Made in USA (see how we do it) . Bikes Ship Fully Built

Made in USA (see how we do it) . Bikes Ship Fully Built

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Helmets are Always in Style

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Safety is #1. Taking precautions to protect yourself in case of an accident will put your mind, the minds of friends and family, and our minds at ease. Did you know that there are more reasons than safety to wear a helmet? Take a look at EBC’s four main reasons to put one on when you go for a ride.

Protect yourself from head/brain injuries

The first and biggest reason to wear a helmet is to protect yourself. Did you know they have an effectiveness of 88% in reducing or preventing head injuries? Helmets save the lives of bikers every day, making them essential equipment for every trip out. Get started with our Raven Helmet, with an adjustable to protect your eyes from the sun.

Set an example for younger generations

Children see the example set by adults and carry those memories with them as they grow. By wearing a helmet, you will be demonstrating the importance of safety for kids in your neighborhood.

Avoid high hospital bills

When you wear a helmet, you reduce both the risk of head injury and medical bills. Avoid high charges and save your money for something that excites you! A Helmet is a great investment when you think of it that way.

Be stylish

There are more ways than one to show off your style when taking your E-Bike out for a ride. Get a sporty helmet to match your sporty cruiser, coordinate a colorful helmet with your customized cruiser, or even add stickers to show your unique personality. Try the ABus Pedalex 2.0 Helmet, with shock-absorbing material, air-cooling technology, and great looking style, it’s a must-have for all riders.

Ease your mind by wearing a helmet and focus on enjoying the ride!

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