From $1999

“Awesome e-bike that actually blew me away with the quality for the price”

28 mph
1250 watt

max. output
Up to 100 mile
Electric Bike Company site identity

fully built

380 lbs
MODEL C (Classic)

The Model C is a classic style electric cruiser, built to order, 100% customizable, and arrives fully built. Awarded top rated E-Cruiser in USA by (Electric Bike Review 2018 / 2019 / 2020).


Colorize, customize, accessorize and stylize until your heart’s content.



Bike Components

Anti-Theft Alarm



48V 11.6Ah (optional 17.4Ah)
Lithium-Ion Samsung Cell (5 year warranty*)
* Please see warranty information

Battery charger

1.7 amp internal charger &
3.5 Amp super charger


Tektro "Dorado" hydraulic disc brakes
with safety electrical motor disconnect wiring
and 4 piston calibers

Brake Levers

Aluminum alloy comfort grip levers with motor cutoff switch

Brake Pad Material

Organic compound

Brake Rotors

180 mm Stainless steel (front and rear)


Stainless Steel, rust resistant for longevity

Charge Time

3-4 hrs with external smart charger (optional)
6-9 hrs with internal charger

Crank Set

56T chainring, 170 mm forged alloy cranks

Drive Train

Direct (single speed) or optional 7 speed


Rigid Steel 1-1/8" fork with threaded steerer tube


18T default (medium to hilly terrain)
16T (by request, very flat terrain)


Locking handstitched vegan leather
Aluminium secure ends for non slip
available in Black or Tan


27" wide steel crusier bars


Semi-integrated, 1-1/8" straight steerer tube

LCD Screen

Color display, multi level, compact
user friendly screen with USB outlet


Front and rear safety LED lights,
powered by the battery,
controlled from LCD screen


1250W max output (10 year warranty)


Wellgo aluminium, integrated bearing pedals
with comfort non slip rubber


Double walled, aluminum 2″ ebike rims


Custom, leather,
300 x 300 x 100mm thick, high density foam,
elastomer bumpers for support and comfort
available in Black or Tan

Seat Post

30.4mm x 300mm ridgid aluminum, up to 350lbs
Optional Satori suspension (170lbs)
or Suntour suspension (350lbs)


13-gauge stainless steel, rust resistant,
black or silver with brass nipples


Integrated 120 mm, adjustable from 0º-60º


Maxxis Gypsy puncture resistant ebike tires,
Optional upgrade; Continental Contact Plus City E50, puncture resistant, low rolling resistance to save battery power


Thumb throttle for safety on every bike

Geometry & Sizing




812 mm




686 mm




651 mm




447 mm




715 mm




1221 mm




1890 mm

Recommended Rider Height

5’2″ – 6’10”

