Made in USA (see how we do it) . Bikes Ship Fully Built

Made in USA (see how we do it) . Bikes Ship Fully Built


We provide 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.


Model C or S comes with an On-Board Charging System accessed by the pull-out ZIP CORD on
the left side of the battery pack.

Other models such as R, X, Y, E, F, and A come with an external charger inside the white box
marked “charger”. Connect the power cord to the charger. Plug the power cord into a 3-prong
outlet and the charging port of your charger to the charging port of your bike.

No, you do not. All Models come with charger, However if you purchase a Model C or S The external charger will not only cut your charge time in half, it will help you refresh the battery if it ever goes into a sleep mode.

All our models have a standard 50-mile range and can go up to 190 miles with an additional basket battery. Check out the full range of options here: Compare Electric Bikes - Electric Bike Company®

We offer batteries in all different capacities. For Models C,and S we offer a standard 12ah battery, with 60 mile range on pedal assist level 2, and a upgraded 14ah battery that will give you 100 mile range on pedal assist 2. For Models R, and E, we offer a standard 12ah with 60 mile range, and a upgraded version of 14ah which would get you 70 mile range. We also have basket batteries that start at 10ah for 40 miles range and 20ah double stacked basket battery that will get you 80 miles in pedal assist level 2. basket batteries can also be added to Models C,S,R,and E for extended range!  Keep in mind that some factors may affect these numbers, including your weight, the wind, and the grade of surface you are riding on.
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If you need to store your bike during a long period of time such as the winter months, please ensure that the battery is fully charged then turn off the master switch which is the red toggle button under the back end of the battery (you can normally leave this on if you use the bike regularly). Then remove the battery from the bicycle and store in a cool place. Following these instructions should ensure our battery to last you many years.

If you are experiencing any battery issues with the Model C or S bikes, please click HERE to view our troubleshooting guide. 

If you require further assistance, please contact our customer support team.



SHIPPING & Payment

Shipping is not included into the price of the bike. it will be calculated at checkout and it will be determined by your Zone. please click the link below to see what zone you are located in

We are in full production. All of our bikes are custom built to order using local certified bike builders and engineers, which allows us to control the quality of each bike. This is why you will get the best warranty in the industry, which is 10 years warranty on the frame and motor and 5 years warranty on the battery. You design the bike any way you want and we will build it to your specifications. We will inspect it and ship it to you fully built. No assembly is required. Our current lead time for stock is about business 14 days from when you place your order, Custom color will be about 2-4 weeks. We are working to reduce our lead time as fast as we can.

Yes, we do. We will need your address to get a better idea of shipping costs and ETA of your ebike.

The foam, corrugated, and corner board that we use to package and ship our electric bikes are made from recycled material, and are all recyclable. The pallets are compostable in the greens/lumber cans, or as courtesy special pick up (most cities will take them).

Here is a video: (11) Bike Delivery | Shipped Fully Built to Your Doorstep - YouTube

We offer two great options for you to finance your bike.

The first is Paypal Credit. They offer 6 months of 0% APR. As long as you pay everything off within 6 months, you will be charged 0%.

If you wish to finance your order for even longer, then choose Bread Pay™. Pay for your order in up to 18 months at competitive rates, including rates as low as 0% APR for 12-month loans*. Learn more here.

On our financing page, click on the button that says “Get My Rate” to find out if you pre-qualify with Bread Pay.


Yes! We have many dealers all across the USA, click the link below to see if there is a dealer in your area.

Electric Bike Company (“EBC”) designs and manufactures e-bikes right here in the United States, in our factory located in Southern California, using only the highest quality global components and materials sourced in both the U.S. and 14 other countries. EBC partners with bicycle dealers nationwide in providing unique e-bike inventory, customizable helmets, high quality accessories, sales training/assistance, and most importantly, highly responsive and knowledgeable U.S.-based, post-sale customer service.  Fill out this form and a EBC dealer representative will reach out to you

*Dealer Application*


EBC Pedego RAD
Built in the USA using global materials Built in Asia Built in Asia
Entry Level $1699 Entry Level $2400 Similar price to EBC; far lower quality
Totally Customizable Boxed in Asia - Partially customizable Boxed in Asia - No customization options
Ships fully built Ships partially built Significant assembly required
  1. Our motor can generate over 1200 watts of power for hill climbing and acceleration.
  2. We offer a 5 level pedal assist option.
  3. You have the ability to have 0 to 100% throttle assist while pedaling at any pressure.
  4. Shifting mechanical gears can be confusing when combined with our other options of 5 levels of assist, 0 to 100% throttle, and pedaling pressure.
  5. Chains on mechanical gears can come off easily.
  6. Cable-actuated systems can erode and stretch, making mechanical gears unreliable.
  7. Maintenance costs are higher on mechanical gears than internal pedal assist options.

Our bikes are equipped to accept a 7 speed mechanical gearing system. If you find that you still want a 7 speed, your local bike shop can add that. However, once you ride our bikes and feel the power, you may not find that you need mechanical gears. 99.9% of our customers do not have them.

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Availability of Upgraded Technology Package on every Bike Model Upgraded tech package includes:

A.      Brake lights

B.      Indicator lights

C.      High beam/Low beam

D.     Electric Horn

E.      Light sensor

F.       Battery Percentage Indicator

We offer a plug and play system. We will send you the replacement part and you can simply switch out the parts or take the parts to a local bike shop to perform the repairs. There are now two main mobile independently-owned bike mechanic companies that will come to your office or home to service and repair your bike. Please check or Beeline Connect : Local bike shops near you

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Our frames can be adjusted for anyone from 4 foot 8 inches to 7 foot tall, with 7 different adjustment points. Our bikes are sturdy enough to support up to 350 pounds, with maximum motor output of 1200 watts and going up to 28 miles per hour.
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Electric Bike Company’s 750-watt rear hub motor is powerful enough to ride up hills and against strong winds, while still maintaining a peaceful quiet ride. The rider can pedal, use the throttle, or use pedal assist. No matter the setting, the motor remains quiet. In addition, a brake disconnect will shut off the motor when coming to a stop. The rear placement of the motor allows for maximum safety and riding enjoyment.

