Whether it is taking the scenic route to stargaze or chasing the sunset, our Electric Bike Company cruisers offer an exciting new take on date night! Since electric bikes include a battery and motor, they allow you to ride at the same speed as your partner, no matter your experience levels. This makes cruising down the beach or through downtown easy, fun and memorable. In honor of Valentine’s Day, here are some ideas on where you can take your Electric Bike Company e-bike to help take date night up a notch!


If your Electric Bike Company bikes have a basket, or our leather saddlebag accessory, try packing up a few shareable snacks, your favorite bottle of wine and a comfortable blanket for a relaxing and romantic picnic at the park. Whether your outing is in the morning, afternoon or evening, our Electric Bike Company cruisers also make attending fun outdoor events, like concerts at the park and farmers markets, a whole lot easier. With all the Electric Bike Company cargo options, our electric bikes give you freedom while riding, allowing you to stay present and take in the beautiful outdoors.


Do you and your loved one ever get stuck looking for parking while headed downtown to your favorite bar or restaurant? Electric Bike Company bikes are the perfect solution! Instead of sitting in rush hour traffic, take the scenic route and ride to downtown in half the time. Start with an appetizer and a drink, bike to a lovely Italian spot for dinner and enjoy dessert at an ice cream shop on the way home. Your Electric Bike Company cruisers are guaranteed to make date night much more spontaneous and fun.


Summer will be here before we know it, and for many of us, that means we’ll be spending many days and nights down at the beach. Skip the beach traffic and all the crowds with your Electric Bike Company cruiser. We know what you’re thinking… how are we going to transport our chairs, towels, lunch, surfboard, etc. while riding a bike? Thanks to our surf rack and Dutch cargo attachment, your electric cruiser is quickly transformed and equips you with the necessary cargo space to bring all that you need on your date to the beach. It doesn’t get much better than watching the sunset with your toes in the warm sand and a loved one by your side.

We believe it’s more fun to use your creativity as a couple to explore and create lasting memories on your Electric Bike Company cruisers, and we’re here to help you find your next adventure! Plus, this Valentine’s Day we’re offering FREE SHIPPING on two-bike orders with code: “Valentine2”. We are confident that we have the perfect bike for you and your special someone – click HERE to find yours!