Standover height

Wheel 24″ : 770mm / 26″ : 789mm

Min. rider inseam

Wheel 24″ : 30.3″ / 26″ : 31″

Max. weight

380 lbs

Bike weight with battery


Video Reviews​

Customer Reviews

My wife and I ("senior citizens") purchased two Model Y's and are very happy with them. Enjoy the pedal assist in the hills. Love the fact that they are produced in the USA and come assembled, just have to adjust the handle bars to suit your ride.
Jim & Jana Gleim
Jim & Jana G.
This company and the bikes they produce are as good as it gets. So good that it motivated me to write this - my first ever - google review.I recently had the Model R delivered and it was way beyond my expectations - even beyond my hopes. Everything is seemless - the gears, the assist levels, the breaking, the throttle, the integrated lights. It came fully assembled, with only some very minor adjustments needed on my end. This particular model feels so solid, and it makes me feel all the more safe when I'm cruising at top speeds. It looks great, and if it weren't for the display (and my speed going uphill) you might not even realize it was an electric bike. I've ridden a couple of Trek's and an Electra previously. This one is so much better, and much less expensive than Trek. Everyone I interacted with at the company was very helpful. The whole process - deciding on the model, communicating about it before it arrived, and speaking with Blake to help customize some things afterwards were all very personalized experiences where I felt like my desires mattered to them.I can't think of any product I've ever purchased that I would recommend as highly as this.
We’ve had our bikes a little over a month now and couldn’t be happier! We’ve put just over 500 miles on them. These bikes are so well made and very comfortable. I can’t say enough good things! If you’re on the fence about getting one...just do it! You will be so glad you did!
Valerie Christy
Valerie C.
After researching many e-bike companies I decided to order the R model. EBC ratings and reviews convinced me this was the company to deal with even though they are located 2000 miles away. Two important factors were the bikes are built in the USA and also offer a good warranty. Unfortunately when I received my bike there was a problem with the hub motor. I was very disappointed at the time, but fortunately Blake immediately came to the rescue. A new wheel was sent and delivered within a week. Our weather has not been that great for riding yet, but I am looking forward to enjoying my R model. I highly recommend this company.
Jim Knecht
Jim K.
can you do a quick 1 min video of the testers testing the built bikes
Marc Reimann
Marc R.
I am so pleased with this bike. I love the look of the classic style of the Model C. It's so much fun to ride. It's really cool that it comes fully assembled. That was huge for me. Plus it's put together in the USA. I can't wait for the weather to break in the northeast so I can really explore my area with this bike.
Dawn Schlimm
Dawn S.
We ordered 2 Y bikes for our home in New Port Beach. The bike performs well and is easy to learn and use. The entire bike is very well build built, down to the details of fully polished stainless steel hardware. I will add photos to this post later,i opted for the lazy mans bike with the low cross bar so it is easy to board. white with red rims and blacked out on everything else. Bottom line is: we have done our research, and for the price, you won't find a better bike for the money. dollar for dollar, this is the best electric cruiser out there.
eddie rowland
eddie R.
Fabulous company with fabulous products. Love my Model X. Looks great, good craftsmanship, excellent quality and ride.
Adventures of Livybug
Adventures of L.
Just got our second E bike from company Great bike ,clean lines, and very easy people to deal with with .Love the bikes . Got my model R shipped to me , never saw it live, better than I could have expected!
Randall Counter
Randall C.
After reseaching many bikes online and at local stores (and there are many), EBC stood out with the best build, components and price. Very happy with our decision to buy from EBC!
Demetrios Syrpes
Demetrios S.
I am an avid cyclist and own a dozen different bicycles; touring, mountain, cruising, folding, hybrid & fat bikes. Last month, after tons of due diligence, I finally purchased my first electric bicycle from the Electric Bike Company, the Model C. ...and I am beyond impressed! The bike was delivered within 2 weeks, fully assembled. It took me about 10 minutes to unwrap the packaging and adjust the handlebars, and off I went. The experience was surreal! I felt like I was an Olympian pedaling downhill, even when I was pedaling uphill (on level 5). I now typically keep the power on Level 1 or 2 just so I can feel like I'm getting a little workout. Level 5 is way too fast! ....unless your goal is to get from place to place as fast as humanly possible (...which is never my goal when riding this bike). whenever I have a question about the battery or LED display functionality, the customer service team at the EBC is absolutely phenomenal! Sean & Blake & Jeanne are extremely knowledgeable, helpful & super responsive to all of my phone calls & emails. They also provided me with links to dozens of 2 minute YouTube videos showing more advanced functionality & features, which was also extremely helpful. I already have 500 miles on my bike and I cannot wait to take it out again later today! ...and I plan on buying 3 more ebikes from the EBC (for my wife & kids) as soon as I can get back to work! This bicycle is making me feel like a big kid again! Thank you EBC! -Steven Irgang. New York.
steven irgang
steven I.
Love this ebike. Company has been easy to work with and responsive to some minor issues. First of all bike is well packed for shipping. But even so the shipping company managed to put fork of pallet jack through box and hit spokes. Only cosmetic damage thank God. Bike arrived without rear basket and mirrors as ordered but EBC promptly shipped. Then received package and no mounting hardware for basket. Notified EBC requesting info on bolt size and photo so I could locate for assembly but they wanted to send them to me since they are specific for their bikes. This is great except having to wait again. I also requested some touch up paint so I can touch up any scratches that it has Paul offered to send it at no charge...Big Thanks Paul! Hopefully hardware will arrive shortly so I can start riding regularly....I have two small chihuahuas that want to go and cry when they get left at home so until hardware arrives no long trips out for me! But over all very glad I made the decision to purchase my bike at EBC!
