absolute JOY buying this bike was!!!It is so much fun to ride, so wonderfully versatile, and soo incredibly good looking!It is super comfortable and all it took was 1 ride around the block and I purchased another one for my wife.If you are looking for an ebike, or just a new bike this bike company should be at the top of your list.Thank you Electric Bike Company.
Phil McNally
Phil M.
LOVE my bike! Got it quickly, less than 2 weeks shipped to central coast CA. Easy set up and was riding in less than an hour. I get so many compliments. I'm 5'1" so finding an ebike to fit me that wasn't a fold up was challenging until I found EBC type Y! Definitely recommend 100% The only thing that I don't like is how loud the alarm is when turning the power to the bike on and arming and disarming the alarm. I understand that it is supposed to be loud as a deterrent when set, but it is obnoxiously loud when setting and starting power. Looking for a way to disconnect or remove the alarm. Everything else is PERFECT!
Sheryl Peña
Sheryl P.
I have purchased two (2) Model Rs. One for Medford Lakes, New Jersey and one for Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. What great bikes, I recommend them to whoever will listen. When dealing with the Electric Bike Company you feel like you are dealing with family.
Paul Zetts Jr
Paul Zetts J.
I would like to take a moment and share my recent experience with Ebike shopping. I’ve been searching for about 8 months asking people for their thoughts about their own Ebikes. So yesterday we drove down to the beach to see the shop in person. Well we had great costumer service and I was like I need to search a little more. So off I went to another bike shop, we walked in and nobody helped us did even acknowledge us and we were leaving the store the employees said good bye. We were floored so I was like why am I wasting anymore time. Built local, great customer service, 5 year battery warranty and 10 year bike, and I got to customize my own bike. Definitely a cool thing to do. My sister got an ebike from another company and she bought it online and she’s on her 3rd battery just since Christmas that she had to purchase on her own. That was also my last reason for picking the electric bike company for that warranty. Can’t wait to ride my new bike!! Thanks again keep up the good work.
Diane Stinson
Diane S.
Great product. Built well. Great ride. Great customer service. Palm Coast salesman, was polite and very knowledgeable.
Kenney DePierro
Kenney D.
best electric bike ever!!! borrowed one from a friend , now going to purchase my own.
Charlene Gozony
Charlene G.
Love our new bikes. They are everything we thought they would be and more.
Annette Melosini
Annette M.
"Our family get filled with G.A.S. (Gratitude, Awareness and Service) every time we ride these incredibly well designed, built and serviced machines with Love." ~ Patrick "The G.A.S. Man" Milan
Patrick “The G.A.S. Man” Milan
Patrick “The G.A.S. Man” M.
From my wife surprising me with taking me to order my bike on my birthday, to receiving it today (only 13 days!), the Electric Bike Company's staff has been professional and on spot with everything they promised! Paul, who delivered my bike gave me a complete rundown on how to use the electronics, left me confident and excited to take off on a ride!. 1st ride was perfect! Up and down some hills and though some parkways. Feels Awesome!!!
Chris Garland
Chris G.
The Electric Bike Company in Huntington Beach is AMAZING! We got our bikes in Aug and we LOVE them. We went back in today to customize my bike further and add little touches. The staff is always friendly, they don't try and oversell you and are always happy to offer suggestions and help when needed. They are fast and efficient and we LOVE this place. I recommend them to everyone when people ask about electric bikes....
Marc Lavigne
Marc L.
The customer service at EBC is outstanding! I'm looking forward to my next Electric Bike Company masterpiece.
Mick Fowler
Mick F.
I have been looking around a while for a good electric bike I ended up with the electric bike company because of all the reviews I’ve seen and I was at a swap meet and just happened to see one there that was really nice gray and black it was an E bike. It seems like a very nice bike and I will be riding it a lot and leave more reviews of how it is I’ve already put about 50 miles on it and it is perfect very smooth.
Ed Vandever
Ed V.
What a great bike. Really makes it simple to enjoy with my wife and allows her to keep up and not have to worry about hills and or the wind when it's in her face. Thanks EBC for such a wonderful creation.
Ivar Roth
Ivar R.
I love my new e-bike from Electric Bike Company! Customizing my bike online and ordering was easy. Online chat support answered all of my questions. I can finally keep up with my husband and am getting out to ride more frequently. I look forward to future adventures and exploring more trails!
Josie Milan
Josie M.
Claudia said Bella at the Newport Beach location were awesome. We asked a lot of questions about the bikes and they were both very knowledgeable. They had us try every bike possible so we were completely comfortable with our final decision. Would highly recommend this bike to everyone looking for an e-bike.Thanks for all your help and support.
Connie Gayhart
Connie G.
Great options, easy to use website. Specially ordered bike came in 20 days!Love the assist option when coming to hills & potholes, & off-road! It is bigger than expected but great quality and options. Looking forward to getting to enjoy biking without the strains.
carrie s
carrie s
I love my new E-Bike---I ended up with the Model E at their Placentia Grand opening. I got the white version with black accents. It is everything I wanted at a great price. I got all the accents with baskets, mirror, cup holder, phone holder, a bell--I feel like a kid again when I ride now!! Love it!!
suzie berger
suzie B.
Bought my e~bike a year ago and love it! We live near the bike paths in Long Beach and ride them often. We just came back from a week in the desert and did a lot of riding on multiple surfaces, my Electric Bike Company wheels did not disappoint. The doggo enjoys it too. Thank you for a nice product.
Jim Samuel
Jim S.
I researched online for weeks AND visited a local bike shop to see their offerings before finally landing on Electric Bike Company for my first eBike purchase. My bike arrived in less than two weeks, was pulled straight out of the sturdy shipping container, handlebars were adjusted and then it was promptly put into the garage (while the battery charged in the house) due to nasty winter weather here in Illinois. I finally got to test drive it this past weekend and WOW - I already love my new Model E eBike! (My son does, too.) My long lane is rocked, but with the "fat" tires, I felt very stable and there was no slipping. I can't wait to get it onto the country roads and bike trails. This bike was my retirement gift to myself, but something tells me there will be more EBC bikes joining my family in the future. Thanks to all of the "online chatters" who seemed to always be ready to answer my inane questions with patience and good humor. Thanks EBC! Peggy H.
Randy Haukap
Randy H.
I have owned my S model for about three years. It is a GREAT electric bike. You can’t find a better bike at any cost. I love tee onboard charging plug. The bike rides like a dream. The color is orange. The only problem is you can’t ride two miles without people stopping to ask you questions about the bike. I live in Indiana and they haven’t seen any bikes like it.
Randall Black
Randall B.
The electric bike company represents quality, not only in their bikes, but also in their service. I have had my bike for 2 years now and I absolutely love it.
Terry Schmerk
Terry S.
The BEST eBike EVER, and I have owned several. Easy to operate, and pedal at your own desired speed. Love my eBike, it makes my ride thru my Community so enjoyable! And everyone in the Community comments on what a Beautiful Bike! Best Warranty too! Couldn’t be more thrilled with an eBike, GREAT COMPANY!
S Ross
S R.