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Fun in the Sun

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2021 is your year to reclaim the summer we all spent at home last year. There are dozens of fun, safe summer activities for you to enjoy during these next few warm months. We have created a short guide of places to go on your E-bike and what accessories to bring with you. 

Picnic Dinner

A picnic is one of the most accessible summer activities. It is affordable, relaxing, and a great way to spend quality time with others. When you ride your E-bike to the nearest park, bring a Portable Bluetooth Speaker with you to listen to some tunes during the trip and while you eat. Pack your food and a blanket in a Rattan Rear Basket for easy transportation, and maybe a frisbee for after your meal.

Early Surf Sessions

Are you a surfer? Now that the water is heating up and you can hit the waves again, it is the perfect time for some early morning surf sessions to start the day right. Secure your board to your E-bike with our Surfboard Rack, designed for ease of use and safety. Don’t forget to stay hydrated! Bring some water with you in our Drink Holder, and have fun. 

Beach/Lake Days

A day in the sparkling water, playing games with friends, listening to music, reading, and soaking up the sun. Plan a trip with your friends to the beach or lake and pack everything you need in our Burley Flatbed Cargo Trailer. With this, you can fit all your food, towels, beach toys, chairs, and more.

This summer is yours. Go outside and enjoy every moment!

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