Brenda Miller Haynes
Brenda Miller H.
1.) Easy/Clear Website!2.) Answered my Call on a Sunday.3.) Excellent Product! Sturdy. Beautiful. Details are Amazing.4.) OMU - Why didn't I buy this years ago? SO. MUCH. FUN. Thank you. I feel like a kid again. Angela L CochranGig Harbor, WA
Angela L Cochran
Angela L C.
Great bike. 5 speeds with peddle assist, very powerful and easy to ride. Very sturdy and well built. Comfortable
John Blom
John B.
I received my bike a week ago and am in love with it so far! The Electric Bike Company support has been excellent when we asked a couple of questions regarding the bike and how everything worked !
Bethany Wigdahl
Bethany W.
I researched e bikes for almost a year before purchasing my Model C from EBC. I could not be happier with my purchase. I am 6’4” and the bike fits me just fine. It’s so sturdy and well built that I have no doubt it will last a lifetime. The Staff at EBC is great to work with and the Customer Service they provide is exemplary.
Steve Kotulak
Steve K.
What a great company! The ordering process was easy and EBC answered all my questions and explained the options. We ordered two S Models and they were completed and ready for pickup earlier than planned. We have been using the bikes for a week now and we are extremely happy with them. These bikes are built very well and look great too!
Mick Meldrum
Mick M.
Ordered a custom bike, got it in about two weeks. I have only been on a few rides but the bikes power is amazing. It is also the most comfortable ride I've ever experienced on a bike. The only slight complaint is it came with wrong color wheels and fenders. The electric bike company promptly sent me the correct ones once I notified them.I highly recommend the model c.
Jon Yarger
Jon Y.
I LOVE my electric bike its so much fun to ride! I love the fact that it doesn't even look like an electric bike, it looks like a beach cruiser. The charge lasts so long too! I def recommend going with this company, we looked at a lot of different ones and love our bike!
Nicole Hanriot
Nicole H.
Myriad beautiful colors and customizable touches; customer service is outstanding: the online chat feature answered all my questions and lots of videos are very hepful. The shipping experience was also 4-star: you just can't get better than a "ready-to-ride" bike (just tighten a few screws, charge the battery, and you're on your way). I had to take off a star because the bike is fun to ride, but it's *extremely heavy* and the turning radius is very large: it does NOT turn sharp corners without incident. A couple of bad spills on the bike path's hair pin turns and our enthusiasm for the bike has lessened considerably. There are other e-bikes out there that are a lot lighter and easier to manage. It's a beautiful, powerful, zippy bike that just weighs a ton. As I tell people: "She's beautiful, but she's a heavy, cumbersome beast. I still love her."
Lynn Casmier-Paz
Lynn C.
The bikes are amazing, the best price and quality. Whether you want to pedal ride or add a boost using the electric feature this is a bike for all to enjoy!!!Bonus made in the USA🚲🇺🇸
Rosalyn Wan
Rosalyn W.
I bought a Model C as a Xmas gift for my wife and The Electric Bike Company's staff was amazing in making it happen. First, I procrastinated and pressed them up against a tight time fence to produce and ship the bike; they didn't waiver at all and ensured me the bike would arrive prior to Xmas day and it was a success! I received the bike which was beautiful, fully assembled and ready to surprise my wife. After a couple mo ths with the bike, it's only strengthened my satisfaction with their product; awesome! I recommend the Electric Bike Company any chance I get when people inquire about the bike. Thank EBC for the buying experience as well as a superior product.
Joseph Vetor
Joseph V.
I ordered my C Model at the end of January and just received it the other day. The delivery person, "Omar" put the box and pallet right in my garage. Very easy to get out of the box, made a few adjustments, and off on the road I went. The bike worked flawlessly and I love it. The controls are simple and riding is a breeze. Thank you guys and gals, you made one great bike!
Bob Weisz
Bob W.
I stumbled across the Electric Bike Company when reading reviews for another online eBike company. The reviews across the various reviewing sites were 4 and 5 star with comments that indicated this company actually delivered a quality product. After test riding various eBikes locally that ranged from $1400 - $3500, I had a checklist of must haves and wishes with a budget that didn’t fit the local availability. I knew I wanted a powerful motor for the hills around Tahoe, fenders, step through and beach cruiser style. I really didn’t want to spend more than $1500. Then I found EBC and the Model Y with a base price that delivered the key features and warranty that fit my must haves. Admittedly, I spent more than my initial budget by adding fenders, rear rack and custom colors but the end result is pure joy!I ordered my custom bike on Jan 22nd and received my bike on Feb 6th. The ordering process was fun with the ability to customize many elements without any additional cost plus the option for custom paint colors which are additionally priced. After ordering I receive an order confirmation, a follow up email from Sean to the comments I included in my order and a shipping confirmation. The bike was packaged incredibly well on a pallet and was already assembled needing only handlebar and seat adjustments. Included with the bike were tools to make the needed adjustments and the charger. The EBC online videos explained what to do to make the adjustments. In fact EBC has many videos that are good to watch beyond just unpacking and setting up the bike - see their YouTube page. I did override the standard preset speed limits on the bike and have taken it to 20 MPH with throttle only and 26.2 MPH with peddle assist - it may go faster but this was fast enough for me. It performs very well on hills with both throttle only or peddle assist. I am a casual bike rider so I opted to not add the 7 speed, with peddle assist or throttle I am able to get up the hills just fine.The bike is well balanced even with the battery mounted in the front basket and is not removable. The basket is attached to the frame which is why it feels so balanced. It brakes very well at high speeds and feels stable when decelerating. The color screen is easy to read and has a USB port. This is a comfortable bike to ride too. Having lights on the front and back are great features included and my bike had an alarm with two fobs. The alarm is very loud and is triggered when the bike is jostled or moved.Overall I believe Electric Bike Company builds an excellent bike and stands behind it with their warranty, quality and customer service.
