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Making the Most of Summer

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Cruising down empty streets as the sun turns golden brown. Riding back under street lamps after a delicious dinner with friends. Clearing your head as you absorb the crisp night air.

It sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? In many ways, cycling at dusk can be dreamy! We want to make sure your rides remain blissful. Road safety is essential at all times, but even more so during the darker hours. Next time you’re cruising during twilight, remember these top tips that will keep you safe whilst cycling.

Shine Bright

The stars in the sky shouldn’t be the only ones shining. When riding in the dark, you need to make yourself seen. To do this, you need to turn on your EBC lights. All EBC models come with built-in front and rear lights for maximum visibility. When you’re riding at night, consider other road users and your level of visibility. Control how bright or dim your lights are using the LCD screen on your E-bike. Our built-in visibility system means you don’t have to worry about installing lights after purchasing your E-bike— you’re automatically ready to hit the road whether it’s day or night.

If you decide you need a little extra light on those late-night rides, you can add this with our light and bell combo, available in silver and black. The LED front light combo means you can be heard as well as seen on your evening adventures. 

Stand Out

EBC E-Bikes are for everyday people. We don’t expect you to dress head to toe in a spandex cycling outfit. Your comfy clothes and trusty sneakers will be perfectly fine for your daily bike ride. However, when cycling at nighttime, we recommend adding reflective clothing to your wardrobe. A bright helmet or fluorescent jacket can help you stand out in the dark. You can store these in your backpack or basket during the day and put them on as the sun begins to set. For extra safety, add a headlight to your helmet and stick reflective stickers to your bike frame.

Stay Alert

Only head out on a late-night ride if you feel comfortable doing so. If you’ve had a tiring day, and you’re ready to wind down for the evening, don’t force yourself out of the house. Only cycle during the night if you feel awake and alert enough to do so.

Cycling in the dark is an adventure, but don’t become too adventurous. Stick to local areas and pathways you know well. The absence of cars and other riders might tempt you to speed up and make the most of the open road. Just because it’s nighttime, doesn’t mean the rules of the road don’t apply. Be smart and maintain a safe speed limit.

Staying sensible is essential to a successful and enjoyable nighttime cruise. 

Remember, stand out, shine bright and stay awake if you’re heading out on an evening ride tonight!


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