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No two E-Bikes are the same. It’s not just your customizations that set your beloved E-Bike apart! Electric bikes come in different classes. These classes vary according to the speed and throttle of the bike.

The bicycle industry introduced E-Bike classes to ensure the safety of riders and other road users. Understanding the class of your E-Bike, can give you more confidence on the road and grant you a better understanding of your super speedy new bike!

Please note, the classes outlined in this post are specific to the USA. As electric bikes become increasingly popular, different countries are laying out E-Bike guidelines, so we can all stay safe whilst out cruising.


Class 1

Class 1 E-Bikes reach a motor speed of 20 Mph. The Class 1 E-Bike only works when the rider is pedaling (Pedal-Assist) and doesn’t have a throttle on the handlebars (some e-bikes have a throttle on the handlebars to give an extra power boost). Although you need to be pedaling for the Class 1 E-Bike to start up, this pedaling is minimal, and the bike will kick into action pretty quickly!

Class 2

Similar to the Class 1 E-Bike, the Class 2 bikes can reach up to 20 mph. The key difference between Class 1 and Class 2 is that Class 2 has an added throttle on the handlebars. Class 2 bikes don’t require pedaling to get started. The majority of Class 2 E-Bikes offer electrically assisted pedaling (known as Pedal-Assist) alongside the throttle— this means you have the option to pedal or not, either way, the motor will still assist you!


Class 3

The Class 3 E-Bike is all about speed (well, mostly about speed). Class 3 E-Bikes go up to 28 mph! However, these speedy bikes don’t have an added throttle. The absence of a throttle means your Class 3 E-Bike requires pedaling to get started. Just like Class 1, this pedaling doesn’t need to be extreme, but just enough to get the bike moving! In the USA, some states allow Class 3 E-Bikes with throttles, whilst some don’t. If you’re traveling with your e-bike, it might be a good idea to check the rules and regulations relating to E-Bikes in the state you’re in!

Whether you’re a Class 1 rider, you live for the throttle of Class 2, or like something super speedy like the Class 3, EBC is ready for you. All EBC models can be set up to use in classes 1, 2 or 3. No matter your preferred class, E-Bike riding is undeniable fun, and we can’t wait to see you cruising the streets!

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