Seadance on the Lost Coast
Seadance on the Lost C.
I purchased the "X" model. The bike is amazing. I did my due diligence in comparing a few companies. The customer service at EBC was excellent and I liked the fact that this is a local company should I need any servicing. Paul was incredibly patient with all my questions. He actually talked me out of what I thought I wanted and sold me what I really needed.
Peter A
Peter A
I haven't loved a new bike this much since Christmas 1965! The customer service answered all of my questions before I bought the bike (and I had a lot), and the bike arrived ready to ride in just a few minutes. Honestly, my new bike helmet sun brim took longer to assemble. I am over 60 and overweight, but the assist makes getting up the hill a breeze. I'm going 13 MPH! Whee!!
pat edwards
pat E.
Excellent customer service. Very knowledgeable about their bikes. Bike I ordered is strong, fast, and has an excellent warranty. The company also has educational videos about their electric bicycles, and great information on the major components. Highly recommend you watch the videos listed on their website. Then shop around look around. You will end up coming back to the Electric Bike Company. Oh and be prepared to get bombarded by a lot of compliments and questions from other people. Most of all enjoy your bike. I truly enjoy mine.
Russel Tofflemire
Russel T.
Just a total amazing experience to have a truck pull up and deliver a huge box containing two beach cruisers to our garage. Open the box and these bikes were packaged to endure any thing that might harm them on their journey form California to Florida. After removing them form the box I adjusted the handle bars and took off for a test drive. BIG SMILE !! My wife and I jumped on the bikes and headed to the beach a few blocks away and we felt like we could ride miles with almost no effort . I have ridden all types go motorcycles for over 50 years and this was almost as good as I remember the first time on a powered bike.The hardware and components on these bikes are motorcycle quality.John & Corby
Lake House
Lake H.
I bought my Y bike in October and love it. It is my second Ebike and was recommended by the bike store where I took my old one to try to be repaired when it died. This bike cost me less than my first with many more features. I commute to work on a bike path but have a steep hill to go up in the way home. I don’t miss the gears at all and cruise easily up the hill in Level 5. I can ride in head winds with no difficulty. My commute is 19 miles round trip and barely use 1/4 of the battery. I love the alarm as I leave the bike outside work and had trouble in the past with people tampering with my bike. It is loud and scared the daylights out of the gardener! I did have questions at first and they were incredibly responsive and patient explaining the bike to me on the phone. I found the online instructions a bit difficult to understand. I also changed my settings to a faster speed (they emailed me how to do this) so the throttle and the pedal assist work together. I did buy a net to cover the basket as I found things actually fell out going over a bump. I plan to use it more for errands around town and shopping. It’s a great bike!
Karen R
Karen R
Extremely well built bike and packaging is absolutely first class. So easy to set-up and ride. A+ company that I would highly recommend to anyone considering an electric bike. 100% satisfied with our purchase
Wes Cagle
Wes C.
I searched several websites for a bike that would fit my needs. I was a little skeptical for the lack of gears but honestly it does not make any difference. Changing assist level is so easy that you actually don't need gears. The bike is super cool and the fact that you can customize it means that nobody else has it. I have only done 50 miles with it but I am very happy and I would suggest to anybody.
giovanni calimani
giovanni C.
Great Bike, Great shipping. This is my third E-bike purchase and the other two companies could learn a thing or 2 from EBC. Received a faulty charger and they shipped a new one out within a few days. Was unsure about a bike without gears but this one blows my other two away on the hills. As you can see from the photos, the delivery is top notch
Dave Ackley
Dave A.
I wish I could say more, but after a precious few 20 miles I can only say that this is the smoothest and most comfortable ride I've ever tried........and every time I walk by it in the garage I have to smile....this thing is a work of art !
Arel Kay
Arel K.
The Model S arrived exactly as described in the videos. Well-packaged and after a short unwrapping & set-up of the handle bars, ready to roll. My sister & I both purchased one with slight variations and we are in the 30 day testing phase but I foresee no problems. Great communications, solid product and detailed instructions from EBC. My first ebike & first ANY bike in some 30 years! Thank you all.
Timothy Sofia
Timothy S.
A great experience. This is my second electric bike and I am convinced that the EBC has figured out that quality matters. They are polite and invested in their product.
Jim Turrell
Jim T.
Ordered two Model Y bikes for Christmas delivery. EBC made it happen. Bikes were out of the box in perfect condition and ready to ride in 20 minutes each. EBC chat line promptly responded to some operational questions on Christmas Eve! Have been on two rides already. Love the look, impressed by the design, added features, and solid construction. Really appreciate the quick learning curve and riding experience. A great value and performance buy for us.
Mark Patterson
Mark P.
