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Make This Mother’s Day Mum-Believable

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Don’t panic, it’s not Mothers Day yet… (it’s May 9th) But the time to order your mother an E-bike is now. With a lead delivery time of approximately 6-7 weeks, her stylish cruiser will arrive right when needed. It is hard to find a gift that sums up the appreciation you have for your mother, but we have a suggestion that comes pretty close.

No Time Like The Present

Get the flowers ready and the cupcakes out of the oven! On May 9th the nation will be celebrating mothers for all the meals they’ve cooked, boo-boos they’ve kissed better, and love they’ve given. Check out our Model S or Model Y for a timeless style your mother, or a mother you know, will love.

With assisted pedals, her bike will offer an easy way to spend long periods outside, a sweat-free form of exercise, and take away any strain on the joints. When she’s done jumping with joy, go out for a Mother’s Day ride for some quality time together. 

If she already has an EBC E-bike, gift her with some fun accessories! A Basket to store her belongings would look great on her cruiser, or a Basil Buddy Dog Carrier for her furry friends. 

EBC’s Gift To Your Mother

The EBC Team wants to celebrate your mother too! Use promo code “ebcmom” for a FREE anti-theft alarm (regular +$129) when making your order to protect your gift from being stolen. 

Take a mom-ent today to look through our models and accessories.

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