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Falling for Fall

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Fall is one of our favorite times of year – the heat has gone from the air, the leaves are changing color and pumpkin spice is everywhere! We hope the new season inspires you to get your EBC E-Bike ready for riding in cooler conditions. Here are some tips for riding your E-Bike safely in fall:

Top Tips for E-Biking in Fall

  • Be prepared for all weather! Wear waterproof shoes, bring an extra pair of socks, and pack a rain jacket. The weather is changeable in fall so make sure you’re ready for whatever nature throws at you. Dressing in layers makes sense – peel them off or add them as needed.

  • Eyes forward – and watch for slick spots on the roads. After months of warmer weather and then the first rain, roads become oily and slippery. And look out for potholes disguised as puddles!

  • Accessorize! Check out our stylish range of panniers and bags. The Basil Bohème Double Bag is water repellent and has a capacity of 35 liters – perfect for carrying your laptop and change of clothes in inclement weather. Our Basil Sport Design Trunk Bag is also water repellent and expandable.

  • Be seen… it’s starting to get dark earlier and soon we’ll lose our extra hour of daylight at the end of the day. Make sure you’ve got good lights on the front and rear of your bike and consider adding a reflective stripe to your biking wardrobe.

  • Hydrate! Although the weather is cooler, it’s still really important to stay hydrated. That’s easy to do with our stylish EBC tumblers.  Designed to keep your water cold for up to 24 hours, they’re vacuum sealed to prevent sweating and include a screw top lid with a spill-proof closure. Attach it to your bike with our handy cup holder.
It’s also important to make sure your E-Bike is functioning properly before heading out. Here’s a checklist to run through.

At Home Tune-Up Checklist:

  • Tighten your seat clamp – you should do this periodically before you jump on and ride off

  • Check your handlebars to make sure the screws are tight, and they are still in a comfortable position

  • Grab a tire pump and check the PSI on your front and rear tire. Add air if the PSI is lower than the recommend number listed on your tire

  • Check your spokes and wipe them clean of any dirt and dust

  • Check your gear shifter and derailer to make sure shifting is easy. If you feel any resistance, take your bike to a professional and have them adjust the parts for you. This can be difficult without previous bike experience.

  • Clean your chain and add grease if it seems stiff

  • Clean your brake pads. Go for a short ride and make sure that when you brake, the motor cutoff and brake levers feel secure. If not, we recommend having a professional conduct a full brake check and adjustment. We all know that properly functioning brakes are the key to safety.

  • Charge your battery then do a full electrical check including using the throttle, changing pedal assist, and turning on the lights

  • Finally, wash your bike so it sparkles in the fall light!
Of course, you should head to your local bike shop if you feel uncomfortable performing any of these checks yourself. Even if you are comfortable, we always recommend having professional bike mechanics take a final look before you ride – particularly if it’s been a while! 
Taking the time to double check all aspects of your bike before you go for a ride will keep you safe and ensure a fun ride. 


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