When a company gets it right, they need to be acknowledged...and here I go. I started the hunt for the right eBike...wasn't going cheap cost or build(so nothing from Amazon), yet I had a budget. Narrowed it down to RadPower Bikes and Electric Bike Company (EBC). What really tipped it to EBC for me was:=Built in USA=Active Social Channels & YouTube=Such attention to the small details=Very fair pricing on a quality bike. Great reviews found all over the web. =They own a large stake in the bike's battery company.=Longest Warranty I've seen: 10yrs on the bike and 5yrs on the battery. Wow!-Excellent Customer Service and support.What started as an email inquiry quickly turned into a iMessage chat with immediate responses. Seemed as excited as I was about my eBike. Nice touch.EBC rolled out a 7 gear upgrade a week after I ordered. Since my bike order was still in process, Joulia was so great to add it to my order...and answer ALL my incessant questions.When I received our bikes, I simply rolled them out of the box, adjusted the handlebars and LCD, then start rolling. I didn't have to assemble them which gives me great relief in knowing they are put together right and me not having to wonder what I've forgotten.EBC is batting 1000 with me. Sure, there are cheaper eBikes and there are many MORE that cost in the multiple thousands. EBC has found the sweet spot in pricing while offering a tremendous array of options to personalize the eBike and add additional accessories. If you're looking for great quality, long-term support, and knowing you're getting a product made in the USA, EBC is the best was for us.
Glenn Bolton
Glenn B.
My new model s from EBC makes me so happy. I may have loved my first bike, that I received when I was 6 years old, as much as I love this bike but I definitely DID NOT love it any more!
Teresa Williams
Teresa W.
I ordered two bikes, one for my wife and one for myself. The online ordering process was easy. The bikes arrived in about a month by UPS Freight which was excellent. The bikes were extremely well packaged in two separate boxes which were strapped together and on a wooden pallet. I opened one box with a box cutter and literally slid the bike out that open end. I was immediately blown away by the flawless, high quality paint finish. Both bikes were entirely assembled, and strategically covered in the highest quality packaging foam I've ever seen which kept them from moving during shipping. All I had to do was adjust the handlebars with the included Allen wrenches, set the seat heights, and charge the batteries. The communication between the bike company and us was excellent. We were emailed when the bikes shipped and given an ETA. UPS contacted us by phone and the bikes actually arrived a day early. I highly recommend Electric Bike Company.
I've had my bike for several weeks now, and haven't looked back. The entire process - from the easy-to-use/informative website to the customer service to the delivery to the bike itself - has been terrific. This company has really done their homework and have produced the best bike/value in the market. Highly recommend.
Michael Husson
Michael H.
I bought the Y model. I absolutely love it. I use it to commute every day to work in LA (about 12 miles round trip with hills). I put it at a setting that gives me some cardio, but ensures I arrive to work without breaking a sweat. Didn't expect to use it and love it as much as I do - I actually turned in my parking pass. It is slightly heavy, but that means it feels incredibly sturdy when you're going at top speed. I get compliments and questions just about every time I take it out. The owner delivered it himself, and took time to walk through all of the bikes features with me, and insisted I take a test spin before he left. I had only one issue with a defective fastener on the cellphone holder accessory and they refunded me the same day I wrote to them about it. I did a lot of research on electrical bikes before I bought - test rode a few bikes - I could not be happier, and I'm pretty sure I've converted a few of the many strangers who have asked me about it. It's a big bike, and I was slightly concerned it might not fit in my building's small elevator, but it fits just fine. There's a short, piercing, chirp each time you turn it on, but if you put a small piece of painters tape over the tiny little speaker hole, it dulls the chirp and brings the volume down to a totally reasonable level. I didn't pay extra any custom colors, I wasn't sure how much I'd ride it, but now that it is my primary means of getting around the city, I wish I had splurged. Though the basic white with red lining on the wheels is still beautiful. I've never written a product review before, negative or positive, but this bike is brilliant.
Have had my model x for about a month now and I love it! First of all it is really a beautiful bike and has enough power to do whatever I need it to do. I find myself even after a long day passing my house by and riding around the neighborhood for a while just because it is so fun..I got mine with the optional front basket and have found it very handy for hauling groceries and other things. It's a perfect place for my little dog Chance to ride in.The basket is sturdy and I never worry about things falling out of it or it coming off the bike.As a matter of fact the whole bike is so sturdy and well put together I feel very safe in hitting the top speed of 25 mph with pedal assist and just flying. The bike never shakes or shudders at even the top speeds and on assist 4 or 5 you reach the top speeds quickly and easily...I rarely use just throttle only but definitely use the throttle when starting from a dead stop and am glad to have it then. I have been very busy in the last month that I have had the model x so haven't had the opportunity to take it on a long trip mostly just commuting to and from work and up to the grocery store but am loving it and so glad I chose the Electric Bike Company.I did extensive research and comparisons before purchasing this bike and still feel that I made the right choice. For the service and quality you get for the price,I have yet to see another bike that compares. If you're thinking about getting one of these bikes...Do It! You won't be disappointed...Thanks Electric Bike Company!
Ben Reece
Ben R.
Love my eBike. Unbelievable power, fantastic battery life. Looks Great. Very high quality construction. Only warning I would give is that you have to have long legs to ride. I’m 6’2” and the cross bar seems high even for me.
David Donald
David D.
Ordered a Model Y online.Credit card charged that day.No contact until tracking details a month later.Emailed shipper to arrange a shipping date and AM time.No call no bike that day.Contacted EBC and let them know of problems with shipper.Got emails and asked to wait 1 day they were checking for updates hourly.No reply for 12 days.Do not order online from EBC.They just charge your credit card and do not care if you ever get the bike.
