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Everything you need to know about E-Bike Battery Range & Care

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The battery is the beating heart of any electric bike. Understanding your E-bike battery is the key to a long-lasting bike and a smooth ride. Today, we’re talking all things battery and care, so you can understand your E-bike from the inside out.


What sets EBC batteries apart from other E-bike batteries?

Our batteries are of the highest quality. Every EBC battery surpasses safety tests and promises to be the best on the market. EBC batteries are equipped with Smart Chargers and Smart Battery Management System. Together, these two features ensure your battery lasts as long as possible. On average, an EBC battery can last anywhere from five to eight years, depending on the extent of use. The more you know about E-bike batteries and battery range, the better you can care for your bike and guarantee it a long life!


Bettering your biking experience by understanding battery range

Battery range refers to the distance a bike can travel before the battery runs out. You don’t want to be caught short with a dead battery halfway through your journey, so take note of this information. We’re here to teach you how to avoid a dead battery whilst on your next adventure.

If you’re noticing a low battery range on your bike, it might be due to mode settings, tire pressure, speed, terrain, or rider weight. Your E-Bike might also be draining due to the pedal-assist level you’re using. The higher the pedal-assist level, the quicker your battery will drain. Level one of this system provides 20% assistance from the motor. Level two gives you 40% pedal assist. Level five, the highest level, gives you 100% of the motor’s power to assist you whilst pedaling.

All these factors will play a role in how long your battery life lasts. Make sure to optimize your battery on the days you’re heading out for a longer ride.


Want to ride faster for longer?

We all want to maximize our E-Bike’s ability, so knowing how to optimize our battery range is crucial. We recommend making sure your battery is fully charged before each ride.

  • Riding in pedal-assist mode where possible will save your battery, helping it take you further.
  • Have your E-Bike serviced periodically to check the bearings and the brakes are in working order—this is crucial for bike safety too!
  • Make sure to monitor the weight you’re carrying, ride slower and accelerate gently to not wear your battery out.


When It’s Time

Like all things, batteries will gradually lose capacity as they age. Looking after your battery is crucial to extending its lifespan. A well-looked after lithium-ion battery will retain up to 70% of its capacity for at least 500 discharge/recharge cycles!

If your range falls too low, it’s time to purchase a new battery. Contact your us or your local EBC dealer for more information about a new battery purchase. Installing a new EBC battery is easy, quick and simple, so you can get back to cruising the streets on your favorite electric two-wheeler in no time!


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