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Kids and Cargo

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Going on bike rides together is a great way to spend quality time with friends and family, especially during the warm months that we are enjoying right now. If you want to bring cargo though, cramming everything in a backpack can weigh you down, and traveling with infants/toddlers requires reliable equipment to ensure their safety and comfort.

EBC’s selection of E-bike trailers are built with sturdy frames and plenty of space to ensure kids and cargo are safe and comfortable.

Pile on the Cargo

Packing cargo for beach trips, picnics, sports parks, and more requires space a backpack can’t often provide. Our Burley Flatbed Cargo Trailer has the capacity to fit all your towels and blankets, beach chairs, snacks, and games. With a sturdy aluminum frame and an open front, back, and top, our trailer can carry up to 100 lbs of cargo, so if you are especially good at Tetris you can go ahead and pile your haul high. When you get home, unload the trailer and fold it up for easy storage. 

A Carriage for the Kids

Bike rides enrich kids’ lives, encourage time spent outside, and build bonds as a family. Your children will have plenty of legroom in our Honeybee Bike Trailer for two. Like our cargo trailer, this kid carrier can carry up to 100 lbs. It also offers UV-protective windows on the front and on both sides. The trailer can then convert into a stroller once you arrive at your destination.

Your EBC E-bike has the power to make traveling with kids and cargo easy. To see all our available accessories, visit our accessories page.

Photo Courtesy of @theblondespaniard on Instagram

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