We purchased 3 bikes. This is the top of the line because I can’t see it getting any better than this. First off the excellent warranty you can’t beat. Workmanship is top notch! It goes faster than we will ever need, comfortable seat, quality paint, quality wheels, extremely well made basket, I can go on and on. If you are contemplating another brand look no further. The Electric Bike Company is your best bet for quality and performance. I highly recommend you test ride and you will be sold.
Rosanna Carmichael
Rosanna C.
Great People! Incredible Bike. Delivered almost completely assembled. Easy to assemble. Was riding within minutes. HIGHLY RECOMMEND
Tom phillips
Tom P.
The entire shopping experience was exceptional, from the moment I pressed "Purchase" to it's arrival. I can't recommend this company and the bikes they produce highly enough!
teresa smith
teresa S.
Great bikes and great customer service! We have been really pleased with our purchase and the support the team has provided us along the way.
Jason Krutzsch
Jason K.
I received my Model S bike about 4 weeks ago. It arrived in three days after shipping from California. It took only a few minutes to set up and was in perfect condition. I have taken the bike to the mountains and it rides beautifully. I have thoroughly enjoyed the bike. It is well made and several people have come up and asked me about the bike. I am very glad I chose an Electric Bike Company Model S.
Charles Bates
Charles B.
I purchased my bike this past spring, I was very impressed with how smooth and professional the order took place and the bike was shipped just as I said with everything protected. Shortly after getting my bike I was having a problem with the battery, I call and they sent me Another battery right away. I have not had any problems since then I am so pleased with my Purchase. I ordered a white bike because I thought it looked very Classic. I also ordered a basket that sits behind the seat, I cut the basket height in half so it would be the same height as the seat and painted it white to match the bike. Mounted a cupholder on the right hand side of the bike, and mounted another cupholder behind the seat to hold a Bluetooth speaker. I recently traded in my pick up truck for an SUV and made certain I got a white one to match the bike. Thought it would look so much better going down the road when I’m transporting the bike somewhere. I did a lot of research on electric bikes before Making my purchase and I found no other company that even comes close to the quality electric bike company puts into there bikes. And none of the other companies offers A warranty like they do. If you’re in the market for ELECTRIC. BIKE this is definitely the company you want to go with. Thanks LARRY. RILEY
This bike and the companies customer service have been amazing. We met with them on a Saturday as that’s the only day we have off and we were also able to get my husband a used bike for cheaper. I love the look of my custom bike, handles and matching seat make it so striking. We are saving up for the saddle bags for the back too!! So far I’ve ridden it 500miles and am loving the use of that electric motor up all the hills to and from the train to work. We also love weekends to jet down to the harbor for a fish taco or ice cream, with our bikes we don’t have to worry about parking!! My husband had a tire issue and contacted Paul again and boom it came in the mail the next day! Thanks to you all at Electric Bike Company!!
Stacy Thomas-McBride
Stacy T.
I have owned my E-Bike for over four months and the odometer just turned over 500 miles without a hint of a problem. My longest ride was 42 miles and I still had 25% left in the battery and I think I could have made 50. I will try for fifty next riding season. From my first ride to my last yesterday this bike has been a joy to ride, I just turned 80 years old and for us seniors its a great way to exercise without a lot of stress on the body. Thanks for a great bike.
S Hart
S H.
I love these guys. I have a Model S and live in Harrisburg Pennsylvania. It's great for living in a small city like this. I just ride it around to classes and appointments and stuff that I need to get to and lock it up with a kryptonite noose chain and a U-lock.Never had a single issue with the bike and I have 120 miles on the odometer now. I've even ridden it on light gravel trails. The throttle is so amazing I have mine set up to be at full power at every level of pedal assist and i use it to go across 3-lane or 6-lane roadways in the city and i use it to go up hills or if i just dont feel like pedaling. I routinely ride my bike to the next town and back, and it's like at least 20 miles probably. It's great. Keep up the good work!
I love my bike. I live in a area that has a lot of hills and after a total knee replacement I found it difficult to ride a bike. This bike gives me a wonderful riding experience and lets me ride a bike again. I am so happy with my bike. It is well built, looks good, and it is a very comfortable bike to ride. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a electric bike.
Lori Van Der Wege
Lori Van Der W.
I received my Model C a couple of weeks ago, and I've been loving it as my new commuter vehicle since day one. It is so sturdy, and rides like a Cadillac. It is the coolest looking bike- I have had many compliments on it's sleek style. I am particularly enjoying how it catapults me up the large hill that separates me from work, I can feel the eyes of the envious on the back of my head as I easily pass by. The basket carries my over-sized work bag nicely, and the fact that it is mounted to the frame instead of the handle-bars makes all the difference. We bought the extra charger, which charges amazingly quickly, and is important to include if you need to charge your battery off the bike (we do, as we don't have a garage). One of the reasons we chose the EBC model C is that it could easily fit my husband or myself, and he loves it too- when he gets to ride it. My ONLY negative comment is that waiting a month for the bike was painful, but of course understandable as it was being built by hand and shipped fully assembled. I love it and can't recommend it or the Electric Bike Company enough.
Mary McQueen
Mary M.
