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EBC Dealer: Third Rail eBikes, San Francisco, CA

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From new to seasoned bikers, the Third Rail eBikes team loves nothing more than helping people find the cruiser of their dreams. As a lifelong bike commuter, the owner founded Third Rail eBikes to educate people on their options. It has been their mission from opening day to enable customers to make informed purchases. Today, about 1 in every 5 bikes sold is an EBC. 

EBC Third Rail eBikes Models

E-Bikes are growing in popularity for their capability to help riders get over the many hills in San Francisco. The Model R is among the most popular at Third Rail eBikes for its step-through design and off-road abilities. Customers appreciate the flexibility to go both on trails and up hilly streets. The Model X is also in high demand for its similar qualities and cushy seat made for comfort. 

EBC customizations are a primary selling point at Third Rail eBikes. After recognizing the thoughtful craftsmanship, the freedom to make a cruiser 100% their own, seals the deal for most customers.

Service and Accessories

Third Rail eBikes offers full-service support on all bikes brought in, including those sold by other dealers. This is a part of their mission to educate the community. If you already have an E-bike and live in the area, bring it in for periodic check-ups and any questions. While you wait you can peruse their wide variety of accessories and helmets.

Third Rail eBikes, San Francisco, CA

Next time you’re in San Francisco, stop by Third Rail eBikes to check out the available models. 

750 24th St.
San Francisco, CA 94107
Phone: (415)593-5560


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