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How To Clean Your Bike Parts

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For those of you who are brave enough to ride in unpredictable winter weather and embark on new journeys with your e-bike, we thought it was important to address the upkeep and maintenance of bikes that are exposed to various elements. One of the benefits of the Electric Bike Company models is that our bikes are very low maintenance as they are built with high quality rust resistant stainless steel parts. With that being said it should be noted that we do not suggest riding your bikes in extremely wet weather as while the water would not damage the paint or the bikes hardware it could seep into electrical components and disturb the bikes ridability. If you do elect to ride during rainy or damp weather, we suggest that you wipe down your bike with a dry cloth after each use and inspect your tires for debris that can cause punctures. Our final suggestion to riders that are traversing in winter conditions is to periodically clean your bike chain as element like mud and rain can affect the performance of your drivetrain. For more information on how to maintain the quality of your bike, take a look at our Youtube video on E-Bike Longevity, in which Sean explains why we choose to use higher quality parts in our builds.

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10 reasons to choose EBC

10 Reasons to Choose EBC

1. Made in USA: (Parts, Tools, Engineers, 24/7 Customer Service) That’s right! We build all our bikes right here in