Electric Bike Company is partners with Turnlife, owning the battery designs, technology, manufacturing and distribution facility. With in-house engineers, Turnlife not only provides Electric Bike Company with market leading batteries, but our partners in Shenzhen, China also help provide batteries for all types of electric vehicles, boats, golf carts, motors bikes and electric boats.

The lithium ion battery and solar manufacturer ensure cutting edge alternative energy technology, not only for your e-Bike but also for your other recreational vehicles, residences, and businesses. This allows us to be very nimble and adaptable to the constant changes in battery and energy technology, keeping our customers up to speed with the latest and greatest energy advancements.


As seen in the video, we have filed for a sole patent on an internal charger with retractable cord, plug and play wiring technology and a Smart BMS for maximum battery life and efficient battery management. We use the best batteries currently on the market, Samsung 33g Lithium Ion Cells.

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1. Fire Retardant Case
2. Internal Cooling Fan
3. Plug and Play system for easy replacement of key Components
4. GPS tracking outlet
5. 12V charging and utility outlet
6. Patent pending – Internal Smart Charging system to extend battery life
7. Internal Controller
8. Secure battery lock
9. Extra length, stainless components – Retractable cord for easy plug and play


10. Double wall for extra battery Protection
11. Smart BMS to increase efficient battery management and extend battery cycle life considerably
12. External indépendant LED battery level display
13. External back light controlled by front display
14. 6 easy bolts for ease of service and replacement
15. Water Proof disconnects
16. Top of the line 33g Samsung Battery Cells for peak performance and extended battery cycle life
17. Manufacturers 5 year battery warranty (or 800 cycles under standard conditions)
18. External High Speed Super Charger outlet



We only use smart chargers to ensure battery care and longevity when charging. The internal charger that comes standard with every battery requires 10-12 hours for charge from fully discharged battery. External super charger requires 2-3 hours on average.

Plug and Play Technology


EBC and Turnlife have invested in a solar panel manufacturing plant in Shenzhen, China. We supply alternative charging options to all our customers including those who would like to be off the grid.