I love my new Electric Bike . It is quality thru & thru . It did not take long to become use to it albeit the rains have started so I will be riding off & on , until Spring time . When talking to Electric Bike Company about the fit of my new bike , they guided me to the appropriate seat for my bike and they were there for all questions . I feel more comfortable knowing if something comes up with my bike that Electric Bike Company will stand behind their product . Thank you Electric Bike Company . Sincerely , Julia
Julia Wilson
Julia W.
I did a lot of research before buying my first e bike. There are a lot of Chinese bikes out there and I’m sure most are ok, but I just loved the story behind the EBC bikes and they are made in California. I had to have a bright red model C, went online (the order process was easy and even fun) ordered it up, I was excited to unbox it a few weeks later. My first impression was wow this thing is beautiful, the fit and finish were art. The bike is super fun to ride and very very solid. Tonight I’m going back online and designing one for my wife. Thank you EBC, I love my bike.
Don Clark
Don C.
Best E-Bike for sure and the only company to offer the ability to build your own bike exactly as you want it. I love my Coral Model S! I get compliments all the time. I love the retractable cord on my battery, makes it so easy to recharge anywhere and everywhere. Customer service is also top notch, I highly recommend.
Rachel Tzinberg
Rachel T.
I am so glad I bought my first bike from The Electric Bike Company. The bike is first class all the way. The customer service is great. The moment I took it out of the box I felt like a kid again. I now look forward to riding my bike.
Bob Carty
Bob C.
Electric Bike Company was great from ordering my 2 bikes to the day they were delivered. Every day we take them out for a spin and don't want to come home. They are truly the best crafted bike I have seen so far. Just a joy to ride!
John Porada
John P.
I studied ebikes for my wife for two months and finally landed on the Model S from the Electric Bike Company. My wife is very picky and with all of our kids and large bike community hence lots of riding I needed to make sure my wife would want to be on this bike. She got the custom color Lavender as well and I will tell you was her favorite gift I have ever given her. I am a bike enthusiast and have a very expensive collection including a fun new electric Full Suspension. Never did I think a bike could impress me as much that is not my normal style but I now am thinking of getting one from this company. I work in big retail with big companies and I will tell you the way the box comes and is packaging is the best I have ever seen on an product. Bike is literally put together outside of one wrench adjustment and the padding and box set up is best in class by far. The detail on this bike is my final subject. Real leather seat and grips, better in person. The parts and quality, literally left me speechless. The location of cables and protection, customization options, basket (oh the basket will make you smile and then some), battery, brakes, so much more. Made in the USA is a kicker, did not think this was possible. One of my best purchases of my life in any category. My wife will not ride this with decent weather or better for all errands and more.
J Hull
J H.
Outstanding bike. I can't describe how much fun it is. Peddle assist and straight throttle. That's only half the experience. The other half is very supportive and responsive assistance from the maker. This bike Rocks and so does the staff!!! Thank You!!!
Pearl B Mccoy
Pearl B M.
Did a lot of studying on electric bikes and rode three other models before settling on a Model C from Electric Bike Company. They use all stainless steel hardware, have double wall aluminum rims which the spoke themselves to get them true and just a lot of features that add to this bike's value. These are obviously designed for this bike specifically. Great battery with a large capacity option with a built-in charger with retractable cord; alarm system; puncture resistant tires; stainless spokes; basket w/ built in dual LED front light and flashing rear light, again built right in--ruggedly mounted, fenders w/ nice rear flaps; sturdy rear rack; comfy, leather saddle and matching grips; very sturdy front basket; plug and play electrical components for future replacement or servicing; plenty of adjustment in the handle bars and stem and very rugged frame. A trigger throttle wasn't on my wish list but after 130 miles on this bike I'm glad the incorporated it. A great way to supplement your pedaling or do a little power coasting. Don't miss the gears but you are going to pedal pretty fast if you want to do 25+ MPH. It's pretty heavy so be prepared. Doesn't hurt at all when riding but it is a handful to load on the new Thule bike rack I purchased for it. It can be done however and is very secure. I'm kind of a mechanical person and figured for sure I'd wind up with a mid drive system because they just make a lot of mechanical sense. However, the rear hub motor has a lot of power and is about as efficient as you can get. The color display beats Brose an Bosh by a long shot although their drives are first rate and highly engineered as well. I like the fact that you can do some programming too if you're inclined to fine tune your ride. Without a suspension stem the ride was pretty rough on the uneven sidewalks and some of the park roads we have in our area. I initially thought they should have incorporated a suspended fork but a friend of mine suggested I take the tire pressure from the 65 PSI (max inflation) to 35-40 PSI and that changed everything. Thanks Josh! The warranty and they way these guys are trying really sold me and I happy with the bike.
Jim Sauber
Jim S.
My Model S arrived three weeks ago and it has been a joyride ever since! The styling is great and the bike rides like a dream. My plan is to ride bike paths in nearby towns visiting farmer's markets, arboretums, and sightseeing. My husband can ride longer and farther so the pedal assist is a great way for us to be able to make it a day together. The seat is well-padded and the adjustable handle bars and stem make for a perfect custom comfort! I highly recommend the EBC for top-notch quality and customer service!
Karla Sauber
Karla S.
I bought my bike a little over a month ago and already put 200 miles on it! EBC was so helpful during the process of ordering, took my daily calls and answered my hundreds of questions. I had been shopping for an e-bike for a year before purchasing. EBC was the best option based on price, warranty, bike quality, reviews, and customer service.
