You journey, your way

The Electric Bike Company Radical e-scooter is designed with its unique folding system, while maintaining its speed 20mph and range of 20mi. Folding e-bikes can still be difficult to transport and can be double the cost of an e-scooter. Many riders are hailing electric scooters as a convenient solution for last-mile type transit, a way to get from home or work to the train or bus, for example. Parking in city centers can be difficult and expensive and people are looking to alternative ways to fill that gap. Our new Electric Bike Company Radical e-scooters are a fast, fun and convenient solution.

Here are a couple more reasons why an EBC Radical E- Scooter might be the perfect option for you…

A cost effective alternative to purchasing a car or an electric bike

E-scooters, much like our electric bikes, make total sense as a way of saving on gas, parking and congestion charges. Our Radical E-scooter serves the same purpose as a car or any other electric bike, but you will find that it is significantly less in price. For just $699.00 you can get an Electric Bike Company Radical e-scooter with all the amazing features: 350 watt motor, hydraulic disc brakes, front, back and side lighting, an anti-theft alarm system and a 2 year warranty.

Quicker than walking, easier than cycling

Walking and cycling are both great exercise options but there are downsides to these modes of transport. Walking two miles takes about 30 minutes, while running or cycling can leave you sweaty, which is not the ideal way to arrive at the office. There is no secret as to why more and more people are turning to electric powered modes of transport such as e-scooters or e-bikes. With a top speed of 20mph, the EBC Radical e-scooter can do a two mile journey in less than eight minutes and it folds up small enough to carry and store easily.


A final word…
We think you’ll agree that, in addition to being a fun and flexible mode of transport, owning an Electric Bike Company Radial electric scooter has WAY more than just financial benefits.

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