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EBC Helmets: Stay Safe and Stylish!

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Our readers and customers know how seriously we take safety. At EBC, safety comes before everything else. We work tirelessly to ensure our bikes are as safe as possible, and our riders know how to correctly navigate the roads while they cruise.

Another thing the EBC team is passionate about is style. The EBC community is a group of America’s most stylish riders. It’s why we offer customizable features on all our E-bike models; we want your bike to reflect your personality!

With these two factors in mind, we designed the EBC Bike Helmet.

Our new safe and stylish bike helmet comes in three colors: pink, white, and black—so you can match your helmet with your beloved E-bike.

Built-in front & rear lights with four different lighting modes ensure you’re seen on the road and are a super cool feature your friends will be envious of!

To guarantee optimum comfort and safety, the EBC Bike Helmet has rear headlock retention, is CPSC approved, and has 14 air vents, so no matter how fast you’re cruising, you’ll remain cool!

If you’ve got a teen who doesn’t want to wear a helmet, the EBC Bike Helmet is ideal. The helmet’s unique features put it a league above others on the market. Encourage them to showcase their super cool new helmet to their bike-riding friends. And if you’re still searching for a helmet yourself, pick a color that compliments your E-bike and set others a good example.

The EBC bike helmet is available in S/M, 54-57cm and M/L, 58-61cm, making it suitable for a range of our dedicated E-bike riders.

We put safety first, and we want you to too. Order your EBC bike helmet here.

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