Jessica Martin
Jessica M.
We bought 2 bikes from EBC on the recommendation of a friend. He bought his after being impressed after seeing one at a campground. We did some research and found that the EBC bikes use very high quality parts and were a very good value. We were swayed by the excellent 5 and 10 year warranties.My wife got her bike painted in a custom color and it turned out great. We added on fenders and a basket. The basket is very solidly built and removes easily. The shipping process worked very well. Christina had the shipping company call us on Monday so that we could setup a time to have them delivered on Friday and could be at home. They arrived in good shape and completely assembled.We've taken them on several 20 mile rides on bike paths around town and they are both very comfortable and fun to ride.I had a minor issue with the charger for my bike (the cord kept retracting and wouldn't stay out). Sean responded to my chat inquiry in a few minutes and arranged to have a replacement sent. The new one is working great.For great value, customer service and warranty I give them 5 stars!
Jeffrey Pinnt
Jeffrey P.
Ordered an ebike online about a month ago. Was able to choose thecolors and trim to personalize it. Love the red and black.Bike arrived fully assembled so it was ready to ride.Luckily, I live near a bike trail so we are able to use the assist and go farther than we used to. The trail is paved and flat so the so the cruiser style of bike is perfect. The occasional hill is no problemand head winds are no big deal. Bike fits on the bike rack fortunately.The removable battery helps reduce the weight.The leather seat is super comfortable, too.The bike is fun to zoom around the neighborhood also.In Florida we can ride year round so I will enjoy the bike alot.By the way, bike was assembled in USA so it is not cheaplyput together. Would recommend it.
Janice Brooks
Janice B.
Wonderful, safe, meticulously made. Would highly recommend.
Petra Bowery
Petra B.
This bike is the premiere electric bike - blows the competition away in terms of quality, design, aesthetics, and service by EBC - you can't have a better sales experience
Shannon Lukei
Shannon L.
When I saw this bike for the first time (and sat on it as well) I can't remember having ever been more excited and enthusiastic about a bike - an electric one at that!
Patricia Bowery
Patricia B.
Love our new bikes!! We shopped around and did quite a bit of research but could not find a better deal than the Electric Bike Co. They build a bike just for you right here in Newport Beach! Sean showed us around the factory and we were very impressed by their attention to detail and professionalism. And their warranties are better than others we looked at.Only small negatives are getting used to the weight of the bike and that they don't make a "pedal forward" bike.
Cheryl Lamont
Cheryl L.
Extremely fun electric bike, best gift I’ve ever received! First, there is an option for pedal assist, and there is a throttle. The throttle can take the bike up to 28 mph, and pedal assist has five modes, each faster than the other. The bike has also comes in any design that you like which is an awesome bonus! Amazing bike, would recommend it to anyone I know!!
Jack Edelhauser
Jack E.
My wife and I both bought bikes. As the company promised, they arrived basically assembled with all the tools necessary to complete the assembly and adjust the for our size. They have been great fun to ride.
James Thorburn
James T.
Delivery and assembly a snap, and the bike gets me anywhere I want to go in hilly San Francisco.
John O'Connor
John O.
Have been too busy riding the bike to leave any reviews!Love the bike and the people at EBC! Everything went smooth with the exception of the shipping! The bike got within 100 miles of me and stalled so I had to drive the 100 miles and pick it up!
Harvey Belote
Harvey B.
I love how easy it is to use the throttle and pedal assist. You can defiantly feel the quality in the bike. If you have the opportunity to get the basket you will be very satisfied with how sturdy and how much you can put in the basket. I use it when I ride my bike to my farmers market.
Joulia Kallah
Joulia K.
Great people, solid bike!
Jim Stimpson
Jim S.
Wow, these bikes are seriously amazing!!! I researched ALL electric bike and none compared to the quality, OVER Engineered, and a ton of beautiful options as the bikes from the Electric Bike Company. Seriously, I love these bikes so much I bought two....and considering a third!! I ride daily!!! You wouldn't believe the number of people who stop me and ask about my bike.Sean Watkins and his crew are seriously talented.Also, the 5 year warranty and alarm in the battery are excellent!!!You owe it to yourself to test drive one!!!Call them and ask to stop by!!
Robert Corser
Robert C.
My Electric Bike Company bicycle may be the best purchase I ever made. I love my bike. I use it as my daily driver all around the Clearwater to St Pete area of Florida. Depending on how I ride the bike, I get approximately 30 miles of range at 26mph and approximately 60 miles range at 18mph and up to 80 miles of range at 12mph. The team at EBC has been wonderful at answering my questions and helping me understand how to program my bike to suit my goals. And the quality of this bike is amazing.
Joseph Alai
Joseph A.
After looking at tens of bike reviews done by the YouTube channel: Electric Bike Review , this was the only company that seems to stand by their product completely. They offer an unheard of 5 year comprehensive warranty on the MOST important part of an electric bike -- the battery. Furthermore, you are able to use Paypal Credit to have interest free payments over the course of six months -- something I will fully take advantage of.While I just paid for the bike this morning, I'm thrilled to be doing business with the Electric Bike Company. From what I've seen in the video reviews, they are extremely detail oriented and provide luxury features in their products -- even in the so-called "base model." I'll update this review once the bike arrives and I've had an opportunity to give it a few weeks of testing!
So happy with my electric bike. The quality and power and price is way better than any of Electric Bike Company's competitors. The buying experience was easy and the after sales service is great.Thank you
Rich Sprout
Rich S.


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