Made in USA (see how we do it) . Bikes Ship Fully Built

Made in USA (see how we do it) . Bikes Ship Fully Built

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Go Full Throttle…

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Last week, we talked about pedal assist… what it is, the benefits, and how it works on EBC E-Bike models. This week, let’s dig into how the throttle works. As you probably know by know, electric bikes have a motor that makes them easier to pedal. When you push the pedals and select your level of pedal assist, the motor kicks in and gives you a boost – the power of the push depends on the level you select. But what about the throttle? How does that work? Let’s take a closer look…

What is Throttle on an E-Bike?

While not all electric bikes have a throttle –all of them have some form of pedal assistance. Electric Bike Company E-Bikes, however, come with both pedal assist and throttle. The throttle is simply a lever on your handlebars – that when pressed works just like the accelerator on your car to give you quick acceleration without requiring you to pedal.

It’s important to note that neither pedal assist or throttle actually make the pedals go around – that’s up to you. The throttle turns the wheel sprocket which propels you forward.


When to Use Throttle

If you need a quick burst of power to get you up a steep hill, you might find that pressing the throttle is a good way to get started – then you can continue with a higher level of pedal assist. Another great benefit of having a throttle is that if you’re tired from a long ride and you just want to coast along with minimum to no effort, the throttle will get you home (assuming you’ve got enough battery charge left!).

The throttle on EBC E-Bikes actually overrides the pedal assist. So, if you’re struggling with heavy pedals, a push of the throttle will give you the acceleration you’re looking for and reduce the output required by your legs.


Better Together

The reason we built many of our E-Bike models with both pedal assist and throttle capabilities is we wanted to give you options. Pedal assist and throttle work really well together – even more so when you get used to the terrain. You’ll find there’s a learning curve and many people find they’re more comfortable with one than the other. 

Our advice? Just get out and ride – you’ll find your groove quickly as you spend more time in the saddle!


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