Yes! We offer twist throttles and thumb throttles during the customization process. 

We build, inspect, test and ship the bike fully assembled! Since we build the bike 100% to order, we can inspect each part. We also negotiate and have great relationships with each vendor to ensure the quality is maintained. We can also quickly and strategically update, change, enhance a part or process, as having control of each aspects gives us this leverage and insight!
99% of all other E-Bike companies import the entire bike from e-bike manufacturers that build bikes for them and other customers. These manufacturers brand them differently for different countries and brands and by definition cannot update, change, evolve as quickly as us here in USA! Here is a Tour of our factory: US-built electric bikes - Factory tour at Electric Bike Company - YouTube

We have a 30-day return policy from the day that you receive your bike if you’re not satisfied with it. We will cover all shipping costs for returns as well as parts you may need. There is a 10 year warranty on the frame and motor and a 5 year warranty on the battery. 


The cost to perform a battery warranty exchange is $399. This fee is collected prior to us processing the warranty exchange. Upon receipt of payment we will send you a new battery with a return label. Please send the defective battery back to Electric Bike Company using the same shipping box and the return label provided.

Please contact our Customer Support team to setup a Battery exchange.

Click HERE for a full description of our warranty. 

Our electric bikes can actually be set up easily in the settings for three different classes:

Class One: Pedal Assist feature top speed is 20mph.

Class Two: Pedal Assist & Throttle top speeds are 20mph.

Class Three: Throttle top speed is 20mph and Pedal Assist up to 28mph.

On our Registration Page you will find a form. Please fill out that information and click submit to send us your registration information.

There is serial number on the bike under the chain ring. It is hard to see – but all we really need is the serial number of the battery – which you can get by sliding out the battery and you can see it right on the top of the label. REGISTRATION / WARRANTY / RETURN - Electric Bike Company®

All you need is a quick flick and it should ring. To turn on the light, press on the center of it.Bell/Light Combo | Product Demonstration - YouTube


Our new airtag bell: (29) Electric Bike Company - BRAND NEW Air Tag Bell For Your Bike - YouTube

By selling online and directly to customers, we can lower our overheads and keep costs minimal, which is both beneficial for our customers and our business. We assemble the entire bike ourselves, allowing for top quality control. There are no warehousing, distributing, or retailing fees.
EBC owns all of the designs and wirings on our bikes. Direct relationship with manufacturers allows us to quickly adapt to new technology and styles. We are always looking to improve every detail of our bikes, to produce the best product on the market. We get the highest quality parts for less cost.
We specialize in one bike style, so we can focus on getting the best pricing and quality for each of the 185 items on the bike. We use all stainless steel hardware, so our bikes last.
The battery manufacturing and assembly is the essential core of any electric bike. EBC invests into and owns 50% of the battery company Turnlife. We only use certified Panasonic, Samsung, and LG batteries and can offer an industry-leading 5 year warranty. We also use the best battery management system. We have invested in the highest quality cells. Our batteries include an internal charger and retractable cord, so you never have to worry about carrying an external charger. You can stop anywhere and plug the charger into any outlet.

We only use the best and below are some important factors from 5 Star and Tektro data when increasing the rotor thickness from 1.8 mm to 2.3 mm:

  • An 8% lower temperature
  • An Improved resistance to deformation by 47%
  • An improved vibrated noise


Compare Electric Bikes - Electric Bike Company®

To determine the perfect EBC bike model & wheel size for you. You will need the following information:

Height: Your actual height, without shoes on. 

Inseam: Your inseam is the distance from the sole of your foot, along the inside of your leg, up to your pelvic bone. This is not the length of your pants, but the actual measure of your leg.

The book method is the easiest to measure your inseam. 

  • Remove your shoes and stand flat with your back against the wall.
  • Hold the book vertically between your legs, against your groin and touching the wall. The book is a place holder for your saddle, so make sure it sits snug.
  • Make a small mark with the pencil on the wall at the top of the book.
  • Measure from the floor to your mark and you'll have your true inseam.

Now compare your two measurements to our bike models & wheel size in the Size Chart below.

MODEL CStandover Height457mm482mmStandover Height770mm789mmStandover Height457mm482mmStandover Height470mm521mm

 24" Tire26" Tire
Standover Height770mm789mm
Min. Rider Inseam30.3"31"
Min. Rider Inseam18"19"
Min. Rider Inseam30.3"31.5"
Min. Rider Inseam18"19"
Min. Rider Inseam18.5"20.5"

If you are on the shorter side and would like 24 inch wheels on your latest order, just select it during your build process or shoot us a note/email once your order is placed and we will make the switch. Its that easy. We will build up your dream bike, pack and ship full assembled to your door.


MIK is a revolutionary click system for your luggage carrier. Thanks to the MIK system, Adapter and Carrier plates, you can click any luggage carrier you want onto your bike.

Go for groceries with your basket?
Go shopping with your saddle bag? 
Dog in his pet basket?

Perfect! Just click it on your bike!

Checkout our MIK Click System accessories here

If you have any questions, please EMAIL US or call us at (949) 264-4080, and we’ll be happy to assist.


For more EBC videos visit and subscribe to our YouTube Channel HERE