Made in USA (see how we do it) . Bikes Ship Fully Built

Made in USA (see how we do it) . Bikes Ship Fully Built

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EBC Gift Guide – $50-$250

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Is there a new E-Biker in your life? Or an old one who needs some accessorizing?! Or perhaps you’re a new EBC family member and you’re building your own gift wish list! Look no further for gifting inspiration. Here are EBC’s recommendations for gifts between $50 and $250.

Hoping to spend a little less? That’s fine too. Check out last week’s post to find our range of accessories for $50 and under.


The Basil GO Double Bag, $174

The Basil GO Double Bag is a double pannier for the back of a ladies or men’s bike. Thanks to the MIK system, the bag is also ideal for E-bikes! The double pannier is equipped with a pre-assembled adapter plate that makes the bag suitable for mounting on MIK system carriers.

Attaching the bag is quick and easy. Simply click the bag with the adapter plate on a MIK system rear cargo carriers or MIK carrier plate (sold separately).

The bag has two elastic outer pockets, providing the perfect place for umbrellas, water bottles and other essentials. The main compartment closes securely with a drawstring and snap. Made of high-quality water-repellent polyester, the Basil GO Double Bag comes in a stylish black color.


Basil Double Bag in Boho Blue or Poppy Red, $174

These pannier-style bags are available in two different colors – Basil Bohème vibrant blue with a stylish bohemian print, and Basil Bohème poppy red with a whimsical flower print. Constructed from durable polyester, Basil Bags are made to be waterproof – perfect for keeping your picnic items in mint condition! All Basil Double Bags come with the Universal Bridge system – which means they’re compatible with MIK.

The pre-mounted adapter plate is included and fits seamlessly onto the MIK Rear Cargo Carrier or the MIK Carrier Plate.  And, as you know, the MIK System makes it quick and easy to click anything you want onto your luggage carrier – and then remove it with ease when you’re done.

Here’s Blake from EBC showing you just how easy it is to add and remove the Basil Boheme Double Bag with the MIK adapter.


Basil Bicycle Crate, $88

The Basil Crate M comes in two stylish colors – black, and silver cloud. Easily snapped on to your cargo carrier, the Basil Bicycle Crate has a generous capacity of 33 liters (nearly 9 gallons) which makes it ideal for handling larger loads. Suitable for use with the MIK Click System.


Basil Buddy Dog Bicycle Basket, $174

This durable basket is designed to carry their favorite four-legged friend (up to 33 pounds) safely and securely while they’re out riding. Made from durable and hygienic PP plastic, the Basil Buddy Dog Basket attaches and detaches with ease to the rear of their bike with the pre-mounted MIK adapter plate (included).

To keep Fido extra safe, purchase the additional Basil Buddy Dog Carrier Cover ($40) – a wire dome made from steel that snaps easily on the basket, or buy both together here.


Basil Rear Cargo Carrier, $174

Basil Universal Cargo System Carrier is a MIK fixing system for the back of their bicycle. The rear carrier, made of aluminum, is universal and suitable for 26 and 28-inch bicycles. MIK’s universal cargo carrier has been specially designed for all of Basil’s (MIK) accessories (including the Basil bags mentioned above) which are equipped with a MIK adapter plate.

Here’s a video to show you how the MIK System works.


EBC Bike Cover, $75

Their E-Bike is probably their pride and joy – so help them protect it from the elements and from bumps and scratches during storage or transportation. The EBC bike cover fits over their bike easily with an elastic strap bottom closure. It’s UV-proof, keeps away water and dust, folds down to a compact size, and is stored in a built-in pouch.  Made from durable nylon with a water-resistant coating on both sides, the EBC Bike Cover is a must-have for new E-Bike owners.




Helmets, various

Protect their head with this range of bike helmets.  Choose from the Raven Helmet in grey or black at $63 for a CPSC approved 20 vent helmet with a removable visor and washable pad system. The Raven Helmet also offers head lock retention for an improved fit.

Also available in grey or black, the robust ABus Pedalec 2.0 Helmet ($186) is an E-Bike helmet made for the city streets. Offering an uncompromising combination of protection and comfort, this advanced helmet comes in two sizes and meets the high safety requirements of the big city. With an integrated rain hood, a bright rechargeable light and forced air cooling technology, this helmet also has powerful reflectors to offer maximum visibility.


EBC Gift Card $20 and up

If you can’t decide, just give them an Electric Bike Company Gift Card in any amount from $20 – that way, they can find just the right accessory themselves. Just set the amount, choose your delivery date and enter the recipient’s name and email address with a message and you’re done! Couldn’t be any easier than that…


Want even more gifting options? Check out our recent post for a range of bike locks ranging from $38-$186.

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